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19 December, 2007

18 December, 2007

  • The MIDESS Project is a JISC funded project that will explore the management of digitised content in an institutional and cross-institutional context through the development of a digital repository infrastructure. It will address how support can be provided for the use of digital content in a learning and research context, in an integrated manner. It will also explore how use and management of digital content can be joined up in a national context. (UK)
  • Academic Commons, December 2007. Cyberinfrastructure and the Liberal Arts: A Special Issue, edited by David L. Green (US)

14 December, 2007

13 December, 2007

  • Educational Fair Use Today, by Jonathan Band, JD. The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) (US)
  • JISC ITT Publisher Metadata and Interoperability Projects 3 JISC invites proposals to undertake projects that help to further develop interoperability between publishers, aggregators and libraries and the JISC Information Environment (IE). Submission Deadline: 25 January 2008. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)

11 December, 2007

  • SPEC Kit 301, Liaison Services [by] Susan Logue, John Ballestro, Andrea Imre, and Julie Arendt • October 2007 • ISBN 1-59407-794-0 The Association of Research Libraries (ARL)

10 December, 2007

7 December, 2007

4 December, 2007

30 November, 2007

  • Collaborative Collection Management (CCM). The CCM programme has been established as a joint initiative by the Research Information Network (RIN) and the Consortium of Research Libraries (CURL). (UK)
  • Uncovering Hidden Resources: Progress in extending the coverage of online catalogues: Key findings and recommendations of a study undertaken for the Research Information Network. November 2007 (UK)
  • The Identity Project: Final Progress Reports. The broad aim of the project was to investigate and document the detailed Identity Management (IDM) situation in UK higher education and to produce outputs to assist academic institutions in the UK wishing to take part in the newly emerging federated world in understanding what they need from their own IDM to enable this. ..funded by the JISC under the e-Infrastructure programme. The project was led by Cardiff University and the London School of Economics & Political Science. (UK)
  • e-Infrastructure Security: Levels of Assurance. Authors: Mike Jones et al. Levels of assurance (LoAs) are about how much proof is needed of an individual’s identity to access online resources; whether via a simple user name and password or a more complex system of biometrics and tokens. This JISC report looks at how LoAs can be defined, agreed and then applied to different resources. ...funding support by JISC in its Capital Programme: the e-Infrastructure Security Programme. (UK)
  • JISC Annual review 2007. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)

29 November, 2007

28 November, 2007

24 November, 2007

20 November, 2007

  • ITT: Skills, role & career structure of data scientists & curators. JISC invites tenders to undertake a project to examine and make recommendations on the role and career development of data scientists, the associated supply of specialist data curation skills to the research community, including an assessment of the value and potential of extending data handling, curation and preservation skills within undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. Tenders should be submitted no later than 13:00 on Thursday 20 December 2007 Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)
  • Circular 05/07: Digital Repositories. JISC invites institutions to submit funding proposals for projects to: develop interoperability demonstrators to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which research papers are deposited into repositories; develop, provide examples for, and a limited support facility for, a Data Audit Framework ; implement a version of the ‘Data Audit Framework’ methodology in a range of institutions and subject areas. The deadline for receipt of proposals in response to this call is 12:00 noon on Monday 14 January 2008 Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)

19 November, 2007

16 November, 2007

  • PROWE (Personal Repositories Online Wiki Environment) is a JISC-funded digital repositories project that has researched the extent to which informal repositories within Wiki and Blogs could meet the needs of part-time distance tutors for sharing and storing resources in the context of their own professional development.  Project partners are the Open University and the University of Leicester. (UK)

15 November, 2007

14 November, 2007

12 November, 2007

9 November, 2007

8 November, 2007

7 November, 2007

  • Carrick Communiqué Issue 2 November 2007. Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (AU)

6 November, 2007

3 November, 2007

2 November, 2007

  • The Copyright Kitchen is a resource for those working in vocational education and training (VET) who deal with copyright issues in their day-to-day work. Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AU)

1 November, 2007

26 October, 2007

25 October, 2007

  • Students 2006 [full year]: selected higher education statistics. This series - 'Students: Selected Higher Education Statistics' - contains statistics relating to students enrolled in higher education courses in each Australian Higher Education Provider. Data in each publication is reported in numbers and Equivalent Full-time Student Load (EFTSL). Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). (AU)
  • Draft ‘safe harbor’ guidelines for Orphan Works. Likely to be sponsored by the following publishing trade associations: STM, ALPSP, the PA, PSP division of AAP. (UK)

24 October, 2007

19 October, 2007

18 October, 2007

17 October, 2007

16 October, 2007

  • CONTENTdm - Digital Collection Management Software by DiMeMa, Inc. (US)
    • OCLC's CONTENTdm software offers a complete set of tools to store, manage and deliver digital collections such as documents, photos, newspapers, audio and video on the Web.
  • JISC Circular 4/07: Reuse of learning content. Submission Deadline: 30 November 2007 Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)

11 October, 2007

10 October, 2007

9 October, 2007

8 October, 2007

5 October, 2007

1 October, 2007

29 September, 2007

28 September, 2007

  • Roadmap for a prosperous Australia in a competitive world. Professor Kurt Lambeck FAA, President, Australian Academy of Science NATIONAL PRESS CLUB ADDRESS 26 September 2007 (AU)
  • Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access. National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. With support by the Library of Congress, the National Archives and Records Administration, the Council on Library and Information Resources, and the Joint Information Systems Committee of the United Kingdom. (UK)

27 September, 2007

  • Digital Assets Factory (DAF) version 2.0. Bibliotheca Alexandrina. DAF v2.0 provides all the necessary tools required to manage the whole process of a digitization workflow, including its various Phases, User management, file movement and archiving. (EG)

26 September, 2007

  • Xena: Software for Digital Preservation. Xena is free and open source software developed by the National Archives of Australia to aid in the long term preservation of digital records. Xena is an acronym meaning 'Xml Electronic Normalising for Archives'. (AU)

25 September, 2007

19 September, 2007

18 September, 2007

17 September, 2007

13 September, 2007

12 September, 2007

8 September, 2007

6 September, 2007

5 September, 2007

3 September, 2007

30 August, 2007

  • ARL Index. Starting with 2005–06 data, ARL is calculating an Expenditures-Focused Index as an alternative to the ARL Membership Criteria Index. Association of Research Libraries (US)
  • The Institutional Challenges of Cyberinfrastructure and E-Research: podcast. Clifford A. Lynch, Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information - the closing speech from the 2007 Seminars On Academic Computing in Snowmass Village, Colorado. EDUCAUSE (US)

29 August, 2007

28 August, 2007

24 August, 2007

23 August, 2007

22 August, 2007

17 August, 2007

16 August, 2007

  • New Generation National Library Strategic Direction to 2017. National Library of New Zealand. 20 July 2007 (NZ)
  • Intute is a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research. The service is created by a network of UK universities and partners. Intute originates from the Resource Discovery Network. Intute and its four subject groups are funded by Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)

15 August, 2007

9 August, 2007

7 August, 2007

6 August, 2007

1 August, 2007

31 July, 2007

30 July, 2007

23 July, 2007

  • mura: RAMP Support for RQF Repositories. Research Activityflow and Middleware Priorities (RAMP) is a DEST funded project from the Systemic Infrastructure Initiative (SII) based at the Macquarie University E-Learning Center of Excellence (MELCOE). (AU)
    • mura can support both open access and dark repository requirements via alternative front-ends to a single Fedora core repository avoiding repository duplication.

20 July, 2007

19 July, 2007

18 July, 2007

17 July, 2007

12 July, 2007

11 July, 2007

7 July, 2007

6 July, 2007

5 July, 2007

3 July, 2007

2 July, 2007

29 June, 2007

27 June, 2007

25 June, 2007

21 June, 2007

20 June, 2007

  • Publishing Skills Group. The PSG is an alliance of trade associations and related organisations across the whole spectrum of publishing - books, journals, directories and databases, magazines and newspapers, in both print and electronic media. Its aim is to promote and improve education, training and development and to anticipate the industry’s future skills needs. (UK)

18 June, 2007

15 June, 2007

14 June, 2007

13 June, 2007

  • ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol).  (EU)
    • ACAP is being developed as an industry standard by the publishing industry, working with search engines and other technical and commercial partners; it will enable the providers of all types of content published on the World Wide Web to communicate permissions information (relating to access and use of that content) in a form that can be automatically recognized and interpreted, so that business partners can systematically comply with the publishers' policies.

12 June, 2007

10 May, 2007

8 May, 2007

7 May, 2007

5 May, 2007

29 April, 2007

19 April, 2007

17 April, 2007

16 April, 2007

  • The Depot is a supporting service of the JISC Repositories and Preservation programme. Researchers based at UK institutions of higher and further education are welcome to use this national facility to deposit their peer-reviewed papers, articles, and book chapters (e-prints). EDINA SHERPA, JISC (UK)
  • JANET Wireless Technology Advisory Service.  This service provides free advice and guidance to organisations on all aspects of wireless technologies.  UKERNA (UK)
  • JISC ITT Towards Optimal Information Retrieval.  Submission Deadline: 21 May 2007 13:00 Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)
    •  The JISC wishes to commission a project to explore and evaluate the value of cross search based on metadata and the combination of metadata and full text. The project should also explore what types of resources are best suited to cross-searching/meta-searching.

13 April, 2007

11 April, 2007

  • Copyright Renewal Database. This database makes searchable the copyright renewal records received by the US Copyright Office between 1950 and 1993 for books published in the US between 1923 and 1963. Note that the database includes ONLY US Class A (book) renewals. Stanford University (US)

10 April, 2007

4 April, 2007

3 April, 2007

2 April, 2007

30 March, 2007

  • CYBERINFRASTRUCTURE VISION FOR 21ST CENTURY DISCOVERY. Cyberinfrastructure Council.  National Science Foundation. March 2007 (US)
  • Organizing and Managing Your Research [by] Renata Phelps, Kath Fisher and Allan Ellis. Southern Cross University (AU)
    • This site is designed to supplement the book Organizing and Managing Your Research: A Practical Guide for Postgraduates, providing additional support for those who want to follow up the issues and strategies outlined in the book.
  • PerX (Pilot Engineering Repositories Xsearch) - a JISC Digital Repositories Programme project. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)
    • The PerX project has developed a pilot service which provides subject resource discovery across a series of repositories of interest to the engineering learning and research communities.

29 March, 2007

28 March, 2007

27 March, 2007

26 March, 2007

24 March, 2007

  • New animation makes sense of the e-Framework. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)
    • The e-Framework is a major international initiative, undertaken by JISC and partner organisations, and is designed to provide a means by which education organisations can ensure that the components of their IT systems work together, or interoperate, and that their development is driven by strategic need rather than by purely technical considerations or short term expediency.The benefits of such an approach are potentially significant in terms of better value for money when purchasing or developing IT systems, the increased ability of organisations to adapt, to change their systems to meet changing priorities and to plan effectively.

23 March, 2007

  • Eigenfactor.org is a non-commercial academic research project sponsored by the Bergstrom lab in the Department of Biology at the University of Washington. We aim to develop novel methods for evaluating the influence of scholarly periodicals and for mapping the structure of academic research. (US)

22 March, 2007

21 March, 2007

15 March, 2007

  • JISC ITT - Sharing e-Learning Content. The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) wishes to commission an individual or team to review and synthesise the work of various specified projects and programmes engaged in the development, use and sharing of elearning content. We are commissioning this study in order to support JISC in planning future funding calls and to further the dissemination of programme outcomes.  Tenders should be submitted no later than 1300 hrs on 16 April 2007. JISC (UK)
  • JISC ITT - Significant Properties. JISC invites proposals for 4 separate studies to identify and analyse the significant properties of four different types of digital objects for digital preservation purposes: e-learning objects, software, vector images and moving images. For each object type, the contractors are required to develop a model for expressing significant properties and propose standard ways of expressing these in the form of templates. The deadline for proposals is 1300 hours on Thursday 19th April 2007. JISC (UK)
  • Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification: Criteria and Checklist. Robin Dale and Bernard F. Reilly. Center for Research Libraries and RLG Programs. (US)

12 March, 2007

8 March, 2007

  • Information Literacy.  This website has been designed and developed by information professionals from key UK organisations actively involved in the field of information literacy [including CILIP, SCONUL, MLA, SLA and Eduserv.] (UK)
  • EndNote Online Tutorial. University of Newcastle (AU)

6 March, 2007

5 March, 2007

1 March, 2007

28 February, 2007

27 February, 2007

23 February, 2007

  • Joint Committee on Publications. Inquiry into the Distribution of the Parliamentary Papers Series. Report.  On Monday 29 May 2006, the Joint Committee on Publications tabled its report on the inquiry into the Distribution of the Parliamentary Papers Series entitled Distribution of the Parliamentary Papers Series. Parliament of Australian (AU)
  • publications.gov.au - Access to Australian Government publications.  Managed on behalf of the Australian Government by the Australian Government Information Management Office, a business group within the Department of Finance and Administration. (AU)
  • IFLA Asia and Oceania Section Newsletter Issue 18:2, December 2006 (SG)
  • Third Stream.  The funding councils in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland aim to support all institutions in making a significant and measurable contribution, through knowledge transfer and related activities, to the economic development and the strength of communities. This work is described as ‘Third stream’ because it is regarded as supporting the third element of an HEI’s mission alongside teaching and research. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)

22 February, 2007

21 February, 2007

  • Taking stock of convergence - John Akeroyd. Is there, or was there ever, a true rationale for merging IT and library and information services in universities and HEIs?  © Copyright CILIP 2006 (UK)
  • In Google’s Broad Wake: Taking Responsibility for Shaping the Global Digital Library, by Richard K. Johnson.  ARL: A Bimonthly Report, no.250 (February 2007) "....brings together a number of articulations of core library interests in digitization partnerships, identifies six key interests against which potential agreements should be evaluated, and urges libraries and their institutions to “make full use of whatever leverage they have to ensure the global digital library is open and dynamic.” Association of Research Libraries (US)
  • Public Services in Special Collections, SPEC Kit 296 [by] Florence Turcotte and John Nemmers • November 2006 • ISBN 1-59407-712-6   Association of Research Libraries (US)

20 February, 2007

15 February, 2007

13 February, 2007

  • Know Your Copy Rights…a Web site for librarians who are developing positive educational programs for academic users of copyrighted materials in US not-for-profit institutions. Association of Research Libraries (US)

12 February, 2007

  • Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU). The working group is charged with developing Recommended Practices to be used to support a new mechanism for publishers to sell e-resources without licenses if they feel their perception of risk has been adequately addressed by current law and developing norms of behavior.  US National Information Standards Organization. (US)
  • ONIX for Serials is a family of XML formats for communicating information about serial products and subscription information, using the design principles and many of the elements defined in ONIX for Books. EDItEUR and NISO, the US National Information Standards Organization. (US)
    • SOH  (Serials Online Holdings) is a format for communicating electronic serials holdings details from publication access management systems to user libraries.
    • SPS  (Serials Products and Subscriptions) is a format for communicating information about serial subscription products, with or without price information, and optionally including subscription information relating to a particular subscriber.
  • High-Level Thesaurus Project (HILT). The HILT project, which is now in phase III, aims to research, investigate, pilot, and develop solutions for, problems pertaining to cross-searching multi-subject scheme information environments. (UK)

9 February, 2007

8 February, 2007

7 February, 2007

6 February, 2007

5 February, 2007

  • ARC and NHMRC encourage access to research findings. The Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Media Release 18 January 2007 (AU)
  • National Protocols for Higher Education Approval Processes. The revised edition of the National Protocols was approved by MCEETYA on 7 July 2006. This edition of the National Protocols will commence operation in December 2007, to allow time for legislation enacting the new protocols in each of the nine jurisdictions to be drafted and passed by Parliaments. Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA) (AU)

18 January, 2007

  • Higher Education Report 2005 - the second of a series of annual reports which replace the Higher Education Triennium Report series produced by the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) since 1988. This report is based on the calendar year. (AU)

17 January, 2007

16 January, 2007

  • The espida project (An Effective Strategic model for the Preservation and disposal of Institutional Assets) is funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) under its Digital Preservation Programme.(UK)

15 January, 2007

10 January, 2007

8 January, 2007

2 January, 2007