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Pricing for 2004 (21/10/03)
Pricing for 2003 (August to December) (31/10/03)

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From David Groenewegen (Monash University) - links to LN that bypass some of the .... limitations of the current interface.

This link gets you to the "Asia Pacific" newspapers by default: <http://web.lexis-nexis.com/universe/form/academic/s_guidednews.html?srccat=ASIAPC;

This one will give you a specific newspaper to search in:

and this one will give you a set of major newspapers of you choice (in our case the most used ones):

New Content for LexisNexis [Nexis.com and LNA] - more archives from Fairfax (12/2/04)
LexisNexis is pleased to announce that even more content from Fairfax is now available on the information service, as of 12th February 2004. The archives for some of Australia's leading newspapers has been expanded - some now harbour more than 16 years of quality content - back to September 1, 1987. This enhances the Australian news and business content available on the service, making it an even more valuable research tool.  Starting dates for each publications' archive is listed below. Please call your account manager or LexisNexis on 1800 100 161 for more information or to arrange a free 7 day trial.
*     Australian Financial Review - September 1, 1987
*     Sydney Morning Herald & Sun Herald (Sydney) - January 1, 1987
*     The Age (Melbourne) & Sunday Age (Melbourne) - January 25, 1991
*     Business Review Weekly (Australia) - January 13, 1989
*     Personal Investor (Australia) - January 1996
*     Shares Magazine (Australia) - November 1996