New NLA theses view Friday, 9 August 2013

Following discussion at the March 2010 CAUL meeting, all the recommendations in and in the background paper which was circulated the day before, were accepted by those present. 

 These include:

  • NLA Trove developed to be the new theses view.
  • CAIRSS assist CAUL members to move their content from the existing ADT VTD-ETD systems into their institutional repositories (by end of September 2010).
  • After September 2010, there will be no further harvesting of the ADT central server – all harvesting will be done directly by the NLA from institutions repositories and displayed via their TROVE discovery service.

CAIRSS assisted CAUL institutions with this migration process.

For the official notice from CAUL on this change please see:

The NLA has released requirements each repository will need to meet to ensure thesis records are displayed within the new Trove search. Please see requirements document.

The new service was launched late 2010.

CAIRSS repository managers can contact Alison Dellit at the NLA for any queries relating to these requirements (