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23 December, 2003

19 December, 2003

16 December, 2003

  • Guidelines for Internet Access to Journals. This document provides publishers' Guidelines for Institutional Subscribers regarding Internet Access to Journal content.  HighWire  (US)
    • For multi-campus academic institutions, each organization listed in the Directory of Higher Education, or its equivalent, is considered a separate institution.
  • Patents and Open Standards by Priscilla Caplan, Assistant Director of the Florida Center for Library Automation,  a white paper prepared for the National Information Standards Organization (NISO). NISO Press, 2003. Originally published as the feature article in the October 2003 issue of Information Standards Quarterly (US)

15 December, 2003

  • Mapping Australia's Science and Innovation - Main Report - a whole-of-government report prepared on behalf of the Australian Government by: the Science and Innovation Mapping Taskforce in the Department of Education, Science and Training; and the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources; and the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. © Commonwealth of Australia 2003 (AU)
  • SPEC Kit 276.  Recruitment and Retention [by] Jen Stevens [and] Rosemary Streatfeild, Washington State University. September 2003  Association of Research Libraries. Office of Leadership and Management Services. (US)

12 December, 2003

9 December, 2003

  • EXAMINATION OF GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP OF COPYRIGHT MATERIAL The Copyright Law Review Committee is to start work a new reference looking at government ownership of copyright material. R028/2003 Joint News Release Attorney-General The Hon Philip Ruddock MP Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts The Hon Daryl Williams AM QC MP 20 November 2003 (AU)
  • A review of the amendments to the Copyright Act contained in the Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000 (Digital Agenda Act) commenced on 1 April 2003 (AU)

8 December, 2003

  • The recombinant library: portals and people.  Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President, Research, OCLC.  Note: this is a pre-print of an article which will appear in Journal of Library Administration. Last change to this version: 2 September 2003.

17 November, 2003

11 November, 2003

10 November, 2003

  • COL LMS Open Source.  June 25, 2003  © This document describes the findings of a survey-style evaluation of Open Source Learning Management System Software  commissioned by 3waynet Inc. and the Commonwealth of Learning (UK)
  • Info@UK is a monthly guide to major UK Information Society developments and news. The bulletin is compiled by the Information Management Research Institute, University of Northumbria on behalf of the British Council and is designed primarily to meet the information needs of British Council staff in Information Services Management overseas. (UK)

7 November, 2003

3 November, 2003

  • Higher Education Support Bill 2003. Higher Education Support (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Bill 2003. Guidelines Summary. November 2003 Department of Education, Science and Training (AU)

21 October, 2003

20 October, 2003

17 October, 2003

  • Libraries in the online environment. The Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee, 16 October 2003 © Commonwealth of Australia 2003 ISBN 0 642 71305 7 (AU)
    • Role of libraries in the online environment. Committee Hearings 11/10/02-20/5/03 - Hansard Reports - Senate Committee on Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. (AU)
      • BENTON, Ms Lynne Patricia, Executive Director, Education Services; and University Librarian, University of Newcastle -  20/5/03  Newcastle
      • BUNDY, Dr Alan Lindsey (Private capacity) - 08/05/03 Adelaide
      • McPHERSON, Ms Madeleine, President, Council of Australian University Librarians & SCHMIDT, Mrs Janine Betty, University Librarian, Australian Subject Gateways Forum - 28/11/02 Sydney
      • YOUNG, Ms Carolyn Dale, Acting Director, Library Services, Queensland University of Technology - 30/04/03 Caboolture
      • CLARK, Ms Judith Elizabeth, Head, Academic Support Services and University Librarian, University of Ballarat - 22/04/03 Ballarat
  • Report on Technology Development and Production Workflow for XML Encoded E-Books. by Nancy Lin. ACLS History E-Book Project, White Paper No. 1. American Council of Learned Societies(US)
  • OSS Watch provides the UK further and higher education community with neutral and authoritative guidance about free and open source software, and about  related open standards. Open Source Advisory Service. OSS Watch is funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee. (UK)

16 October, 2003

14 October, 2003

13 October, 2003

8 October, 2003

1 October, 2003

26 September, 2003

25 September, 2003

  • Living Laboratories [Campus Review, September 17-23, 2003. p. 18.] John Byron, Executive Director of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, explains the importance of investing in the Australian scholarly library collection. (AU)

23 September, 2003

  • Powerpoint Presentation from 2003 LibQUAL+(tm) Report Meeting [by] Colleen Cook, Bruce Thompson, Martha Kyrillidou.  Northumbria, July 28, 2003, Durham, UK (6.4 MB ppt file) (Original presentation at http://www.libqual.org/documents/admin/UK2003_slides.ppt - downloaded with permission from ARL 15 September, 2003)

10 September, 2003

  • The Doctoral Education Experience: Diversity and complexity, [by] Ruth Neumann, Macquarie University 03/12 Evaluations and Investigations Programme, Research, Analysis and Evaluation Group.  This report is funded under the Evaluations and Investigations Programme of the Department of Education, Science and Training. (AU)
  • National Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Discussion Paper. September 2003 An initiative of OUR UNIVERSITIES: BACKING AUSTRALIA’S FUTURE. Department of Education, Science and Training. (AU)

29 August, 2003

18 August, 2003

15 August, 2003

    • Release of Issues Paper: end July 2003 [EVALUATION OF KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION REFORMS ISSUES PAPER August 2003.  Released 13 August, 2003].  The preferred date for receipt of submissions is 10 September 2003.  Consultation workshops scheduled August 20 to September 2.  It is envisaged that a Consultation Report will be produced from the information provided in the submissions and public consultations. This report will be delivered to Government in October 2003.
    • Performance Funding Data. Raw performance funding data (in Excel spread sheets) for all research and research training funding available to stakeholders. (Released 15 August, 2003)

14 August, 2003

  • LIBRARY PRINT PRESERVATION: An Administration Briefing. George J. Soete with contributions by Janice Mohlhenrich Lathrop 2003 * ISBN 0-918006-99-6 * 29 pages. Association of Research Libraries  To order: <http://www.arl.org/pubscat/order/> (US)

13 August, 2003

11 August, 2003

8 August, 2003

7 August, 2003

6 August, 2003

5 August, 2003

  • Australia’s Future Using Education Technology. (The Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) is undertaking a review into the position Australian education, training and related businesses should be taking to gain the best possible advantage in using emerging technologies. The review will be complementary to the work being carried out by DEST on the Action Plan for the Information Economy, due for release later this year. )  (AU)

4 July, 2003

3 July, 2003

1 July, 2003

30 June, 2003

18 June, 2003

  • JISC Resource Guides [to support learning, teaching and research].  Joint Information Systems Committee. (UK)

16 June, 2003

12 June, 2003

6 June, 2003

2 June, 2003

30 May, 2003

29 May, 2003

  • Journal Publishing DTD.  The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a center of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). (US)
  • Archiving and Interchange DTD.  The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM)  (US)

26 May, 2003

19 May, 2003

  • the big blue project -  The project surveyed present practice in Information Skills Training for students in Higher and Post-16 Education, and was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee and managed jointly by Manchester Metropolitan University Library and Leeds University Library.  Completed July 2002  (UK)

16 May, 2003

Budget 2003-04 
(Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia & Minister for Finance and Administration)

Budget Statement overview.  Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training.  Other Portfolio Budget Statements Australian Labor Party Budget Information from the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee. Australian Democrats Higher education set for shake-up.  ABC Report 13 May 2003
Australian Library and Information Association

14 May, 2003

13 May, 2003

8 May, 2003

2 May, 2003

29 April, 2003

28 April, 2003

  • An Approach to the Preservation of Digital Records [by] Helen Heslop, Simon Davis, Andrew Wilson. December 2002. National Archives of Australia (AU)
  • Learning Times.  LearningTimes is an open community for education-minded people.  Members have free access to a wide range of opportunities to interact with peers from across the globe -- live online, asynchronously and face-to-face. (US)

17 April, 2003

14 April, 2003

1 April, 2003

21 March, 2003

20 March, 2003

14 March, 2003

  • cetis (the centre for educational technology interoperability standards)  - CETIS represents UK Higher and Further Education on international educational standards initiatives ...., funded by JISC, the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher and Further Education Funding Councils, and is managed by Bolton Institute, in partnership with the Open University and the University of Wales, Bangor. (UK)
  • Advanced Distributed Learning.  The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), is a collaborative effort between government, industry and academia to establish a new distributed learning environment that permits the interoperability of learning tools and course content on a global scale. ADL's vision is to provide access to the highest quality education and training, tailored to individual needs, delivered cost-effectively anywhere and anytime. (US)
  • Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM) The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) defines a Web-based learning "Content Aggregation Model" and  "Run-Time Environment" for learning objects. The SCORM is a collection of specifications adapted from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive suite of e-learning capabilities that enable interoperability, accessibility and reusability of Web-based learning content. Advanced Distributed Learning (US)
    • IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. - developing and promoting open specifications for facilitating online distributed learning activities such as locating and using educational content, tracking learner progress, reporting learner performance, and exchanging student records between administrative systems.(US)
  • The National Digital Preservation Program: Challenges and Solutions.  Laura E. Campbell, Associate Librarian for Strategic Initiatives, Library of Congress.  Next Lecture - Presented as a LIVE Cybercast  Friday, March 21, 2003, 1:00 -2:30 pm  (US)
  • Academic Publishing in the Digital Realm: An Interview with Clifford Lynch. Syllabus interviews Clifford A. Lynch, executive director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI).  This article originally appeared in the 12/1/2002 Issue of Syllabus. (US)
  • Syllabus:  Technology for Higher Education - the only monthly magazine that focuses exclusively on the use of high tech in higher education (US)

12 March, 2003

10 March, 2003

6 March, 2003

4 March, 2003

27 February, 2003

25 February, 2003

21 February, 2003

18 February, 2003

11 February, 2003

10 February, 2003

  • Watchfire - automated testing, analysis, and reporting solutions help you analyze your site’s content for quality, privacy and accessibility issues. (US)
  • Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) - checks Web sites for broken links. (DE)

5 February, 2003

4 February, 2003

30 January, 2003

28 January, 2003

15 January, 2003

14 January, 2003

2 January, 2003

  • AEShareNet.  AEShareNet was established by the Australian Ministers of Education and Training to: streamline the licensing of intellectual property so that training materials are developed, shared and adapted efficiently, and  improve the understanding and implementation of intellectual property management in vocational education and training. (AU)