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22 December, 2006

21 December, 2006

20 December, 2006

18 December, 2006

15 December, 2006

  • CAUL Statistics 2005. Final version published 15 December 2006. Council of Australian University Librarians (AU)

12 December, 2006

8 December, 2006

27 November, 2006

24 November, 2006

23 November, 2006

21 November, 2006

20 November, 2006

16 November, 2006

15 November, 2006

2 November, 2006

1 November, 2006

26 October, 2006

24 October, 2006

18 October, 2006

17 October, 2006

16 October, 2006

  • censorship war looms, by stephen blanks, secretary, nswccl NSW Council for Civil Liberties (AU)
    • The NSW Council for Civil Liberties has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia agains the Classification Review Board and the Attorney General (Commonwealth) seeking judicial review of the decisions of the Board to refuse classification of two books.
  • Copyright Reform Agenda - CAL's concerns on proposed changes. Copyright Agency Limited (AU)

13 October, 2006

12 October, 2006

11 October, 2006

10 October, 2006

9 October, 2006

6 October, 2006

5 October, 2006

    JISC Capital Programme. "The capital programme is additional funding of £81 million over three years to enhance the network infrastructure (SuperJANET 5), to digitise key resources for the academic community, and to support the development of e-learning; e-infrastructure; virtual research environments; users and innovation; and repositories and preservation."  Joint Information Systems Committee (UK)

29 September, 2006

28 September, 2006

  • RELU Data Support Service.  Rural Economy and Land Use Programme. ".... to help oversee and implement the Data management policy and Data management plan. The DSS is a co-ordinated service between the UK Data Archive, a service provider for ESDS, based at the University of Essex and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology at Lancaster." (UK)

22 September, 2006

15 September, 2006

14 September, 2006

12 September, 2006

  • e-Framework Briefing Paper. The e-Framework is an initiative by the UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and Australia’s Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). This guide explains the background, aims and benefitsof the e-Framework and will be of interest to institutional decision makers. Published 5 Sep 2006 (UK)
  • Joint Media Release.  Thirteenth Ministerial meeting of the Online Council   08 Sep 2006. Senator the Hon. Helen Coonan, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts and the Special Minister of State, the Hon. Gary Nairn MP (AU)
    • Participants discussed the draft Broadband Blueprint, progress of Connect Australia initiatives, broadband policy, Australia's ICT capability, e?security, e?government, and digital television spectrum.  They were also updated on collaboration relating to regional communications, Indigenous communications, domain names and the forthcoming Korea/Australia/New Zealand Broadband Summit.
  • Media Release. More than $50 million to make universities more efficient and productive. 6 September 2006 The Minister for Education, Science and Training, the Hon Julie Bishop MP (AU)
  • DVDs, CDs and Computer Games:  Good News for Consumers, Bad News for Pirates. Attorney-General Philip Ruddock MP News Release - 167/2006 4 September 2006 (AU)
    • Mr Ruddock was announcing the release of an exposure draft of the Copyright Amendment (Technological Protection Measures) Bill 2006.

10 September, 2006

8 September, 2006

5 September, 2006

  • i2010 Digital Libraries Initiative. The European Commission adopted on 24 August 2006 a Recommendation on the digitisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation (EN text; PDF file). The Recommendation aims at bringing out the full economic and cultural potential of Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage through the Internet. It is part of the Commission’s strategy for the digitisation, online accessibility and digital preservation of Europe's cultural and scientific heritage as set out in the Commission Communication ‘i2010: digital libraries’. (EU)
  • Mind the Gap: Digital Preservation Needs in the UK. Maggie Jones and Najla Semple outline the background and findings of the Digital Preservation Coalition's UK Needs Assessment and the Mind the Gap report. Ariadne, Issue 48 July 2006  (UK)
  • Sustaining Repositories: newsletter of the APSR Project. August 2006 Towards an Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (APSR) (AU)
  • AHRC-EPSRC-JISC Arts and Humanities e-Science Initiative. The AHRC, JISC and EPSRC are now inviting applications for research project grants under the e-Science Research Grants scheme. The call will support a portfolio of research projects up to a maximum of 48 months in duration, and for between £20,000 and £400,000 (fEC). (UK)

31 August, 2006

30 August, 2006

  • Information literacy skills - the link between secondary and tertiary education. An innovative national pilot to develop an information literacy framework with secondary and tertiary partners which, at the end of the project, can be rolled out to other participants. It will aim to produce secondary school leavers with a skill set which further and higher education can recognise and develop or which can be applied to the world of work directly. Glasgow Caledonian University Learning Services (UK)

24 August, 2006

17 August, 2006

14 August, 2006

11 August, 2006

10 August, 2006

  • OECD. Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI). Open Educational Resources. The project will analyse and map the scale and scope of initiatives regarding “open educational resources” (OER) in terms of their purpose, content, and funding. It will look into different sustainable cost/benefits models and intellectual property right issues linked to OER initiatives. Furthermore we address questions regarding incentives and barriers for universities and faculty staff to deliver their material to OER initiatives and how to improve access and usefulness for users of OER initiatives. (EU)

7 August, 2006

4 August, 2006

3 August, 2006

2 August, 2006

 1 August, 2006

  • EThOS (Electronic Theses Online Service).  The aim of the EThOS (Electronic Theses Online Service) project is to deliver a fully operational, easily scaleable and financially viable prototype UK online electronic theses service, and supporting infrastructure. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and Consortium of University Research Libraries (CURL) (UK)
  • Digital Rights Expression Languages (DRELs) (TSW0603) by Chris Barlas. TechWatch: Reports 2005/6 July 2006. Universities and colleges within the F&HE sector are both rights holders and rights users and often need to both grant and use their rights in ways that are not catered for by the 'blanket' approach of most commercial DRM systems e.g. fair dealing for non-commercial research, library privilege and exceptions for examinations.  Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)

31 July, 2006

27 July, 2006

26 July, 2006

  • Information Skills Survey.  Technical manual.  First Edition July 2005 [by] Ralph Catts PhD.  Published by Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) ISBN 1-876008-04-0  (AU)
  • Information Skills Survey for Assessment of Information Literacy in Higher Education ADMINISTRATION MANUAL Revised Edition 2005 Ralph Catts.  Published by Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) (AU)
  • The Future of Librarians in the Workforce.  This is a two-year study sponsored by the Institute for Museum and Library Science (IMLS) that will identify the nature of anticipated labor shortages in the library and information science (LIS) field over the next decade; assess the number and types of library and information science jobs that will become available in the U.S. either through retirement or new job creation; determine the skills that will be required to fill such vacancies; and recommend effective approaches to recruiting and retaining workers to fill them.  (US)
  • JISC ITT: JISC Information Environment Portal activity - supporting the needs of e-Research. The JISC wishes to commission a study to investigate and make recommendations on how JISC Portal activity could be enhanced to support the needs of e-Research. The focus for this area of work is resource discovery.  Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)

25 July, 2006

24 July, 2006

  • Resolvers and the Serials Supply Chain - invites tender proposals to undertake a study to identify the new relationships and information exchange requrements between publishers, resolver software and knowledge base suppliers, subscription agents and librarians to maximise the benefit of OpenURL linking. United Kingdom Serials Group (UKSG) The deadline for the proposal is 7th August 2006. (UK)

21 July, 2006

20 July, 2006

  • E-standards for Training Reference Site.  This site is maintained by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework to support the developing national infrastructure for managing electronic learning resources in the training system. (AU)

19 July, 2006

18 July, 2006

17 July, 2006

14 July, 2006

4 July, 2006

  • Creative destruction in the library.  Jun 29th 2006 From The Economist print edition. Free access to research is proving more expensive than hoped. But it is spreading, nevertheless. Copyright © The Economist Newspaper Limited 2006. (UK)

29 June, 2006

28 June, 2006

27 June, 2006

26 June, 2006

19 June, 2006

16 June, 2006

15 June, 2006

6 June, 2006

  • MAPS.  Middleware Action Plan and Strategy is a project to develop a strategic roadmap for middleware activities that will support research and higher education in Australia.  The MAPS project is funded by the Australian Commonwealth Government's Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). (AU)

3 May, 2006

28 April, 2006

27 April, 2006

  • AVCC Submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s Review of Sedition Laws. Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee.  April, 2006 (AU)
  • Writings on e-Book Publishing IAL (Information Automation Limited) Resource Centre (UK)
  • Sustaining Repositories:  newsletter of the APSR Project.  Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories. Australian National Univerity (ANU)
  • Survey of Data Collections: a research project underaken for the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories by Kevin Bradley of the National Library of Australia and Margaret Henty of the Australian National University. This survey was undertaken in mid-2005 and covers data sets held at the Australian National University, the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland. The survey examines issues associated with the collection and retention of data from a wide range of disciplines. Australian National University (AU)
  • New Frameworks for Resource Discovery and Delivery. A paper written by Judith Pearce (with Janifer Gatenby) and presented in an earlier form at the Standards New Zealand / Standards Australia IT-19 Seminar, Technical Standards for Libraries and Education: Solutions and Emerging Frameworks, held at the National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand, Wednesday 26 October 2005. Natiional Library of Australia (AU)

26 April, 2006

20 April, 2006

19 April, 2006

18 April, 2006

14 April, 2006

11 April, 2006

4 April, 2006

  • ALPSP survey of librarians on factors in journal cancellation.  Mark Ware, ALPSP, March 30, 2006.  A 64 pp. report on the effect of OA archiving on library decisions to cancel journal subscriptions. The report (in print and PDF) costs £45/$80/€100 for ALPSP members and £90/$160/€200 for non-members.  The ALPSP's free summary of the report.  "The ALPSP finds that journal prices are far more threatening than OA archiving" Peter Suber. (UK)

3 April, 2006

24 March, 2006

23 March, 2006

  • Robbery under arms: Copyright law and the Australia–United States Free Trade Ageeement by Matthew Rimmer. First Monday, volume 11, number 3 (March 2006),  (US)
  • Towards 2020 Science, sets out the challenges and opportunities arising from the increasing synthesis of computing and the sciences. It seeks to identify the requirements necessary to accelerate scientific advances –particularly those driven by computational sciences and the 'new kinds' of science the synthesis of computing and the sciences is creating. © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. (US)

14 March, 2006

  • JISC ITT: Evaluation of Options for a UK Electronic Thesis Service.  Deadline for Proposals: 18 Apr 2006. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). (UK)
  • Portico.  The mission of Portico is to preserve scholarly literature published in electronic form and to ensure that these materials remain accessible to future scholars, researchers, and students. Initial support for Portico is provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Ithaka, The Library of Congress, and JSTOR. (US)
  • SPARC Futures : an evolving agenda. Joseph, Heather (2006) Delivered at UBC Library / SLAIS Colloquium, University of British Columbia Library (Canada). Presentation. (CA)

13 March, 2006

9 March, 2006

8 March, 2006

7 March, 2006

3 March, 2006

2 March, 2006

1 March, 2006

28 February, 2006

27 February, 2006

24 February, 2006

23 February, 2006

22 February, 2006

  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition Public Draft  "SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications adapted from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive suite of e-learning capabilities that enable interoperability, accessibility and reusability of Web-based learning content - available for comment starting February 16, 2006 and ending May 1, 2006." Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) (US)
  • .edu.au Internet Domain - Review of Major Policies 2006. Australian Information and Communications Technology in Education Committee (AICTEC). The closing date for submissions is 28 February 2006. (AU)
  • OECD. Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI). Open Educational Resources.  The project will analyse and map the scale and scope of initiatives regarding “open educational resources” (OER) in terms of their purpose, content, and funding. It will look into different sustainable cost/benefits models and intellectual property right issues linked to OER initiatives. (EU)

20 February, 2006

16 February, 2006

15 February, 2006

14 February, 2006

3 February, 2006

31 January, 2006

30 January, 2006

  • Scoping Study on Repository Version Identification Project overview (River: Repositories -  Identification of  VERsions).  The JISC Scholarly Communications Working Group has commissioned a team comprising Rightscom Ltd, the Library of the 'London School of Economics and Political Science and Oxford University Computing Services to investigate methods for identifying individual items in the varied collections of academic content held in institutional repositories. For further information, contact the project manager, Hugh Look at Rightscom: hugh.look@rightscom.com  Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). (UK)
  • International Information Literacy Resources Directory.  The Information Literacy Section of the International Federation of Library Association and Institutions (IFLA) has created this database to record information literacy materials from different parts of the world, on behalf of UNESCO. (EU)

10 January, 2006

9 January, 2006

  • Learning and Teaching Performance Fund, Future Directions.  December, 2005.  Submissions due 24 February, 2006.  The discussion paper has been developed to provide information to the sector on the 2006 Learning and Teaching Performance Fund and to initiate discussion for the development of the processes for 2007 and beyond. Department of Science, Education and Training (AU)
  • JISC ITT: Study on Use of Research Content in e-Learning. Deadline for Proposals: 27 Jan 2006, 1:00 PM This Invitation To Tender invites proposals to undertake a study on the use of research content in e-learning on behalf of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). (UK)

4 January, 2006