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22 December, 2004

21 December, 2004

16 December, 2004

15 December, 2004

10 December, 2004

9 December, 2004

3 December, 2004

29 November, 2004

  • The Collections Council of Australia (CCA). Australian Government Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (AU)

26 November, 2004

22 November, 2004

19 November, 2004

17 November, 2004

12 November, 2004

  • Journal of eLiteracy (JeLit) hosted by the University of Glasgow ISSN 1745-4360 (UK)
  • Scholarly Journal Prices: Selected Trends and Comparisons. WHITE, Sonya and CREASER, Claire. This report, published with the permission of Oxford Journals, a division of Oxford University Press, documents the results of the Journals Pricing Analysis project, undertaken by LISU for OUP. Loughborough University LISU Occasional Paper No. 34 ISBN 1901786838 Published October 2004
  • Making library assessment work: practical approaches for developing and sustaining effective assessment. Proposal for ARL Visiting Program Officers Steve Hiller and Jim Self.  Association of Research Libraries (US)
  • Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) System Implementation Toolkit. The objective of this toolkit is to provide institutional Records Managers and other information professionals with a 'one-stop shop' for impartial, detailed and practical advice of use during all the stages of a proposed or actual EDRM system implementation that is free from vendor bias and specific to the needs of the FE/HE sector. JISC infoNet (UK)
  • SciX (Scientific Information Exchange) is a 24 month project with an EU funding of €1.000.000. Co-ordinated by the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), the partners include Swedish Business School of Finland, Icelandic Building Research Institute, e-business company Indra (Spain), Technical University of Vienna (Austria), FGG Institute (Slovenia) and the University of Salford (UK). SciX is pronounced like sigh-ex. (EU)
  • The Frankfurt Group. Consensus Forum for academic and research information. The Frankfurt Group is a European forum for academic and research information,  representing key players in the information chain. Founded in May 2001, the Frankfurt Group continues the work of the European  Commission funded TECUP project. (EU)

10 November, 2004

9 November, 2004

4 November, 2004

3 November, 2004

2 November, 2004

1 November, 2004

5 October, 2004

  • Digital Library Building Blocks.  The California Digital Library provides software, best practices, and other tools to facilitate digital library operations. The University of California (US)

1 October, 2004

  • The World Factbook.  The World Factbook 2004 printed version provides a "snapshot" of the world as of 1 January, 2004. Central Intelligence Agency (US)
  • eVALUEd: an evaluation toolkit for e-library developments.  The eVALUEd Project, based within the evidence base at the University of Central England, was setup to develop a transferable model for e-library evaluation in higher education and to provide dissemination and training in e-library evaluation, and is supported by project funding through HEFCE. (UK)

30 September, 2004

  • THE IFLA POSITION ON THE GENEVA DECLARATION ON THE FUTURE OF WIPO September 28, 2004 The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) has joined several hundred other non-governmental organizations and individuals in signing the Geneva Declaration on the Future of the World Intellectual Property Organization issued September 29, 2004. (EU)

28 September, 2004

23 September, 2004

  • ITT: UK HE e-theses Test-bed Project.  Deadline for Proposals:3 Nov 2004, 12:00 PM Invitation to Tender A Project to Support e-theses for UK Higher Education.   Joint Information Systems Committee (UK)

22 September, 2004

19 September, 2004

  • Ebooks in UK Public Libraries: where we are now and the way ahead. Issues Paper from the Networked Services Policy Task Group. (UK)
  • Education at a Glance 2004.  OECD 2004.  It provides a rich, comparable and up-to-date array of indicators on the performance of education systems that represent the consensus of professional thinking on how to measure the current state of education internationally. The focus of this edition of Education at a Glance is on the quality of learning outcomes, the policy levers and contextual factors that shape these outcomes, and the broader private and social returns that accrue to investments in education. For the first time, the publication also provides indicators on how the labour market returns to education have evolved over time as education systems have expanded. (EU)

10 September, 2004

9 September, 2004

7 September, 2004

6 September, 2004

3 September, 2004

26 August, 2004

23 August,2004

20 August, 2004

19 August, 2004

17 August, 2004

  • UCISA HEITS Statistical Return 2002 - 2003.  August 2004. The results of the seventh year of UCISA's Higher Education Information Technology Statistics exercise are available here. (Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association) (UK)

16 August, 2004

14 August, 2004

  • A Snapshot in Time: ARL Libraries and Electronic Journal Resources, by Mary M. Case. ARL Bimonthly Report 235, August 2004.  Association of Research Libraries (US)
  • Case Studies of IPRs in International e-Learning Programmes Deadline for Proposals: 26 August 2004, 12:00PM  Intrallect is coordinating research into Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in international e-Learning programmes and invites proposals for case studies of existing programmes. The study is being carried out on behalf of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) in partnership withUniversities UK (UUK) and the Standing Conference of Principals (SCOP). (UK)

5 August, 2004

4 August, 2004

2 August, 2004

30 July, 2004

27 July, 2004

21 July, 2004

14 July, 2004

13 July, 2004

  • Library User Surveys [by Tom Diamond]. SPEC Kit 280, June 2004. Association of Research Libraries OFFICE OF LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES (US)
  • The Learning Alliance for Higher Education.  The first just-in-time provider of strategic expertise to college and university leaders.  (US)
  • Thwarted Innovation: What Happened to e-learning and Why:  A Learning Alliance Report.  by Robert Zemsky and William F. Massy. A Final Report for The Weatherstation Project of The Learning Alliance at the University of Pennsylvania in cooperation with the Thomson Corporation. copyright © 2004 by The Learning Alliance at the University of Pennsyvlania (US)

7 July, 2004

29 June, 2004

23 June, 2004

  • Press Release: Wonders of web captured forever.  21 June 2004. Launch of UK Web Archiving Consortium will dramatically boost lifespan of key web materials. JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) (UK)
  • National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, led by the Library of Congress, with partners including the National Library of Medicine, the National Agricultural Library, the Research Libraries Group, the Online Computer Library Center and the Council on Library and Information Resources (US)

22 June, 2004

18 June, 2004

16 June, 2004

15 June, 2004

10 June, 2004

  • Auditing the Offshore Activity of Australian Higher Education Providers:  a discussion paper.  Department of Education, Science and Training. Submissions on the issues raised in the discussion paper are invited from interested individuals or institutions/groups of institutions. The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2004 (AU)
  • Collaboration and Structural Reform Fund (CASR) (Rebadged HEIP - Higher Education Innovation Program) Administered by Collaboration and Workplace Productivity Unit, Department of Education, Science and Training. (AU)
    • "2004 will be HEIP’s last year of operation. From 2005, HEIP will be subsumed by a new Collaboration and Structural Reform Fund (CASR), which will provide competitive funds to foster collaboration between universities and other universities and education and training providers, business and industry, community groups and other relevant organisations. A total of $36.6 million will be allocated to the Collaboration and Structural Reform Fund (CASR) between 2005 and 2007, combining $16.6 million of existing HEIP funds with new funds of $20 million. A Business/Industry/Higher Education Collaboration Council (BIHECC) is to be established which will, among other things, advise on projects to be funded under CASR." p.83 Teaching and Learning Allocations - 2004, pt.3 of Report for the 2004 to 2006 Triennium. Department of Education, Science and Training. (AU)

9 June, 2004

3 June, 2004

28 May, 2004

27 May, 2004

Australian Government. Budget papers and information 2004-5. (Section updated 27/5/04)

25 May, 2004

21 May, 2004

  • AusStage: Gateway to the Australian Performing Arts. Funded by the ARC as part of its LIEF (Linkage - Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities) scheme. (AU)
  • JISC Strategy 2004–06.  Joint Information Systems Committee  (UK)
  • RFID Technology for Libraries. Prepared by Richard W. Boss,  14 May 2004. Tech Notes.  Public Library Association  (US)
  • Science and Technology Committee : Reports and Publications.  (UK)
    • 12 May 2004 Scientific Publications Uncorrected transcript of Oral Evidence presented by Professor Sir Keith O’Nions, Director General of the Research Councils: uploaded on 18 May 2004
    • 5 May 2004 Scientific Publications Uncorrected transcript of Oral Evidence presented by Professor Sir Keith O’Nions, Director General of the Research Councils, Mr Rama Thirunamachandran, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer, Higher Education Funding Council for England, and Professor John Wood, Research Councils UK: uploaded on 10 May 2004
    • 21 April 2004 Scientific Publications Uncorrected transcript of Oral Evidence presented by Mrs Lynne Brindley, Chief Executive, British Library, Mr Peter Fox, University Librarian, Cambridge University, Mr Frederick J Friend, Joint Information Systems Committee, and Ms Di Martin, Dean, Learning and Information Services, University of Hertfordshire; Mrs Jane Carr, Chief Executive, Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society, Professor M James C Crabbe, Head, School of Animal and Microbial Sciences, University of Reading, Professor John C Fry, Professor of Microbial Ecology, Cardiff University, Professor Nigel J Hitchin, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford and Professor David F Williams, Professor of Tissue Engineering, University of Liverpool: uploaded on 27 April 2004
    • 1 March 2004 Scientific Publications Uncorrected transcript of Oral Evidence presented by Mr Robert Campbell, President, Blackwell Publishing, Dr Richard Charkin, Nature Publishing Group, Macmillan Limited, and Dr John Jarvis, Senior Vice President, Europe, Managing Director, Wiley Europe Limited; Mr Crispin Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Reed Elsevier, and Mr Arie Jongejan, Chief Executive Officer, Science and Technology, Elsevier: uploaded on 5 March 2004
    • 8 March 2004 Scientific Publications Uncorrected transcript of Oral Evidence presented by Dr Julia King, Chief Executive, Institute of Physics (IoP), Mrs Sally Morris, Chief Executive, Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) and Mr Martin Richardson, Managing Director, Journals Division, Oxford University Press; Dr Nigel Goddard, Chief Executive Officer, Axiope Limited, Mr Vitek Tracz, Chairman, Current Science Group (BioMed Central) and Dr Harold E Varmus, President and Chief Executive Officer, Public Library of Science: uploaded on 12 March 2004

20 May, 2004

19 May, 2004

18 May, 2004

6 May, 2004

5 May, 2004

  • The Elearning Network of Australasia (ElNet) is an independent community of elearning professionals working in the elearning industry. Our members come from all sectors of the industry and work in a range of corporate, government and educational organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. (AU)
  • Library Conferences and Events.  Education Network Australia [EdNA Online] (AU)

30 April, 2004

28 April, 2004

16 April, 2004

14 April, 2004

  • Nature web focus: Access to the literature. The Internet is profoundly changing how scientists work and publish. New business models are being tested by publishers, including open access, in which the author pays and content is free to the user. This ongoing web focus will explore current trends and future possibilities. Each week, the website will publish specially commissioned insights and analysis from leading scientists, librarians, publishers and other stakeholders, as well as key links, and articles from our archive.  Nature Publishing Group (UK)

7 April, 2004

  • Learning and Teaching Performance Fund.  Issues paper, released 7 April, 2004.  Department of Education, Science and Training.  (AU)
    • "Submissions on the issues raised in the Issues Paper are invited from interested individuals or groups of people from the higher education sector. In responding to the Issues Paper we ask that you address the questions raised in Section 6.1.1.  Submissions should be sent to LTPF@dest.gov.au by 7 May 2004.  Consultations with the sector will be held in June-July 2004."

6 April, 2004

  • Why engage in e-science?  Professor Tony Hey thinks academic librarians should be playing a vital role in e-science, as metadata experts and digital curators. So why, he asked Update, are they not rushing to get on with the job? Professor Tony Hey is head of the UK's e-Science Core Programme and Chair of the Joint Information Systems Committee's (Jisc) Committee for the Support of Research (JCSR). This article is from the March 2004 issue of Update. CILIP (UK)
  • Tony Hey and Anne Trefethen. 'The Data Deluge: an e-science perspective'  (2002) UK e-Science Core Programme. Chapter in “Grid Computing” Edited by F Berman, G C Fox and A J G Hey, Wiley (to be published) (UK)

25 March, 2004

  • National Press Club Address Transcript by Dr Brendan Nelson, Minister for Education, Science and Training, Canberra, 24 March, 2004.  (AU)
  • The TEACH Act and Distance Learning: Doing the Digital - The questions asked by viewers during the live Webcast event on October 30, 2003© The Association of Research Libraries (US)
  • Kahle v. Ashcroft Case Page.   In this case, two archives ask the U.S. district court for the Northern District of California to find that a law that extended copyright terms unconditionally -- the Berne Convention Implementation Act (BCIA) -- is unconstitutional under the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment, and that the BCIA and Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA) together create an "effectively perpetual" term with respect to works first published after January 1, 1964 and before January 1, 1978, in violation of the Constitution's Progress Clause. Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society (US)
  • Science and Technology Committee, U.K. House of Commons: Inquiry into Scientific Publications. Open Access Working Group Submits Memorandum as Evidence February 9, 2004 (US)
  • National Research Infrastructure Taskforce. Commissioned by the Minister for Education, Science and Training Development of a National Research Infrastructure Strategic Framework. The final report of the National Research Infrastructure Taskforce was released by the Hon Mr Brendan  Nelson, the Minister for Education, Science and Training at the National Press Club Telstra Address on  Wednesday, 24 March 2004. (AU)
  • Evaluation of Knowledge and Innovation Reforms Consultation Report - Prepared by the External Reference Group.  Commissioned by the Minister for Education, Science and Training (Reviewing Australia’s Block Research Funding Schemes) The External Reference Group’s Report assessing the Knowledge and Innovation reforms was released by the Hon Mr Brendan Nelson, the Minister for Education, Science and Training at the National Press Club on Wednesday, 24 March 2004. (AU)
  • Review of Closer Collaboration Between Universities and Major Publicly Funded Research Agencies. Commissioned by the Minister for Education, Science and Training (Research Collaboration Review) The final report of the Research Collaboration Review was released by the Hon Mr Brendan Nelson, the Minister for Education, Science and Training at the National Press Club on Wednesday, 24 March 2004. (AU)

23 March, 2004

12 March, 2004

  • Maximising The Benefits Of The Information Economy. 10 March 2004 Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. Media Release on the creation of the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) and the transfer of NOIE functions to DCITA.   (AU)

10 March, 2004

  • ELD-ILit is an electronic discussion list addressing issues related to information literacy and library instruction within engineering libraries or engineering disciplines. ELD-ILit is sponsored by the Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).  (US)

6 March, 2004

  • Australian Library Collections Taskforce.  Meeting held 9 October 2003.  Papers & Minutes.  National Library of Australia  (AU)
  • Forum on Library Services for People with Disabilities.  National Library of Australia, 10 December, 2003. (AU)

5 March, 2004

4 March, 2004

2 March, 2004

  • GEsource:  geography and environment gateway for UK HE and FE.  GEsource is the geography and environment hub of the Resource Discovery Network (RDN) (UK)

1 March, 2004

27 February, 2004

25 February, 2004

  • Advisory Council on Intellectual Property’s (ACIP) - an independent body appointed by the government, and advises the Federal Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources on intellectual property matters and the strategic administration of IP Australia. The Council was established in 1994. (AU)
  • Consumer Information - Anti Spam. Australian Communications Authority.  (AU)
    • The Spam Act 2003 and the Spam (Consequential Amendments) Act 2003. The Spam Act will prohibit unsolicited commercial electronic messages with an Australian link from 10 April 2004. It will also require all commercial electronic messages to contain accurate sender information and a functional unsubscribe facility. (AU)
  • Suber, Peter. "Open Access Builds Momentum." ARL, no. 232 (February 2004): 1-3  © The Association of Research Libraries (US)
  • Call for Participation in Phase III of Project SAILS. Kent State University and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) invite you to participate in the third research phase of a project to develop a standardized test of information literary skills. © The Association of Research Libraries (US)
  • Pathfinder Research on Web-based Repositories. FINAL REPORT. Mark Ware Consulting Ltd. © Publisher and Library/Learning Solutions (PALS), January 2004.  The institutional repository, an open web-based archive of scholarly material produced by the members of a defined institution, has come to the fore following the launch of DSpace at MIT at the end of 2002. This report reviews recent developments and quantifies the growth of institutional repositories, and explores the impact their expansion may have on scholarly publishing. (UK)
  • The JORUM+ project has been funded to: 1.investigate the user requirements for the national repository service by December 2003. 2.support a JISC research programme called Exchange for Learning (X4L) into re-use of learning materials until July 2005. Joint Information Systems Committee (UK)
  • ITT: IE Sustainability Study: Common Services & Digital Infrastructure. The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) is seeking to commission a study that examines sustainability of the digital environment within the further and higher education sector. Deadline for Proposals: 12 Mar 2004, 12:00 PM (UK)
  • ITT: Technical Standards and Specifications for JISC Activity. The JISC is seeking to commission the production of overarching technical standards guidance to support JISC activities. The work should also recommend how a current body of knowledge in this area can be maintained. Deadline for Proposals: 12 Mar 2004, 12:00 PM (UK)

24 February, 2004

23 February, 2004

16 February, 2004

13 February, 2004

11 February, 2004

9 February, 2004

  • The Implementation of MetaLib and SFX at Loughborough University Library: A Case Study. Yvonne Hamblin, Research Associate, Library & Information Statistics Unit, Loughborough University & Ruth Stubbings, Academic Services Manager, Pilkington Library, Loughborough University. October 2003 (This report is a case study of the implementation of MetaLib at the University Library at Loughborough. It was commissioned by JISC to inform the HE and FE community with a view to encouraging and enabling the further development of library-oriented portals.) (UK)
  • WebJunction is an online community of libraries and other agencies sharing knowledge and experience to provide the broadest public access to information technology. OCLC (US)

29 January, 2004

28 January, 2004

27 January, 2004

  • Higher Bandwidth Incentive Scheme (HiBIS). HiBIS is a $107.8 million initiative of the Australian Government to promote equitable and affordable access to higher bandwidth and broadband services in regional Australia. HiBIS provides registered Internet service providers with incentive payments to supply broadband services in regional, rural and remote areas at prices comparable to those available in metropolitan areas. HiBIS is scheduled to commence in early 2004. Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. (AU)

21 January, 2004

  • The costs and benefits of library site licenses to academic journals [by] Carl T. Bergstrom *  and Theodore C. Bergstrom.  Published online before print January 8, 2004, 10.1073/pnas.0305628101  PNAS | January 20, 2004 | vol. 101 | no. 3 | 897-902 (US)
  • 2003 OCLC Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition This report was produced for OCLC’s worldwide membership to examine the significant issues and trends impacting OCLC, libraries, museums, archives and other allied organizations, both now and in the future. The scan provides a high-level view of the information landscape, intended both to inform and stimulate discussion about future strategic directions. ©2003 OCLC Online Computer Library Center (US)

19 January, 2004

16 January, 2004

15 January, 2004

  • eVALUEd - an evaluation model for e-library developments. The eVALUEd Project based within the Centre for Information Research (CIRT) at the University of Central England has been set up to develop a transferable model for e-library evaluation in higher education and to provide dissemination and training in e-library evaluation, and is supported by project funding through HEFCE.  (UK)

6 January, 2004

  • ITT: Large Scale Data Sharing in the Life Sciences: Data Standards, Incentives, Barriers and Funding Models
    (Short Name: Joint Data Standards Study) A partnership of several research councils, the Wellcome Trust, JISC and the DTI are commissioning a study of the 'landscape' of data standards development supporting largescale data sharing in the life sciences. The aim of the study is to highlight for funders and policy makers strengths and good practice on the one hand and strategic gaps on the other. Joint Information Systems Committee (UK)