What was New 2011 Friday, 30 December 2011

30 December, 2011
24 December, 2011
22 December, 2011
  • The Global Open Access Portal (GOAP), funded by the Governments of Colombia, Denmark, Norway, and the United States Department of State, presents a current snapshot of the status of Open Access (OA) to scientific information around the world. .... The Portal aims at being the first destination of information seekers on OA. © UNESCO
20 December, 2011
15 December, 2011
  • Advancing Quality in Higher Education. The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. (AU) 
    "Over the period December 2011 to February 2012 the Department will consult ....on the development of measures for student experience and quality of learning outcomes for use in the MyUniversity website and to inform continuous improvement by universities. To facilitate discussions the Department has released three Discussion Papers on the proposed performance measurement instruments. The Department is seeking submissions in response to the Discussion Papers [by 17 February 2012].  Roundtable forums ...will also be held in February 2012 to enable further discussions and gathering of feedback by the Department."
    • Development of Performance Measurement Instruments in Higher Education - exploring the balance of performance measurement instruments, potential uses, deployment methods and participation and selection of students ( PDF 137KB | DOCX 85KB)
    • Review of the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) – examines the strategic position of the AGS in its relationship with other survey instruments, administration methods, timeliness and capacity to measure the diversity in student experience ( PDF 632KB | DOCX 586KB)
    • Assessment of Generic Skills – will focus on the development of an instrument appropriate for Australian universities in the context of the OECD’s Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) project ( PDF 583KB | DOCX 399KB)
14 December, 2011
3 December, 2011
17 November, 2011
16 November, 2011
15 November, 2011
14 November, 2011
12 November, 2011
10 November, 2011
9 November, 2011
8 November, 2011
5 November, 2011
4 November, 2011
3 November, 2011
2 November, 2011
  • Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative. "A central activity to the Bibliographic Framework Initiative is the development of a new means for capturing and sharing bibliographic data. Included in this activity is pursuing a replacement of the MARC format as the common exchange currency for bibliographic data." Library of Congress (US)
    • A Bibliographic Framework for the Digital Age (October 31, 2011) Announcement.
1 November, 2011
30 October, 2011
  • OAPEN-UK:  a collaborative research project gathering evidence to help stakeholders make informed decisions on the future of open access scholarly monograph publishing in the humanities and social sciences (HSS).  Funded by JISC and the AHRC.  JISC Collections (UK)
  • The role of research supervisors in information literacy: A Research Information Network report. October 2011 (UK)
26 October, 2011
  • SPEC Kit 325, Digital Preservation [by] Gail McMillan, Matt Schultz, and Katherine Skinner • October 2011 • ISBN 1-59407-869-6.  Association of Research Libraries (US) 
24 October, 2011
21 October, 2011
19 October, 2011
  • Costs and Benefits of Data Provision: Report to the Australian National Data Service by Professor John Houghton, ANDS, 2011..  In 2011 ANDS commissioned the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies at Victoria University of Technology to examine the costs and benefits of public sector organisations making their data (Public Sector Information or PSI) freely available. (AU)
17 October, 2011
14 October, 2011
13 October, 2011
  • STM Association signs Out of Commerce Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).  The European Bureau of Library Information, Documentation Association (EBLIDA), the Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER) and the Conference of European National Libraries are co-signatories of the MoU, with the International Federation of Libraries and Archives (IFLA) supporting the MoU for their European members.  Out of Commerce is a separate category from Orphan Works.  (EU)
12 October, 2011
  • JISC Grant Funding 16/11: JISC Digital Infrastructure Programme. This call has 6 strands:  Resource Discovery;  Enhancing the Sustainability of Digital Collections;  Research Information Management;  Research Tools;  Applications of the Linking You Toolkit;  Access and Identity Management . The deadline for receipt of proposals in response to this call is 12:00 noon on Monday 21 November 2011.   JISC (UK)
11 October, 2011
7 October, 2011
5 October, 2011
4 October, 2011
3 October, 2011
  • TRLN: Beyond Print.  Beyond Print is an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded project to develop new business models and licensing terms for the cooperative acquisition of e-books. The Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) (US)
1 October, 2011
30 September, 2011
  • The 2011 Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure [PDF 3.7MB] (2011 Roadmap) was released by Senator the Hon. Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.  The 2011 Roadmap articulates the priority research infrastructure areas of a national scale (capability areas) to further develop Australia's research capacity and improve innovation and research outcomes over the next five to ten years.  Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (AU)
29 September, 2011
22 September, 2011
  • Case Studies in Sustainability 2011.  In 2009 Ithaka S+R investigated the sustainability strategies of twelve digital content projects in the higher education and cultural heritage sectors in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Egypt. Two years and one economic crisis later, Ithaka S+R, with the generous support of the JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance, decided to revisit the original twelve case studies to see how their models had held up, where weaknesses might be starting to show, and what new strategies project leaders were adopting in response. (US)
  • Education at a Glance 2011.  OECD Indicators.  OECD Publishing. ISBN: 9789264114203 OECD Code: 962011041P1  (FR)
21 September, 2011
20 September, 2011
19 September, 2011
8 September, 2011
1 September, 2011
27 August, 2011
25 August, 2011
24 August, 2011
15 August, 2011
  • The University Experience Survey (UES) is part of a suite of performance measurement instruments that will improve transparency in university performance.  The Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) has contracted a consortium, led by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and including the University of Melbourne’s Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE) and the Griffith Institute for Higher Education (GIHE), to develop the UES.  A pilot of the UES will be conducted in August 2011.  (AU)
11 August, 2011
10 August, 2011
2 July, 2011
1 July, 2011
28 June, 2011
27 June, 2011
26 June, 2011
25 June, 2011
23 June, 2011
21 June, 2011
19 June, 2011
18 June, 2011
  • DataCite:  initated via a collaboration between the British Library, BioMed Central and the Digital Curation Centre, that aims to capture the growing number of repositories for research data. (UK)
16 June, 2011
15 June, 2011
14 June, 2011
  • Advertisement.  Open Universities Australia.  Chief Executive Officer.  Closing Date: Monday 25 July 2011.  Contact: Braithwaite Steiner Pretty (BSP) oua@bspes.com (AU)
  • 2011 July 4-5 London ISKO UK Biennial Conference: Facets of Knowledge Organization. A Tribute to Professor Brian Vickery 1918-2009.  Hosted by the UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO)  http://www.iskouk.org/conf2011/index.htm
  • 2011 June 24 New Orleans, LA NISO/BISG 5th Annual Forum: The Changing Standards Landscape.  Focus: E-books: Intersections where libraries & publishers can learn from each other.  Jointly organized by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), as part of the American Libraries Association Annual Conference (June 23-28, 2011)  http://www.niso.org/news/events/2011/ala2011/nisobisgforum/ 
  • 2011 July 20-21 Melbourne Digital Preservation Management Workshop.  Subsidised by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) http://ands.org.au/events/data-preservation/index.html 
  • 2011 September 19-21 Chicago, USA  Inter-lending & Document Supply 12th Conference: Resource Sharing in the Digital Age.  Sponsored by the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section, and the American Library Association (ALA).  http://www.ilds2011.org/ 
  • 2011 October 25-26  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  2nd Open Access Africa conference.  Hosted by Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), and organized by Open access publisher BioMed Central in partnership with Computer Aid International.   http://www.inasp.info/file/1f174f8033a2add590d822d2d30824f9/biomed-central-announce-free-open-access-africa-conference.html 
11 June, 2011
9 June, 2011
8 June, 2011
2 June, 2011
  • Leading Rich Media (Video Communication in Higher Education) is a collaborative project led by the University of New England and funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC).  (AU)
  • Project RAPTOR.  ....building a software toolkit for reporting e-resource usage statistics in a user-friendly manner suitable for non-technical staff. Cardiff University.  Funded by JISC (UK)
1 June, 2011
31 May, 2011
30 May, 2011
28 May, 2011
27 May, 2011
26 May, 2011
23 May, 2011
21 May, 2011
19 May, 2011
  • Open Access Repositories Resource Pack (OARRPack).  The University of Glasgow has been commissioned by JISC to create an Open Access Repositories Resource Pack (OARRPack) for the UK’s Open Access Implementation Group (OAIG). This is aimed at encouraging UK universities to adopt Open Access and the open agenda.  (UK)
18 May, 2011
  • Evaluation of Learning Spaces Project.  This is a partnership project between Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria University and University of Queensland. Support for this project has been provided by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.  (AU)
  • A comprehensive learning space evaluation model: Final Report 2011.  Author/s: Nicolette Lee, Stella Tan. Lead Institution: Swinburne University of Technology. Published: 2011.  Australian Learning and Teaching Council (AU)
  • Author Attitudes Towards Open Access Publishing.  27th April 2011.  TBI Communications on behalf of InTech Open Access Publisher (UK)
  • 2011 September 26-28 Berlin, Germany  PKP International Scholarly Publishing Conferences 2011: Preliminary Conference Schedule.  Organized by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), in partnership with Freie Universitaet Berlin and Simon Fraser University Library.  http://pkp.sfu.ca/ocs/pkp/index.php/pkp2011/pkp2011 
  • 2011 November 1-4 Singapore iPRES 2011 - 8th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects.  Hosted by the National Library Board, Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University.  http://ipres2011.sg/ 
  • 2012 March 29-April 2 Toronto, Canada ARLIS/NA 40th Annual Conference: Colouring Outside the Lines. Art Libraries Society of North America http://www.arlisna.org/toronto2012/  Call for papers extended to 31 May 2011
17 May, 2011
13 May, 2011
  • IFLA Statement on Open Access.  Endorsed by IFLA Governing Board, 18 April 2011. The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) (NL)
6 May, 2011
5 May, 2011
4 May, 2011
  • 2011 June 1-3 Boston, MA  SSP Annual General Meeting. "It's what counts: How data transforms our world"  The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP)  http://www.sspnet.org/
3 May, 2011
2 May, 2011
29 April, 2011
28 April, 2011
27 April, 2011
20 April, 2011
19 April, 2011
  • 2011 October 27 Melbourne IATUL Seminar. Proposed Seminar topic: e-learning.  International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries (IATUL).  Presentations from previous seminars are at http://www.iatul.org/conferences/workshops.asp  
  • 2012 August 11-16 Helsinki, Finland World Library and Information Congress: 78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly.  "Libraries Now! - Inspiring. Suprising. Empowering."  International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).  http://www.ifla.org/ifla78
18 April, 2011
15 April, 2011
14 April, 2011
  • 2011 July 19-20 Melbourne Building an International Education Strategy: A Sustainable Future for Quality Tertiary International Education.  Criterion Conferences  http://www.internationaleducationstrategy.com/index.php
  • 2011 October 25-27 Park City, UT 8th Annual Open Education Conference:  Strength in Diversity.  Sponsors:  Creative Commons, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, David O. McKay School of Education
    Brigham Young University  http://openedconference.org/2011/call-for-proposals/  Call for Proposals due May 13 2011
  • 2011 June 30-July 1 Dunedin, NZ NZ eResearch Symposium. eResearch New Zealand.  Supported by the Ministry of Research, Science & Technology eResearch programme.  http://www.eresearch.org.nz/nzers2011 
13 April, 2011
12 April, 2011
10 April, 2011
8 April, 2011
  • 2011 November 9-10 Washington, DC Berlin9: Open Access Conference: The Impact of Open Access in Research and Scholarship. Berlin Open Access Conference Series, developed around the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. http://www.berlin9.org/
  • Advice for universities on student plagiarism.  Academic Integrity Service (AIS) managed by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) with JISC (UK)
  • Heading for the open road: costs and benefits of transitions in scholarly communications.  This work was jointly commissioned by the RIN, Research Libraries UK, the Wellcome Trust, the Publishing Research Consortium and the Joint Information Systems Committee. The study was undertaken and the report prepared by CEPA
    LLP (Joel Cook, Daniel Hulls and David Jones) and Mark Ware Consulting Ltd (Mark Ware) (UK)
  • Reinventing research? Information practices in the humanities.  A Research Information Network report. Authors: Monica Bulger, et al.  April 2011  (UK)
  • IPR and Licensing module - developed by the Strategic Content Alliance for staff working in public sector bodies to introduce to them the concepts of copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights and how they might deal with the rights and licensing issues associated with the curation and creation of digital content. Strategic Content Alliance, JISC Legal (UK)
7 April, 2011
5 April, 2011
4 April, 2011
  • Libraries Australia Newsletter Issue 11 (3 March 2011) | (PDF, 298 KB) - "a special issue of the Libraries Australia newsletter where we celebrate a significant legacy of the work of Marian Bate, University Librarian at the University of New South Wales from 1995 to 2001 - the Australasian Digital Theses program. February 2011 was an important time for ADT as it transitioned from tailored target to Trove."
3 April, 2011
2 April, 2011
1 April, 2011
31 March, 2011
30 March, 2011
24 March, 2011
18 March, 2011
17 March, 2011
15 March, 2011
13 March, 2011
11 March, 2011
10 March, 2011
9 March, 2011
7 March, 2011
6 March, 2011
5 March, 2011
  • Review of Intellectual Property and Growth.  The Review will develop proposals on how the UK's intellectual property framework can further promote entrepreneurialism, economic growth and social and commercial innovation. It will examine the available evidence as to how far the IP framework currently promotes these objectives, drawing on US and European as well as UK experience ....  Intellectual Property Office (UK)
2 March, 2011
26 February, 2011
  • The Open Educational Quality Initiative (OPAL) .  OPAL is initiated through international organisations like UNESCO, ICDE and EFQUEL in order to establish a forum which works to build greater trust in using and promoting open educational resources. The project is part funded by the European Commission Education and Training Lifelong Learning Programme. (EU)
  • Beyond OER: Shifting Focus to Open Educational Practices.  OPAL Report 2011. The Open Educational Quality Initiative (OPAL) Paris, 22-02-11 (EU)
  • UK Access Management Federation operator change from August 1st 2011.  Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)
  • User Perceptions of the Library.  This guest post is the first in a new six-part series from Jane Burke, Discovery and the User Experience, which focuses on the latest developments in discovery and their potential to impact academic library user communities.  InfoViews: insights about libraries, research and learning. MHDiaz (US)
12 February, 2011
11 February, 2011
10 February, 2011
  • The Horizon Report: 2011 edition - a collaboration between The New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, An EDUCAUSE Program © 2011, The New Media Consortium (US)
9 February, 2011
  • HEFCE’s review of JISC.  In September 2010, HEFCE, the Higher Education Funding Council of England, commissioned an independent review of JISC. 
  • JISC Value for Money reports (2009).  In 2009 JISC Collections and JISC Advance provided updates to the original JISC Value for Money report2 published in 2006, to show the value of key areas of JISC’s activities to the education and research community using a variety of measures involving benchmarking, cost comparisons, calculation of time and effort, and other mechanisms. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)
8 February, 2011
5 February, 2011
2 February, 2011
1 February, 2011
  • ERA 2010 National Report. In 2010, the Australian Research Council conducted the first full evaluation of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative. The report provides the outcomes of the ERA 2010 evaluations, which applies to research undertaken between 1 January 2003 and 31 December 2008.  Australian Research Council (AU)
29 January, 2011
27 January, 2011
  • The International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) is a draft ISO Standard (ISO 27729) whose scope is the identification of Public Identities of parties: that is, the identities used publicly by parties involved throughout the media content industries in the creation, production, management, and content distribution chains.  The ISNI International Agency, which will be responsible for ISNI's administration and governance, was officially incorporated by its six founding members CISAC, IFRRO, IPDA, ProQuest, OCLC and the Conference of European National Librarians (Represented by Bibliotheque Nationale de France and the British Library) as a London-based not-for-profit organisation on December 22nd, 2010. © ISNI International Agency.  (UK)
  • Risk Management Calculator [for Creators of Open Educational Resources]. OER IPR Support Project. JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) and the Higher Education Academy (UK)
  • Author Identifier Overview. Martin Fenner, Gobbledygook, PLoS Blogs. This is the pre-print of a manuscript submitted to the Libreas journal. (US)
26 January, 2011
25 January, 2011
12 January, 2011
10 January, 2011
7 January, 2011
6 January, 2011
5 January, 2011