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This page will include links to resources about teaching & learning in Australian higher education, of potential interest to CAUL members.

In May 2012, CAUL commissioned the following report: 
Briefing paper on eTextbooks and third party eLearning products and their implications for Australian university libraries, and Executive Summary.   Prepared by Dr Gillian Hallam, Adjunct Professor with the Science and Engineering Faculty at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  September 2012.

eTextbooks Update: Prepared by Maxine Brodie 23 February 2012  [members-only - access from the display at the end of this page]

CAUL Principles and Guidelines for Library Services to Staff and Students at Remote Locations (Revised April, 2012)

CLTAC Environmental Scans: Collated (by Ralph Kiel, updated 9 September 2011)

Each of the seven university members of CLTAC completed an environmental scan of their University reporting on the following areas:
• Institutional Context;
• Underpinning approach to learning and teaching;
• Institutional approach to deregulation;
• Approach to equity and access;
• Approaches to engagement and sustainability;
• Library developments;
• Learning Management System; and
• Post Graduate training.

Research Snapshot series - current activities and developments in international education data and research. International Research and Analysis Unit, Australian Education International (AEI), DEEWR.

Leading Rich Media (Video Communication in Higher Education) is a collaborative project led by the University of New England and funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC).