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OCLC has launched the WorldCat Registry

NEWS: 27 February 2007. OCLC has launched the WorldCat Registry, a directory for libraries and consortia, and the services they provide. The WorldCat Registry will help libraries and consortia manage and share data that define their organisations--such as institution type, location, URLs for electronic services, circulation statistics, and population served--through a single, authoritative Web platform.

OCLC has launched the WorldCat Registry

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NetFirst™ index of Internet resources - The OCLC NetFirst database is no longer available. FirstSearch users should consult OCLC WorldCat, which contains virtually all the records previously included in NetFirst as well as thousands more added by OCLC member libraries.


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WorldCat Collection Sets (MARC records) 2009 Offer to CAUL (13/2/09)  [Members only

WorldCat Collection Analysis (WCA) Offer to CEIRC for 2009 (1/10/08) [Members only
WorldCat Collection Analysis (WCA) Holdings & Price Lists (1/10/08) [Members only

WorldCat Dissertations and Theses (7/4/06)
The content of OCLC Dissertations and Theses is a reflection of the global contribution of its members, including contributions from north america, south america, europe, asia, australia, new zealand, etc. Whilst the majority of the [more than 5 million] contributions are from North America, there are more than 100,000 asian dissertations and theses included, and more than 6,500 Australian and New Zealand entries. Full-text linkings to the Australasian Digital Thesis (ADT) Program database are included in the records.  Records linked to ADT are those from the ANZ members who contribute to WorldCAT.  (from DA, 20/7/06)
2008 Offer to CEIRC (via DA) (25/10/07) [Members only
2007 Offer to CEIRC (via DA) (16/7/06) [Members only

QuestionPoint Offer to CEIRC (via DA Information Services) 27/8/02 - offer extended to 29/11/02.