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Designing Libraries is an information resource and a forum for anyone with an interest in or involvement with library planning and design. Aberystwyth University with support from SCONUL, MLA and CILIP.

Designing Libraries

Building / Renovation Designs, Plans & Photographs

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CAUL Library and Learning Spaces Image Gallery. CLTAC (CAUL Learning & Teaching Advisory Committee.

Bond University.  Law Library refurbishment. Available on request.
Curtin University.  Space Planning Principles.  Available on request. (7/5/07)
Charles Sturt University. Library Service Building Plans.  Available on request. (7/5/07)
      Library Service Renovation Plans. Available on request. (7/5/07)
Edith Cowan University. Photos from Curtin University Library and the new (still to be completed) Edith Cowan University Library at Joondalup. Taken 18 and 19 September 2006 by Graham Black (17/4/07)
James Cook University. A Position Paper on the Development of a Douglas Campus Student Information and Services Centre (SISC)
James Cook University.  Building plans available on request
Macquarie University. New Library 2010 (3/7/07) Floor Plans available on request (30/7/07)
Queensland University of Technology. Building plans & renovation plans available on request
RMIT University.
- Building Plans available on request (10/4/07)
- Building Projects / Plans / Photographs (No longer active September 09)
University of Ballarat. Design brief and related documents – SMB campus library/Mt Helen campus library (2006/2007) available on request (29/4/07)
University of Queensland. Floor-plans for all branches.  Architectural drawings not available (13/4/07)
University of Southern Queensland.  Floor plans for The Library / Refectory / Arts (Media Studies) / Postgraduate Facility. Level 1,  Level 2,  Level 3  (No longer active September 09)
University of Tasmania. Learning Hubs. April, 2005
University of Technology, Sydney.  Building Plans & Library Accommodation Schedule (Renovation Plans). Available on request. (22/6/07)
University of Western Australia. Medical & Dental Library.  (opened 2002)
University of Western Sydney (10/4/07)
- Campbelltown Library Refurbishment (2006) available on request
- Bankstown Library Refurbishment (2005) available on request
Victoria University.  Space Planning and Utilisation at the VU Library. Hamlet Management Pty Ltd 2002. Available on request.

University of British Columbia (CA) The Chapman Learning Commons (2001-2)

University of Auckland.  (No longer active September 09)
    The University Of Auckland Library Extension (2001-2)
    Student Amenities Complex (2001-2003) - includes a five level Learning Commons

Designing Libraries: the gateway to better library buildings. Funded by the Museums Libraries and Archives Council on behalf of the Department of Culture Media and Sport, as part of the Framework for the Future Programme. Managed by CILIP, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. Designed and developed by the Information Services department of Aberystwyth University. (UK)
New library design resource launched. 9 June, 2008. Designing Libraries and SCONUL (UK)
LIBRARY-DESIGN@JISCMAIL.AC.UK email list. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)
Checklist of Library Building Design Considerations, Fifth Edition  William W. Sannwald  Item Number: 978-0-8389-0978-2  Publisher: ALA Editions Price: $55.00 (US)

SCONUL Advisory Committee on Buildings.  Society of College, National and University Libraries (UK)
    Library building projects database.


Library Buildings in Canada. Presentation  (No longer active September 09) (2.5mb - large file) by Janine Schmidt. AVCC Library Staff Development Conference, Brisbane, 4-5 July 2002.
Current trends in library building design.  Study visit to the United Kingdom, August 2004, by Helen King, La Trobe University, October 2004.
Information Commons: Examples from the US [pdf 4mb] - presentation at CAUL 2005/2 by Shirley Oakley (16/9/05)


Designing Spaces for Effective Learning:  A guide to 21st century learning space design. JISC e-Learning and Innovation team. © Copyright, 2006. HEFCE (UK)
SPEC Kit 244 / Transforming Libraries 9.   Library Buildings: Renovation and Reconfiguration. April 1999 (Association of Research Libraries)
Places of Connection: New Public and Academic Library Buildings in Australia and New Zealand (pdf document 714kb) [by] Alan Bundy.  Paper for Library Buildings Conference Bournemouth UK 5-6 February 2004 (AU) [also available at Bournemouth Public Library]
ACRL/LAMA Guide for Architects:  Guide For Planning Higher Education Library Spaces. Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA) (US)

From Macquarie University Library's Library 2010 information page: (No longer active September 09)
The following source documents on learning space design and key design questions have been identified by the University as most relevant to their design objectives for the new library building. 
(i) Bennett, S. (2006) ‘The choice for learning’ Journal of Academic Librarianship 32(1), pp. 3-13. 
(ii) Bennett, S. (2007) ‘First questions for designing higher education learning spaces’ Journal of Academic Librarianship (33)1, pp. 14-26.
(iii) Brown, J. S. (2001) “Learning in the digital age” Papers from the Forum for the Future of Higher Education. 
(iv) Brown, M. & Long, P. (2006) “Trends in learning space design” in Oblinger, D. Learning Spaces, Ch. 9. 
(v) Council on Library and Information Resources (2005) Library as place: rethinking roles, rethinking space. Washington. 
(vi) Foote, S.M. (2004) Changes in library design: an architect’s perspective portal: Libraries and the academy 4(1), pp. 41-59.
(vii) Joint Information Systems Committee (2006) Designing spaces for effective learning: a guide to 21st century learning space design
And see also ‘Planning and Designing Technology-Rich Learning Spaces’ infoKit


IFLA Library Building and Equipment Section.  (Janine Schmidt, member of standing committee, August 2003) (No longer active September 09)