RIPM (Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals) Tuesday, 24 May 2005

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RIPM Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals is an international bibliography of scholarly writings and primary source documents on 19th century musical history and culture. Spanning from 1800 to 1950, this database offers indexing of sources published in 12 languages and provides more than 5,000 English translations of foreign-language documents. It includes original-language titles, full bibliographic information, annotated citations in English and keyword and author indexes. Sources include journal articles, reviews, news columns and advertisements.

Subject coverage includes: ethnomusicology, genres of music, history of musicology, instruments, music theory, notation, performance practice, theory and analysis. Interdisciplinary studies in music and other related fields covered in RIPM include literature, anthropology, dramatic arts, fine arts, philosophy, history and sociology.


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Limited-time Introductory offer before 31st October 2005: Any current RILM subscriber (on any vendor platform) who subscribes to RIPM via EBSCOhost will receive a 25-percent discount on the purchase price. This is open to all RILM subscribers. This opportunity is not available to current RIPM subscribers (of another platform).

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Standard RIPM Pricing (Introductory offer = standard price minus 25%)
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