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CAUL's mission is to  support CAUL members in the achievement of their objectives, especially the provision of access to, and training in the use of, scholarly information, leadership in the management of information and contribution to the university experience.

A key goal is to facilitate the members’ role in supporting and maximising learning and teaching outcomes and  contributing positively to the student experience.


University libraries make a major contribution to learning and teaching through the provision of facilities, services, resources and skills development programs, both physical and virtual.
Physical facilities have undergone major transformations in response to changes in pedagogy and technology and online, location-independent services have emerged as a significant alternative method of service and resource provision.
Developments in flexible learning are forging stronger collaboration between libraries, teaching & learning units, IT departments and faculties.

In 2010, CAUL established a working group to advise CAUL on the following;

  • Work collaboratively within CAUL and with CAUDIT and ACODE to improve the student experience. (Executive, Learning & Teaching  Working Group )
  • Explore the library’s role in contributing to T&L standards and quality audits under TEQSA. (Learning & Teaching  Working Group, 2010)
  • Further investigate the contribution of libraries to learning outcomes and the student experience by drawing on research such as the AUSSE survey. (Learning & Teaching  Working Group, 2010)
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