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CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

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PROPOSAL (14 June 2002)
Prospective Client : CAUL Members & Associates
Product : WebReports
Publisher : TransData Corporation (now Mergent.com at 17/7/08)
Service Overview:



The WebReports database (http://www.webreports.net) published by TransData Corporation (http://www.transdatacorp.com) is an archive of colour scanned images of public company documents, which include all pictures, graphs and tables from annual, periodic, prospectus and other documents, including media releases, issued by public companies. The archive includes more than 30,000 reports from over 6,000 companies in over 30 different countries around the world. Australian coverage of all publicly quoted companies dates back to the early 1980’s and New Zealand coverage dates back to the early 1990’s.

Documents are obtained from numerous sources, including direct contact with the companies themselves, regulatory bodies and other archives of reports obtained by TransData from clients disposing of their collections of reports.

The conversion of the hardcopy reports into digital Adobe pdf images is carried out in the Brisbane office of TransData. The Brisbane office is also the location of the hardcopy document archive and the servers through which the WebReports service is made available to subscribers via the internet.

Once scanned, reports obtained from Australian companies are sent to the National Library of Australia. Through an arrangement with the Library, TransData is able to dispatch reports for inclusion in the holding of the National Library and hence be properly filed and catalogued. TransData may at any time borrow back the reports for re-scanning purposes.



Subscription Proposal:



The following offer provides unlimited access to the full WebReports scanned archive and includes a one month free access period to support internal marketing of this image based service.

The structure of the proposal allows CAUL to leverage their membership to push down the annual subscription fee, based on the level of collective up take of this offer.



Offer as follows:-
Group Bands Annual Fee Per CAUL Member in Australian Dollars



# users (institutions Cost per Member or Associate Member (A$)
15 $3,500
16 - 30 $3,000
31 - 50 $2,500
51 -  $2,000



Basic Terms and Conditions:

    1. All subsequent signups would be entitled to enter at the discounted level set initially and align to a master subscription period.
    2. IP addresses and ranges will be required from each organisation.
    3. Should a document from an existing document type not be available on the system, TransData will endeavor to source this document and make it available as a downloadable image.


1. Does this product fit with the curricula of your University?     
2. Do you require source documents for Domestic, Regional and Global public companies?     
3. TransData’s Australian collection of annual reports, interim’s and prospectus documents dates back to the early 1980’s. Is historical content important to your users?    
4. To increase document integrity, particularly for annual reports, is colour scanning considered a value-added feature?    
5. To support distance education and walk in users is it fundamental that all web based subscription services include authorised access for these user types?    
6. If you have answered yes to all of the above questions, would you subscribe to this product?    



If your answer to question 6 was "no", could you provide a couple of lines as to why.




Trial Period:



A free trial of Web Reports is included as part of this offer.



From Tracy Mayfield, 20 July 2000:
We cannot set-up IP Address ranges for the complete University, as the ranges can range anywhere from 1 to 300 different addresses. To do this, we would have to enter each IP Address separately. However, for the trial, we could set-up three or four IP Addresses for each university. The passwords I sent to you in the last email, are current and the Universities should be using them.

Our IP Address set-up is not that far advanced to handle the ranges some of the Universities require, we could however, set-up an IP Address that is connected to an intranet, and all PC's connected to that intranet would gain access that way.

From Transdata 8 May 2000:

WebReports for the Year 2000.
WebReports (www.webreports.net) is an internet delivered database consisting of annuals, financial statements, half-yearlies, interims, information booklets, media releases, preliminaries, quarterlies, report to shareholders and governmenr reports for publicly listed companies in over 33 countries worldwide.

As of this morning, we have over 23,750 reports in our archives, and 2,451 Australian companies. You can get a full breakdown of our archives by going to our Statistics page on the website above.

We are currently in the process of converting our entire archive of reports into PDF format, and we are happy to confirm that Australia is near completion.

If anyone is interested in a trial, we offer a four week trial period which allows the University to evaluate the service.

We offer an academic subscription which allows for unlimited downloading of the entire archive of reports for up to 400 simultaneous users for AUD$3,500.00 plus GST. We also have other subscriptions which may suit some Universities, such as a single-site, multi-site and intranet/network.

Tracy Mayfield
Sales Manager
Phone:  61-2-99225544 

From Transdata 15 Sep 1999:
I am writing this email in regard to our special introductory offer for CAUL members for access to our company reports database - WebReports (http://www.webreports.net).

WebReports covers public company reports and announcements from companies located not only in Australia but also overseas. The WebReports data is available over the web or through a variety of other media, including CD ROM and hardcopy.

We have recently negotiated a special offer with Bond University in Queensland, which we would like to make available to your other members.

The offer is as follows :

1. Annual subscription for up to 400 users at one establishment - $AUD 3500.00.

2. The annual subscription is made-up of the following components :

        (a) Supply of CD-ROMs of all Australian public company reports available on the service, updated quarterly, commencing with 1998 reports;

        (b) Access to all reports available on the service via the web on the basis that library staff may log individual users onto the service but must keep the passwords to the service confidential.

3. If additional CD-Rom's are required for other parts of the collection apart from those provided for the Australian reports since 1998 then an additional charge of $AUD5.00 to cover the costs of materials will be made for each CD-Rom burnt.

4. General conditions :
(a) the standard conditions regarding reproduction of data which are in our standard subscription agreement (available via the website) ;
(b) more than one user may access the data either via the web or on the CD-Rom at the same time ;
(c) if the subscription is cancelled, then all CD-Roms provided must be returned ;
(d) access may be provided to associate borrowers.

I hope that this offer will be of interest to you. Given the ever expanding coverage of data on WebReports, plus ready access via the web, then I think that this is a good opportunity for students and staff to obtain access to a wide array of valuable company data.

James Harker-Mortlock 

Questions & Answers.
1. Trial.  I see that there is an abbreviated trial available from the web site.  Members are always keen to have a serious look at any service before buying, preferably for 30 days.  Is this possible?

    Yes, no problem with a thirty day trial. We would probably put a limit on the number of reports downloaded per trial (one customer downloaded half the database once during a trial!) ;

2. Software.  Is it necessary to download the PaperPort software to every machine that uses the service before you can take full advantage of it? Non-standard software will always cause hassles for our users.

    We are moving everything across to Adobe pdf, which will avoid this potential problem (although most people do seem to cope with PaperPort, it is standard with Hewlett Packard scanners, and it is also faster at downloading the full colour reports). People will have a choice ;

3. Access.  You refer to password access as long as the password is kept confidential to library staff. This also has the potential to be problematic.  Is there any access by IP or domain authentication?

    Good question and something we are working on. However, currently, this is not available. It requires some further software development at our end (not huge, so manageable!). An impetus to move this up the list would be customer (i.e. your) demand. Some of our suppliers, such as RDS, allow this and it certainly expedites access. It is a good way to allow easy and secure access ;

4. Content.  Is all the content web-accessible?  Most universities won't want cd-roms if it is all on the web.

    Yes, all the content is web accessible, and we prefer this as it saves the need to burn the CDs for each individual client. Some clients prefer to have the data available locally as their internet access may be slow. We can provide also DAT tapes as an alternative. However, our preference is web delivery and all our materials are accessible via the web.

5.  Two institutions have commented on the undesirability and impracticality of users being logged in by library staff.  One has refused to trial because of this limitation. To my knowledge, all universities use some method of scripting passwords into their web pages so that the users (and library staff) do not need to remember multitudinous passwords.  They also have methods of preventing unauthorised users accessing licensed databases.

    Fully understand re the passwords. The scripting solution will be quite acceptable. The IP address logon is being investigated currently. However, we need to be sure that we can retain security levels.

    IP logon functionality is now in place. (18 November, 1999)

6.  It is preferable for all if you can define the group of authorised users, then leave it to the institutions to manage that.

    We are happy if the universities allow access to their own users and also any users visiting from other universities. We are also happy if they provide access over the internet to their remote users.

7.  Re software.  Does this imply that you haven't yet moved to Adobe?  When will this happen.  The requirement to download software is going to inhibit access to the service, especially during the trial period.

    Re Adobe, we are gradually converting to Adobe. However, this will not happen overnight. We have most of our historical collection now converted and we will be loading this up over the next few weeks. However, PaperPort is actually a better viewer than Adobe for large scale documents such as these. The viewer is free and can be downloaded from our site. Other universities appear to have coped so far, I am sure the current crop will as well. (12 October 1999)

8.  Content.