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Paratext new usage statistics module

NEWS 15 December 2007: Paratext is pleased to announce the availability of our new usage statistics module for libraries using Paratext's 19th Century Masterfile. This new system is online now, and is all included in your library's annual fee for access to 19th Century Masterfile. ** Both LOG and COUNTER format are available, as well as graph-based data. ** The system is available 24/7. ** No password is required. The system recognizes your library IP range. ** Date range selectivity is available.

Access is available to your library statistics now

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Information about Reference Universe, Public Documents Masterfile and 19th Century Masterfile (2/9/09)

Reference Universe
Titles list (22/6/05)
To see the complete list of the more than 10,000 titles now represented in Reference Universe, please visit (3/10/07)

Brochure for Reference Universe and 19th Century Masterfile (6/5/08)
From Advisor Reviews / The Charleston Advisor /April 2005, pp. 52-54 by Ellie Dworak.
Product Description
Reference Universe, published by Paratext, is an index to over 5,100 reference books from over 260 publishers, with approximately 150 titles added per month. The focus is on subject encyclopedias, although bibliographies, dictionaries, and other types of reference material are included. The subject matter is very broad, ranging from Africa to zoology. Publishers include major names such as ABC-Clio, John Wiley and Sons, Oxford University Press, etc. The product indexes both the article titles and the reference book indexes. The titles go back in time to 1908. At the time of this review 588 of the titles were published in 2003 or 2004. The database can be searched or browsed, though browsing yields only a record for the title, and not a list of contents. This is a tool of interest to both academic and public librarians, as it opens the reference collection up to greater use. 
19th Century Masterfile

Series I: Periodicals
Series II: Books
Series III: NYTimes, Palmer's and Newspaper Indices
Series IV: Harpers Magazine and Individual Title Indices
Series V: Hansards, Patents and Government Document Indices

U.S. Documents Masterfile


Reference Universe Library Subscription Agreement (28/7/06)

Reference Universe Rights in Perpetuity Agreement (28/7/06)

License agreement 2005 (6/9/05)
'Our license covers any users your institutions authenticates, as long as they are coming through your servers, the IPs of which are in our system.  We just include the IP range you approve, then we leave it to your institution to determine who has access. Naturally, remote users, if coming through your servers, are very much able to us Reference Universe.'  Eric Calaluca (6/9/05)

19th Century Masterfile Library Subscription Agreement (28/7/06)

19th Century Masterfile Rights in Perpetuity Agreement (28/7/06)

Public Documents Masterfile Library Subscription Agreement (28/7/06)

Public Documents Masterfile Rights in Perpetuity Agreement (28/7/06)

Technical/Sales Support

ContactSales Support: iGroup Australasia (28/4/16)

Peggy Fulton, Product Director, Paratext (26/1/11)

For new libraries wishing to add access to Paratext service, the new contact is Liz Davey, but for all other issues related to current customers, contact Kristen Hicks, Client Library Services (21/8/10)


CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

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