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23 December, 1999

22 December, 1999

21 December, 1999

  • The SuperJournal Project  -  a research project in the eLib Programme studying the factors that will make electronic journals successful. The research was conducted over three years (1996-1998) and the project ended in December 1998. The SuperJournal electronic journal application closes 23 December, 1999  (UK)

17 December, 1999

15 December, 1999

14 December, 1999

10 December, 1999

  • JUBILEE - JISC User Behaviour in Information seeking: Longitudinal Evaluation of EIS. (Information Management Research Institute at the School of Information Studies, University of Northumbria) (UK)
    • jubilee-all - A list to support discussion based on the JUBILEE project.
    • The JUSTEIS Project - Monitoring and Evaluating User Behaviour in Information Seeking and Use of Information Technology and Information Services in UK Higher Education. The University of Wales Aberystwyth Department of Information and Library Studies, in conjunction with Information Automation Limited's Centre for Information Quality Management for JISC.  (UK)

7 December, 1999

3 December, 1999

1 December, 1999

30 November, 1999

24 November, 1999

22 November, 1999

18 November, 1999

  • National Teaching and Learning Database (NTLD)  - To provide a national cooperative resource of data to support flexible delivery of courses and learning materials at post-secondary levels for teacher, student and professional / academic use.  The NTLD  implements conformity with the international IMS metadata standard for learning resource content description - a project funded by the Commonwealth Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs through the Higher Education Innovation Program. (AU)

15 November, 1999

12 November, 1999

  •  The National Academies (US)
    • National Research Council. Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications. Computer Science and Telecommunications Board. Committee on Intellectual Property Rights and the Emerging Information Infrastructure.  The Digital Dilemma: Intellectual Property in the Information Age. Press Release.Chair's Statement (November, 1999)

21 October, 1999

  • Hungry Minds' mission is to become the Web's most accessible and engaging gateway to knowledge. (US)

20 October, 1999

15 October, 1999

13 October, 1999

11 October, 1999

8 October, 1999

  • Australian Science Capability Review - Chief Scientist (Department of Industry, Science & Resources) - Submissions due 30 November.  (AU)
  • Release of the Final Report of the Health and Medical Research Strategic Review  (The Wills Report) - 12 May 1999 (National Health and Medical Research Council) (AU)

17 September, 1999

  • Looksmart, a category-based Web directory (AU)
  • Internet2 Project -  is a project of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (US)

9 September, 1999

8 September, 1999

28 August, 1999

24 August, 1999

  • EIRENE.  The European Information Researchers Network (EU)

17 August, 1999

11 August, 1999

5 August, 1999

3 August, 1999

  • The EULER Project:  European Libraries and Electronic Resources in Mathematical Sciences:  a project cofunded by the European Commission in the Telematics for Libraries sector.  (DE)

2 August, 1999

  • FIDDO research methodology toolkit.  (The FIDDO team have successfully used the toolkit described above in order to evaluate a number of document delivery options.)  FIDDO (Focused Investigation of Document Delivery Options) Project  (UK)
  • Metamorfoze - The Dutch national programme for preservation of library material - initiative of the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. It is coordinated by the National Preservation Office of the Netherlands (BCB) of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague.  (NL)

29 July, 1999

28 July, 1999

20 July, 1999

16 July, 1999

  • Access to French Based Research Resources.  ARC Research Infrastructure Equipment & Facilities (RIEF) project.  University of Sydney, 1999  (AU)
  • AcqWeb - links to information and resources of interest to librarians with acquisitions or collection development responsibilities.  Edited and maintained by Anna Belle Leiserson (Collection Development Librarian, Vanderbilt Law Library) (US)

9 July, 1999

28 June, 1999
11 June, 1999

3 June, 1999

2 June, 1999

1 June, 1999

19 April, 1999

15 April, 1999

  • Being Fluent with Information Technology.   Authored by a CSTB this report describes an intellectual framework for fluency with information technology, [and] an implementational effort to increase and promote fluency with information technology among college students, an important first step in increasing fluency for all citizens. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. 1999 (US)

14 April, 1999

12 April, 1999

26 March, 1999

25 March, 1999

24 February, 1999

10 February, 1999

    Managing Information for the Competitive Edge:  A volume of readings co-edited by Ethel Auster and Chun Wei Choo, published by Neal-Schuman (New York). Published August 1996.Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc  The book may also be ordered online from the book's page in the Amazon.com Bookstore.  (US)

9 February, 1999

  • The Cost of Digital Image Distribution: The Social and Economic Implications of the Production, Distribution, and Usage of Image Data:  final report. By Howard Besser & Robert Yamashita. Report produced by the School of Information Management & Systems, UC Berkeley, 1998  (US)
  • JISC/Publishers Association Working Party Papers and Reports. (UK)
    • Charging Mechanism for Digitised Texts: Second Supporting Study for the JISC/PA [working party]
    • Copyright clearance and digitisation in UK Higher Education:  Supporting Study for the JISC/PA Clearance Mechanisms Working Party
    • Report of the Joint Information Systems Committee & Publishers Association Working Party On Fair Dealing in an Electronic Environment
    • Joint Information Systems Committee & Publishers Association Working Party 'Model Licence' Between UK Universities and Publishers

28 January, 1999

13 January, 1999