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US-Australia Free Trade Agreement 2004 (includes intellectual property and copyright)

Digital Agenda Review 2003

  • Libraries, Archives and Educational Copying. Issues Paper.
    • CAUL response.  30 September 2003.  Council of Australian University Librarians.  (AU)
  • Registration for public forums, Melbourne (August 14) and Sydney (September 4), at Phillips Fox website: (No longer active September 09)

Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Bill 1999

The impact of the intellectual property laws on competition.

  •  Intellectual Property and Competition Review Committee - to review the impact of the intellectual property laws on competition.  Closing date for submissions 31 October 1999  (AU)  (No longer active September 09)
  • Intellectual Property & Competition Review Committee. Final report - Review of intellectual property legislation under the Competition Principles Agreement.  ISBN: 0 642 70508 9 September 2000  (AU)  (No longer active September 09)

Jurisdiction and Procedures of the Copyright Tribunal.

  • Copyright Law Review Committee. Jurisdiction and Procedures of the Copyright Tribunal.  June 1999 - Comments should be made by 23 July 1999.  (AU) (No longer active September 09)

Inquiry into Enforcement of Copyright.

  • Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia.  Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. Inquiry into the Enforcement of copyright - referred by the Attorney-General on 17 March 1999. Submissions due 21 May, 1999.  (AU)  (No longer active September 09)  
  • Australia. House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. Inquiry into Enforcement of Copyright. Submission from the Australian Digital Alliance.  (AU)  (No longer active September 09)

Simplification of the Copyright Act 1968

  • Report on the Simplification of the Copyright Act 1968 Part 2:  Categorisation of Subject Matter and Exclusive Rights, and Other Issues.  Copyright Law Review Committee (AU)  (No longer active September 09)

Copyright Amendment Bill 1997

  • Copyright Amendment Bill 1997 2nd Reading Australian House of Representatives Hansard for 18th June 1997 (AU) (No longer active September 09)
  • Copyright Amendment Bill 1997 Explanatory Memorandum (pdf format) Australian House of Representatives (AU) (No longer active September 09)

Review of Australian Copyright Collecting Societies

General (including technology, management of intellectual property)

  • AEShareNet (Australian Educational Sharing Network) is an innovative concept for managing copyright in the vocational education and training (VET) sector. (AU)
  • Australian Digital Alliance - report of meeting held 24 July 1998.  (AU) (No longer active September 09)
  • Calendar [newsletter of the Copyright Agency Limited] September 1996 | December 1996 | April 1997 (AU) (No longer active September 09)
  • Copyright A discussion paper prepared for CAUL/JISC by Annabelle Herd, Australian Council of Libraries and Information Services (AU)
  • Copyright in Universities [pdf format]- Leanne Wiseman, Faculty of Law, QUT - Occasional Paper Series 99E, Higher Education Division, Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (September, 1999)  (AU) (No longer active September 09)
  • Copyright News.  Australian Library & Information Association (AU)
  • Copyright Society of Australia, Inc  (AU)
  • Copyright: Some Electronic Dimensions of Academic Publishing, by Colin Steele (University Librarian, The Australian National University)
  • Copyright Law Review Committee Copyright Reform: A Consideration of Rationales, Interests and Objectives (No longer active September 09)
  • Copyrites: the newsletter of the Intellectual Property Branch. Intellectual Property Branch Department of Communications and the Arts. (AU) (No longer active September 09)
  • e-News on Copyright June 2000. Attorney-General's Department. Intellectual Property Branch. (AU)
  • Brudenall P 'The Future of Fair Dealing in Australian Copyright Law', 1997 (1) The Journal of Information, Law and Technology (JILT)  (No longer active September 09)
  • Information Technology & Cyberspace: Their Impact on Rights and Liberties, by Roger Clarke
  • Intellectual Property & Competition Review Committee.  Interim Report 6 April 2000.  Written comments should be received no later than close of business 8 May 2000.  (AU)  (No longer active September 09)
  • The Janus Project - presentation by Alex Byrne (Pro Vice-Chancellor (Information Resources), Northern Territory University to Symposium on Scholarship, Intellectual Ownership and the Law.  Hosted by the National Academies Forum and the National Library of Australia.July 15-16 1999 Canberra.  (AU)
  • 'National and International Issues in Intellectual Property and Multimedia': a report by Lionel Bently, Brad Sherman and Julian Thomas Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Griffith University March 1997 ISBN 0 646 32519 1 [Executive summary] (AU) (No longer active September 09)
  • Open Access to Legal Sources in Australasia: Current Debate on Crown Copyright and the Case of the Anthropomorphic Postbox, by Judith Bannister, University of Western Sydney, Nepean. (The Journal of Information, Law and Technology (JILT), Issue Three, 30 September 1996.) (No longer active September 09)
  • Discussion paper -Performers' Intellectual Property Rights: Scope of extended rights for performers under the Copyright Act 1968 - Joint publication with Attorney General's - December 1997 (Department of Communications and the Arts) (AU)
  • Reading the Future: The inaugural Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Library Week Oration, delivered at the State Library of NSW, 1 May 1996 by The Hon. Sir Anthony Mason AC, KBE - Chairman, National Library of Australia Council; Chancellor, University of New South Wales; National Fellow, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University.
  • Record-Keeping of Copying in Australian Universities.  Documents provided by the AVCC.
  • Rights Management:  Issues and Solutions: Notes for a talk to the AIMA Seminar 'Information and Copyright: managing the rights of the creators and the users', in conjunction with the INFORMATION ONLINE & ON-DISC Conference, Sydney, January 1997 by Bill Tuck, Tuck Segal Associates London, UK (No longer active September 09)
  • The story of Yongyi: intellectual freedom and academic libraries:  a transcript of the speech delivered by Alex Byrne to the first Markets Forum held on September 7, 2000 in the City Campus Library of the Unversity of Technology, Sydney.  (AU)


  • The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO)
  • 1996 December 2-20 Geneva Diplomatic Conference on Certain Copyright and Neighboring Rights QuestionsDocuments (WIPO)
  • Libraries, Copyright and the Electronic Environment A position paper by Carol Rischer on behalf of the IPCC on the occasion of the IPA 25th Congress, Barcelona, April 1996 (No longer active September 09)
  • Position Paper on Libraries, Copyright and the Electronic Environment of the International Publishers Copyright Council (IPCC) (No longer active September 09)
  • A Primer On The Proposed WIPO Treaty On Database Extraction Rights That Will Be Considered In December 1996* October 29, 1996, Revised. (James Love, Consumer Project on Technology)
  • Treaty for the Protection of the Rights of Performers and Producers of Phonograms Adopted by the Diplomatic Conference on December 20, 1996 (WIPO treaty) [from the NINCH News Center] (US) (No longer active September 09)
  • Treaty on Certain Questions Concerning the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works Adopted by the Diplomatic Conference on December 20, 1996 (WIPO treaty) [from the NINCH News Center] (US)
  • NISO License Expression Working Group.  The National Information Standards Organization, Digital Library Federation (DLF), EDItEUR, and Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) have agreed to form a License Expression Working Group to develop a single standard for the exchange of license information between publishers and libraries.  (US) (No longer active September 09)


  • Follow-Up To The Green Paper On Copyright And Related Rights In The Information Society (Commission Of The European Communities Brussels, 20.11.1996 Com(96) 586 Final )
  • JISC/Publishers Association Working Party Papers and Reports (UK)
  • UK Department of Trade and Industry Report of the Multi-Media Advisory Group (14/3/96)
    • Report of the Intellectual Property Rights Sub- Group (No longer active September 09)
    • Report of the Education Sub-Group (No longer active September 09)
  • The Shetland News Appeal Fund. ('Please help us defeat this unprecedented legal attack on the freedom of the Internet: The Shetland Times Ltd have obtained a temporary court order preventing The Shetland News from making free HTML links to pages on their website.') (No longer active September 09)
  • Technologies to Support Copyright Management: A short term supporting study for the eLib Electronic Libraries Programme funded by the JISC for the Higher Education Funding Councils. (Robin Yeates, Senior Researcher; Bill Tuck, Associate Consultant) (UK) (No longer active September 09)
  • Publishers Licensing Society. (UK)
    • Together with the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society, PLS owns and directs the Copyright Licensing Agency and works in partnership with the Design and Artists Copyright Society. PLS is owned by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers, the Periodical Publishers Association, and the Publishers Association. It also works closely with the Association of Online Publishers, European Publishers Council, Federation of European Publishers, Independent Publishers Guild, International Publishers Association, and STM.


  • Basic Principles For Managing Intellectual Property In The Digital Environment (National Humanities Alliance) March 24, 1997 (US) (No longer active September 09)
  • Before WIPO Treaties are Ratified, Congress Should Adopt Comprehensive and Balanced Implementing Legislation. Statement by the Digital Future Coalition (DFC) (US) (No longer active September 09)
  • ALA Washington Office Conference on Fair Use Joint Statement Released (US)
  • Conference on Fair Use of Copyrighted Works Concludes Without Consensus; Educators, Scholars, Librarians to Explore Next Steps. Statement endorsed by 14 US national organisations. (US)
  • CONFU Continues? Is it time to re-group? by David Green (NINCH Newsletter No. 5, News Brief)
  • Copyright Collectives and Libraries.  Lesley Ellen Harris.  This article is published in The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: For Librarians & Information Specialists, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Spring 1998.  McGraw Hill Ryerson. (No longer active September 09)
  • Copyright Crash Course.  Georgia Harper, University of Texas System (US)
  • Copyright clearance and digitisation in UK Higher Education: Supporting Study for the JISC/PA Clearance Mechanisms Working Party - Joint Information Systems Committee and the Publishers Association (An eLib Project) (UK)
  • Copyright and the Electronic Reserve System - policy and guidelines from Northwestern University Library
  • Copyright Law and Electronic Reserves, Georgia Harper, Office of General Counsel, University of Texas System (US)
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property - resources compiled by the Association of Research Libraries. (US)
  • Copyright Protection Is for Dinosaurs, by Stewart Alsop.  ( (US)
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) - Association of Research Libraries (US)
  • H.R. 3048 - 'Digital Era Copyright Enhancement Act.' Representatives Boucher and Campbell Introduce Comprehensive and Balanced Copyright Legislation - Section-by-Section Analysis. (Digital Futures Coalition) (US)
  • EFF 'Intellectual Property Online: Patent, Trademark, Copyright' Archive - Electronic Frontier Foundation (US)
  • Electronic Commerce and Intellectual Property - Protect Revenues, Not Bits - Branko J. Gerovac, David C. Carver, and Richard J. Solomon, a white paper presented to 'Technology-Based Intellectual Property Management' A Forum Organized by the Interactive Multimedia Association in cooperation with the U.S. Copyright Office March 7, 1996 MIT Research Program on Communications Policy, Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US) (No longer active September 09)
  • The good, bad, ugly of copyright law rewrites. Copyright 1998 by David Loundy (Published in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, January 8, 1998 at page 5.)
  • The Information Economy: The Economics of the Internet, Information Goods, Intellectual Property and Related Issues, by Hal R. Varian (School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California Berkeley)
  • Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure The Report of the Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights (USA) (No longer active September 09)  
    • Text version
    • PDF version (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    • Legally Speaking: The NII Intellectual Property Report by Pamela Samuelson, Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh
    • The Copyright Grab ALERT Stop the Clinton Copyright Grab! The Administration's white paper on intellectual property in the digital era is a wholesale giveaway of the public's rights. By Pamela Samuelson (No longer active September 09)
  • Licensing Electronic Resources:  Strategic and Practical Considerations for Signing Electronic Information Delivery Agreements   (Association of Research Libraries)  (US) (No longer active September 09)
  • The MDS Decision and Fair Use for Coursepacks March 5, 1996 Prepared for the Association of Research Libraries by Kenneth D. Crews
    • Princeton University Press v. Michigan Document Services, Inc.: Notes from rehearing en banc before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 12, 1996, by Kenneth D. Crews ( Associate Professor of Law and Library and Information Science, Director, Copyright Management Center, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis) (No longer active September 09)
  • Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources. Statement by American Association of Law Libraries, American Library Association, Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries,    Association of Research Libraries, Medical Library Association, Special Libraries Association (FINAL DRAFT July 15, 1997) (US)
    Proposals to Regulate the Public's Rights to use Information stored in Databases (Proposal that is before the U.S. Congress and the World Intellectual Property Organizaiton (WIPO). (Public-Domain) (No longer active September 09)
  • Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions and State Governments' Sovereign Immunity for Infringement of Patent and Trademark Rights - Analysis by Arnie Lutzker (July 2, 1999) (US) (No longer active September 09)
  • Report on Copyright and Digital Distance Education.  U.S. Copyright Office.  May 1999 (US)
    • Summary of U.S. Copyright Office Report on Distance Education.  Prepared by the  Copyright Management Center  Kenneth D. Crews,  Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (US)  (No longer active September 09)
  • Association of American Universities Research Libraries Project in collaboration with the Association of Research Libraries Reports of the AAU Task Forces on:
    • Acquisition and Distribution of Foreign Language and Area Studies Materials
    • A National Strategy for Managing Scientific and Technological Information
    • Intellectual Property Rights in an Electronic Environment
  • The National Federation of Abstracting & Information Services. The Rights & Responsibilities of Content Creators, Providers, and Users: A White Paper. December 9, 1997 (US)
  • Statement on Behalf of The American Association of Law Libraries, The American Library Association, The Association of Research Libraries, The Medical Library Association, and The Special Libraries Association on H.R. 2441 (NII Copyright Protection Act of 1995) (No longer active September 09)
  • Summary of Issues and Proposals to Amend the NII Copyright Protection Act (DIGITAL FUTURE COALITION)
  • UCC Article 2B: Some Preliminary Comments on a New Issue for the Library Community  by Robert L. Oakley (Article 2B of the Uniform Commercial Code of critical importance to the use of licenses as a mechanism for the acquisition of information)
  • Intellectual Property by Prof. Eve Rosenbam, National Juris University


  • Canadian Copyright Law, by Lesley Ellen Harris ISBN 0-07-552547-X, $22.95 CDN Copyright 1996 McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited (No longer active September 09)
  • Stakeholders divided over copyright bill. Should the Senate strive for a last-minute compromise? By Howard Knopf. (Canada's copyright amendment effort, Bill C-32) (No longer active September 09)