ULANZ web page template Monday, 29 October 2012

For the HOST institution

This is a list of information which should be on a web page of each host institution (or at least linked to from this page). It should be regarded as the minimum information to be provided.
(Each institution should send their url for this page to CAUL for inclusion on the ULANZ  website)

Information about ULANZ

Information about the institution

  • Locations
  • Links to maps
  • Opening hours
  • Contact details - phone and email

Information about registration

  • Where to register
  • How to get a borrowing card & any special requirements - ie they may need to get a photo taken and this service is only available within certain times etc
  • Required documentation - ie a photo ID and proof of current enrolment or employment
  • The registration period is to 28th February the following year.


Applicants should be required to:

  • Provide evidence of current enrolment or employment;
  • State in writing (or electronic application) that they are currently enrolled or employed and have not been excluded from using their home university library or any other participating university library;
  • Acknowledge in writing (or electronic application) that they will abide by the rules and conditions of the host university library;
  • Sign a declaration that all the information they have provided is accurate, and acknowledging that the host library may check with their home university library or any other participating university library and that their registration may be cancelled immediately if any of the information provided is found to be incorrect. Libraries may make random or periodic checks for any discrepancies. Should any discrepancies be found, the host library will immediately cancel the registration and demand return of any library materials;
  • Acknowledge in writing that they understand that information may be sent to the home library if items are not returned to the host library, and that further sanctions may apply at their home library depending on the rules of the home library.

More information is available in the ULANZ Privacy Statement .


  • Will there be a charge for registration?
  • How they can pay?

Information about loans conditions

  • No of items they can borrow
  • Loan period
  • Renewals - how many, how to do it
  • Services and collections which can be accessed - any exclusions?
  • eg Placing a reservation
  • ILL
  • AV Collections
  • Reserve Collection etc
  • Fines and Charges or other penalties
  • Fines (if any) and how they work
  • Bills for Replacement of lost books etc
  • Other sanctions - blocks , penalty points etc
  • How to pay


For the HOME Institution

Please provide a web page with information about ULANZ for staff and students of your institution who wish to use ULANZ at other institutions.

Information about ULANZ

Link to Information for borrowers [THIS IS THE MAIN INFORMATION PAGE on the CAUL ULANZ website]


Please also clarify for your clients if any groups are not eligible to borrow at other ULANZ institutions. (ie if your institution is not prepared to indemnify them).