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27 December, 2013
23 December, 2013
20 December, 2013
18 December, 2013
17 December, 2013
13 December, 2013
  • Impact of library discovery technologies: a report for UKSG.  [By Valérie Spezi et al]  The report was prepared for UKSG with the support of JISC and in partnership with LISU, Loughborough University, Centre of Information Management, Loughborough University and Evidence Base, Birmingham City University.  Published by  UKSG November 2013 (UK)
11 December, 2013
10 December, 2013
2 December, 2013
  • Laakso, M. (2014). Green open access policies of scholarly journal publishers: a study of what, when, and where self-archiving is allowed. Scientometrics. In press.  After publication, the following link will be live.   http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11192-013-1205-3
30 November, 2013
29 November, 2013
27 November, 2013
24 November, 2013
23 November, 2013
16 November, 2013
  • Stanford Prize for Innovation in Research Libraries (SPIRL).  "Stanford University Libraries offers a prize to recognize and celebrate innovation through programs, projects, and/or new or improved services that directly or indirectly benefit readers and users."  Entries close 14 January 2014 (US)
15 November, 2013
14 November, 2013
13 November, 2013
  • Review of the Demand Driven Funding System.  "The Minister for Education, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, has announced that the Hon Dr David Kemp and Mr Andrew Norton will undertake a review of the demand driven funding system for universities, and report to the Government in February 2014."  (AU)
11 November, 2013
8 November, 2013
6 November, 2013
2 November, 2013
1 November, 2013
  • Open Data: Unlocking Innovation and Performance. This report covers the potential of opening up data (particularly government data) across a number of sectors, including education. Published by McKinsey & Co. Global Institute (US)
  • Wiley-Blackwell has implemented a new policy for the open access depositing of articles authored by recipients of ARC or NHMRC grants.  This policy effectively makes Wiley-Blackwell a blue open access publisher for these grant recipients.  Their default open access policy is yellow – pre-print, unrefereed articles only.  See SHERPA/RoMEO.  (Policy posted 23 October, 2013) (AU)
 30 October, 2013
29 October, 2013
27 October, 2013
24 October, 2013
  • Videos about OA.  "This page contains a moderated selection of videos about open access from around the world. The Open Access Directory has a comprehensive list of videos about OA – listed by year and by speaker, dating back to 2005."  Australian Open Access Support Group (AU)
23 October, 2013
22 October, 2013
17 October, 2013
14 October, 2013
11 October, 2013
  • OAWk events 2013 - Australian events, compiled by Danny Kingsley,  Australian Open Access Support Group (AU)
9 October, 2013
24 September, 2013
18 September, 2013
17 September, 2013
11 September, 2013
8 September, 2013
5 September, 2013
3 September, 2013
30 August, 2013
  • SHared Access Research Ecosystem (SHARE). "The Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the Association of American Universities (AAU), and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) today announced the formation of a joint steering group to advance a proposed network of digital repositories at universities, libraries, and other research institutions across the US that will provide long-term public access to federally funded research articles and data." August 29, 2013 (US)
  • Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States (CHORUS).  “In response to [a directive from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)], a number of publishing organizations are collaboratively developing the Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States (CHORUS), with support from the Association of American Publishers. . . . More than 70 organizations representing all segments of scholarly publishing and service providers have joined as signatories. Its Proof of Concept will be released on August 30 and a Pilot will be underway by the end of September.” [From: Ann Shumelda Okerson [and] Steve Gillen] (US)
29 August, 2013
28 August, 2013
23 August, 2013
21 August, 2013 
19 August, 2013
16 August, 2013
15 August, 2013
12 August, 2013
11 August, 2013
7 August, 2013
6 August, 2013
1 August, 2013
31 July, 2013
30 July, 2013
29 July, 2013
27 July, 2013
23 July, 2013
19 July, 2013
  • Environmental Scan 2013, By the ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee.  Association of College and Research Libraries.  April 2013  "The document is a scan of the environment and is not intended to be an exhaustive examination of every aspect of librarianship. It identifies current and emerging factors that impact academic libraries; describes the broader context in which these libraries operate; and outlines related implications for library resources, services, and personnel." (US)
16 July, 2013
5 July, 2013
4 July, 2013
3 July, 2013
2 July, 2013
28 June, 2013
23 June, 2013
21 June, 2013
  • CampusEAI Consortium is an IT consulting and service provider that services over 1800 higher education institutions .... with CampusCloud: Hosting Services, CampusCloud: Infrastructure Managed Services, CampusHelp – IT, Financial Aid and Enrollment Help Desk,CampusIDM - Enterprise Identity Management services, and myCampus Single Sign-On, Portal, WCMS, LMS and Mobile platform.
19 June, 2013
15 June, 2013
  • Australian Public Service Mobile Roadmap.  "The roadmap, endorsed by SIGB in March 2013, aims to build a consistent, whole-of-government approach to adopting mobile technology that will help achieve the objectives outlined in the APS ICT Strategy and meet the commitments of the Digital First policy." Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO)  (AU)
10 June, 2013
5 June, 2013
  • Economic valuation of the British Library.  A report for the British Library [by] Andrew Tessler.  Oxford Economics.  January 2013. (UK)
  • Copyright and the Digital Economy (DP 79).  This Discussion Paper was released on 6 June 2013, commencing the second stage in the public consultation processes. It highlights ALRC thinking to date and presents proposals for law reform. We invite the public to make submissions in response to this Discussion Paper and, in so doing, contribute to the law reform process. The closing date for submissions is Wednesday 31 July 2013.  Australian Law Reform Commission. (AU)
3 June, 2013
31 May, 2013
26 April, 2013
17 April, 2013
13 April, 2013
12 April, 2013
11 April, 2013
 9 April, 2013
8 April, 2013
5 April, 2013
4 April, 2013
27 March, 2013
26 March, 2013
23 March, 2013
13 March, 2013
10 March, 2013
  • The Future focus, 2013 National Workforce Development Strategy is the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency’s second National Workforce Development Strategy.  (AU)
  • “The report provides further evidence that an increase in investment in university education should be a strong priority if we are to drive higher productivity, economic output and employment”, said Belinda Robinson, Chief Executive of Universities Australia, the peak body representing Australia’s universities. 
8 March, 2013
  •  IFLA Hosts Trend Report Meeting at UNAM, Mexico City. "Ten experts from eight countries were invited to discuss the trends that will affect society over the next ten years, with a particular emphasis on the effects they will have on the information environment in which libraries operate."  The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) (NL)
7 March, 2013
1 March, 2013
27 February, 2013
26 February, 2013
23 February, 2013
19 February, 2013
8 February, 2013
6 February, 2013
  • Why open access is better for scholarly societies.  Stuart Shieber, edited transcript of a talk ... on January 3, 2013, at a panel on open access at the 87th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America.  The Occasional Pamphlet on scholarly communication January 29th, 2013 (US)
4 February, 2013
30 January, 2013
  • Top EDUCAUSE articles of the year... posted Jan 24, 2013, 4:31 AM by Timothy McKay.  "The EDUCAUSE review publishes many articles on analytics, including: Learning Analytics: The New Black. The ten most widely read EDUCAUSE Review and EDUCAUSE Review Online articles from 2012 focused on current IT issues, online education, analytics, academic libraries, and more. Pretty much every one of these talks about analytics at some point." (US)
  • Discovering the Impact of Library Use and Student Performance, By Brian Cox and Margie Jantti. University of Wollongong Library (AU)
29 January, 2013
26 January, 2013
24 January, 2013
9 January, 2013
5 January, 2013
3 January, 2013
2 January, 2013
  • The Teaching Standards Framework is a tool for assessing standards in institutional practices in learning and teaching.  Macquarie University has received support for the development of this Teaching Standards Framework from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Limited, an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.  (AU)
  • Research Library Services for Graduate Students (PDF), the second report in the New Roles for New Times series. [By] Lucinda Covert-Vail and Scott Collard. The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) (US)

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