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Updated 10 December, 2007
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protocols for Libraries, Archives and Information Services - a paper by Alex Byrne
  • All-Out Internet Access: The Cambridge Public Library Model. by Miles Fidelman of The Center for Civic Networking (The book provides detailed, how-to guidance on planning, implementing, operating, and supporting Internet service in a public library setting.) (no longer active August 09)
  • Applying Conspectus at QUT Library Presented by Carolyn Gaskell at the 1995 ALIA State Conference, Rockhampton 13 - 14 July 1995 (AU) Later published as:
    Young, Carolyn D. (1996) Applying conspectus at QUT Library. WLN Participant 15(4):pp. 11-13
  • Australian Experiences with Coordinating Asian Collections: Issues and Achievements. Paper by Andrew Gosling, Chief Librarian, Asian Collections, National Library of Australia, presented at the International Workshop on Developments in the Co-ordination of Asian Collections, Amsterdam, 15 April 1997.
  • The Australian National University Review of the University Library: Report of the Review Committee Appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. February 1996 (no longer active August 09)
  • Australia's Information Future:  Innovation and knowledge  management for the 21st century. Higher Education Division, Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs   Evaluations and Investigations Programme  99/5 December 1999. (AU)  (no longer active August 09)
  • CAUL Performance Indicators - a paper by Alex Byrne (Northern Territory University) (AU)
  • Description and Evaluation of the "Mr. Serials" Process: Automatically Collecting, Organizing, Archiving, Indexing, and Disseminating Electronic Serials, by Eric Lease Morgan, NCSU Libraries. This article also appears in Serials Review 21 no. 4 (Winter 1995): 1-12.  (no longer active August 09)
  • Document Delivery. Prepared as a discussion paper for CAUL/JISC by Neil McLean, University Librarian, Macquarie University; Judith Greenaway, CILLA Project Manager; Kerry Blinco, JEDDS Project Manager. (AU)
  • Telematics for Libraries. Green Paper on the Role of Libraries in the Information Society (preliminary draft for consultation will be completed by the end of April 1997.) (no longer active August 09)
  • IFLA and Australian University Libraries - a paper by Alex Byrne
  • New Library: The People's Network : [report] commissioned from the Library and Information Commission by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. (UK)
  • TOWARDS FEDERATION 2001: Linking Australians with Their Heritage. Review Meeting 1993. Progress Reports 1994-1996 (National Library of Australia)
  • Stanford University Libraries. Redesign of Technical Services (no longer active August 09)
  • Association of American Universities Research Libraries Project in collaboration with the Association of Research Libraries Reports of the AAU Task Forces on:
    • Acquisition and Distribution of Foreign Language and Area Studies Materials
    • A National Strategy for Managing Scientific and Technological Information
    • Intellectual Property Rights in an Electronic Environment
  • Resource Sharing Ideals and Realities: the Case of Australia's Distributed National Collection, Paper prepared by Margaret Henty for publication in Advances in Collection Development and Resource Management, Volume 1 (London: JAI Press Inc., 1995 - ISBN 1-55938-213-9)
  • The Scene Downunder: Southeast Asian Library Resources Planning in Australia in the 1990s: Paper written and presented by Marie Sexton, Principal Librarian, Asian Collections (National Library of Australia) at the Southeast Asia Resources Planning Pre-CONSAL X Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, 18-20 May 1996.
  • Strategic Review of Library Coordination & Representation Report By Robert Gardini & Associates Government & Business Consultants, April 1997 (Conducted by Australian Council of Libraries and Information Services (ACLIS) and the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), plus the National Library of Australia)
  • Tactical Plan for the AAU/ARL Global Resources Program Proposed by the ARL Research Collections Committee DRAFT, MARCH 1996 (no longer active August 09)
  • Transforming Libraries, Issue 2: Geographical Information Systems (GIS), March 1997 (Association of Research Libraries) (US) (no longer active August 09)
  • The University Libraries and the National Information System by Dr. Ted Flowers (SILAS Research Seminar Series No.1 Wednesday, 16 October, 1996) (School of Information, Library and Archive Studies. University of New South Wales) (AU) (no longer active August 09)
  • World Information Report - a worldwide picture of archive, library and information services in 1996. This sourcebook covers in detail the state of the art of archive, library and information services in the five continents, and addresses the most challenging issues that they face at the dawn of the twenty-first century. (UNESCO.) (no longer active August 09)