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Yewno (for education)

Yewno Discover

A new kind of knowledge-discovery product that supports students and researchers in their early and exploratory stages of research and learning.
Fact Sheets (28/4/17)

Meanwhile, here are some websites relevant to Yewno’ service:

·      Youtube channel – product and demonstration information

·      Recent Scholarly Kitchen article

There are many more on YouTube.

Yewno has launched a new service Yewno Unearth that they are aiming at publishers, but I think it will be most useful to libraries too.  There is a brochure about this at:

I have extracted this lead sentence from that e-brochure: “Yewno Unearth addresses portfolio categorization chal- lenges, and facilitates deep insights into the concepts and their relationships, allowing publishers to better under- stand their content, and provide greater capacity to focus on larger strategic issues.”


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