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New York/Heidelberg/Moskau, 27 July 2005
Springer expands market leadership in Russia through new journals agreement with the publisher of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Content from MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica to be made available to subscribers of SpringerLink
Springer and MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica announce a major expansion of the English-language journals program of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Starting in January, 2006, some 105 of the most important scientific journals will be translated into English and compiled into an independent online library within SpringerLink, the Internet portal of Springer, under the name “Russian Library of Science.” The journals include prestigious publications such as JETP (Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics) and Physics of the Solid State, both previously distributed by the American Institute of Physics (AIP), as well as prominent journals such as Doklady Mathematics, previously distributed by EBSCO. The initial result will be an expansion of the Springer catalogue of Russian journals in English by approximately 50 new journals, with further expansions anticipated during the course of the agreement.

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