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Removal of Canada Law Book Titles from Lexis.com

Published 13/3/08

Canada Law Book

Sale of CIS and UPA imprints and related databases to ProQuest

November 2010 Sale of CIS and UPA imprints and related databases to ProQuest (1/12/10)

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Energy and Resources Law launched

Intended as a practical reference tool rather than theoretical work, the commentary within Energy and Resources Law will focus on the exploration for, and the mining of minerals and petroleum, both onshore and offshore. (15/8/11)

Energy and Resources Law

Jordan's content removed from Lexis.com

From 28 June 2011, Lexis.com will no longer feature ... Jordan's content. (July 2011 issue of Library KeyNews, page 3)

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to LexisNexis.

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Capital Monitor

Capital Monitor is a parliamentary and political monitoring service bringing the very latest information from a wide range of [Australian] sources.

LexisNexis Practical Guidance

LexisNexis Practical Guidance provides guidance, primary law, precedents, forms and excerpts from authoritative LexisNexis commentary. Additionally, links to LexisNexis AU and related external sites, such as court, government agency and court filing fee pages, will take you directly to a broader range of relevant legal resources. (21/10/11)

LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic 2013 titles list (18/6/13)

"LexisNexis Academic is the brand name for the university version of Nexis.com (News)" - Audrey Braun (20/10/03)
LN Academic Source Package (ASIA-PACIFIC) Content (11/7/07)

Lexis.com titles lists

Lexis.com 2014 titles list (13/5/14)

Lexis.com 2013 titles list (18/6/13)

Sources added to Lexis.com for Academic (WAALX0) October 2010 - September 2011 (6/10/11)

2008 WAALX0 - LEXIS only and Related Services - Menu (Titles list for Lexis.com) (22/2/08)

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Lexis.com Legal Menu Sources - WAALX0 (8/3/04)  [Members only

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.... on LexisNexis NZ platform - Online Titles (25/6/07)
Note: LexisNexis Select Advantage replaces Butterworths Direct package.

Announcing the new LexisNexis AU

Lexis Nexis News and Business

Nexis.com .... is no longer able to be sold to Academic customers. LexisNexis Academic is the alternative. (6/9/08)
Publisher - LexisNexis®Publisher is an advanced content management tool that offers an easy way to integrate crucial, comprehensive and on-point information to your web site portal, or for your intranet visitors. Lexis Nexis presentation on Publisher (16/6/06)
ABIX - SmartBIX is no longer sold under this name. [LexisNexis] now sell ABIX content as a source on LexisNexis AU (6/9/08)
e-Newsletter - LexisNexis®Enewsletters can be generated by the LexisNexis team for a range of businesses, faculties and sectors due to the structure of our ABIX news service.

Lexis Nexis presentation on e-Newsletter (16/6/06)
E Newsletter Special Offer Order form (25/8/06)
legalBIX         Legal news summaries [See sample email]
ABIX no longer produces the following newsletters - taxBIX, mediaBIX, hrBIX, Top 20 News, financeBIX, My Business. (6/9/08)

LexisNexis® Environmental
Environment (BNA on Lexis Nexis Services)

BNA Practice Area Content Available on LexisNexis at www.lexis.com
BNA materials are available on LexisNexis at www.lexis.com as a separate subscription.

LexisNexis Statistical

LN Statistical – Base Edition Source List (26/7/06)

Access to Canadian Law still available from Lexis.com (23/4/08)


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Lexis.com does not integrate into third party linking tools (including our service) the way the platform does, so we are not able to obtain the title-level URLs at this moment. With considering this situation, we have created a new database as below in our KnowledgeWorks, according to the 2014 title list
New Database Name: Lexis - CAUL (database code: Q.-)
--> For the above stated reason, each holding doesn't have title-level URL, but does have the database level URL, http://www.lexis.com - from SerialsSolutions (17/6/14)

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Due to a few different technical reasons and difficulties, we are unable to create trials for LNACADEMIC based on IP Groups.  We can, however, set up trial userids for you to use.  (14/10/11)

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RE:  usage statistics. [LexisNexis can provide] statistics relate[d] to your library subscriptions with LNAU accessed via your IP range.   At present the statistics we provide are not COUNTER compliant. It is also not currently possible for you to run your own usage reports, however, this will become an option available when the new Lexis Advance platform replaces the current Rosetta platform in 2015.  (4/12/13)

CEIRC Consortium Statistics

CEIRC Consortium Statistics - CAUL archive

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

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Lexis.com 2016 & 2017 pricing for CAUL (23/10/15, current 30/9/16) [Members only]

LexisNexis Journals 2015 pricing for CAUL (16/11/14) [Members only]
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LexisNexis Practical Guidance 2012 pricing for CAUL (21/10/11)  [Members only

Lexis Nexis 2012 pricing for CAUL - Lexis.com and Lexis Nexis Academic (6/10/11) [Members only

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Lexis. com Pricing for 2010 (12/11/09)   [Members only

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LexisNexis Academic Pricing for 2008 (20/7/07)

Lexis.com Pricing for 2008 (4/9/07)  [Members only

Lexis.com Pricing for 2007 (28/7/06)  [Members only

Draft FTE-based pricing model for Lexis.com - Diane Costello (14/3/06)  [Members only

Lexis.com Pricing for 2006 (5/10/05)  [Members only

Lexis.com Pricing for 2005 (31/8/04, revised to USD 1/12/04)  [Members only

Lexis.com Pricing for 2004 (21/10/03)  [Members only

Lexis.com CEIRC subscriptions for 2002  [Members only
Final Bill Groups & Starting Dates for 2002  [Members only

CEIRC subscriptions for 2001 - updated as responses are received.

CEIRC subscriptions for 2000

Lexis.com and Lexis-Nexis (classic) pricing & guidelines for 2000/2001 (22/12/99, updated 5/1/01)  [Members only

Lexis-Nexis Educational Subscriptions 1997 (Australia-New Zealand consortium discussion)  [Members only

LexisNexis Statistical Description and pricing (21/7/06)  [Members only

LexisNexis® Environmental Description and pricing
Discounts are available if 3 or more universities decide to form a consortium.  (21/7/06)