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Miscellaneous Documents

  • Analysis and Development of Model Quality Guidelines for Electronic Records Management on State and Federal Websites Phase I Report: Assessment of State Website Records Management Policies Draft by Charles R. McClure and J. Timothy Sprehe For: The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (US) (no longer available August 09)
  • The Death Of Australian Science and Technology - by Dr Lex Blakey, on Ockham's Razor this week, introduced by Robyn Williams. Sunday, 1st June, 1997 (ABC Radio National transcript) (AU)
  • Going for Growth Business Programs for Investment, Innovation and Export (the Mortimer Report): report to the Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism (July 1997) (AU) (no longer available August 09)
  • The GST - Goods and Services Tax introduced July 1, 2000.  (AU)
  • Information Services - the Whole of Government Perspective. Government IT Directors' Conference for Summer 1995 (no longer available August 09)
  • Information Technology in Humanities Scholarship: Achievements, Prospects, and Challenges - The United States Focus. (American Council of Learned Societies. Occasional Paper No. 37) by Pamela Pavliscak, Rice University; Seamus Ross, University of Glasgow; Charles Henry, Rice University. Copyright © 1997, American Council of Learned Societies.
  • Innovate Australia - Prime Minister's statement (6/12/95) and supporting documents. (no longer available August 09)
  • Inquiry into Book Production in Australia Industry Commission, 1996. (AU) (no longer available August 09)
  • Managing Electronic Messages as Records © Commonwealth of Australia 1996 (Australian Archives) (no longer available August 09)
  • Managing Performance: Why, What and How to Proceed, by Carol Dickenson for the AVCC. January 1997 This Report was commissioned by the AVCC Staff Development and Training Program division to summarise and synthesise the proceedings of the AVCC Forum, "Managing for Performance", held at Glenelg, Adelaide on 11-13 September 1996. (AU) (no longer available August 09)
  • A Planning Model for Innovation: New Learning Technologies, by John Mitchell and Robert Bluer, January 1997 (Office of Training and Further Education (OTFE), Victoria) (AU)  (no longer available August 09)
  • Priority Matters: on Arrangements for Commonwealth Science and Technology, A report to the Minister for Science and Technology, by the Chief Scientist, Professor John Stocker Canberra, June 1997 (AU)  (no longer available August 09)
  • Putting Australia on the New Silk Road: The Role of Trade Policy in Advancing Electronic Commerce - Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) - September 1997 (AU)  (no longer available August 09)
  • Research Agenda for Cultural Heritage on Information Networks (The Getty Art History Information Program)  (no longer available August 09)
  • Restructuring the City: Thoughts on Urban Patterns in the Information Society, by Ken Friedman (Associate Professor of Leadership and Strategic Design, Norwegian School of Management - NMH)
  • Towards a Best Practice Australian Public Service: Discussion Paper Issued by the Minister for Industrial Relations and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service, The Hon Peter Reith MP. November 1996 (no longer available August 09)
  • Training: A discussion paper prepared for CAUL/JISC by Anne Wilson, Northern Territory University (AU)
  • Virtual Chewing Gum on Virtual Library Seats? Human Behaviour in Electronic Communities, by Roger Clarke (Presentation to VALA Conference 1996)