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JSTOR paper licences no longer required

License processing: JSTOR no longer requires paper original license documentation for processing. If a CAUL or CONZUL institution requires a countersigned paper copy (or countersigned PDF), please make this request when submitting the PDF license/rider for processing. (22/7/10)

ACF now payable over 10 years - JSTOR

New flexible payment option: For those that desire more flexibility in the payment of their Archive Capital Fees, institutions may now choose to spread their one-time Archive Capital Fee over 10 years. This option is now available for the Arts & Sciences X Archive Collection as well as for all other Arts & Sciences collections and the Life Sciences Collection. (14/9/11)

JSTOR Announces Arts & Sciences X, Lower Fees, and New Flexible Payment Options

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to JSTOR.

Products (see also ARTstor)

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JSTOR 2016 Archive Collections Overview, Presentation and Guide (2/6/16)

JSTOR 2016 Collection Guide (17/02/17)

JSTOR 2015 Collection Guide (2/10/14, updated 15/3/15)

Currently available collections and journals (6/9/10) 

JSTOR Collections Chart - A brief overview of all JSTOR Collections (18/9/13)

JSTOR Sustainability Collection

JSTOR Sustainability was launched on March 23, 2017. JSTOR Sustainability is a collection of academic and policy research on environmental stresses and their impact on society. This collection will contain a minimum of 145 journals and 5,000 research reports by its completion in 2018. (2/6/17)

Overview (2/6/17)

Titles List (2/6/17)

Arts & Sciences XV Archive Collection

ASXV content was released in April 2016. Arts & Sciences XV will contain over 150 titles, with extensive coverage in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, including literature, film, art, music, religion, classical studies, history, education, economics, political science, and sociology. Some titles will be drawn from recent discipline-specific collections that were not a part of our earlier Arts & Sciences collections: 20 titles newly added to our Mathematics & Statistics collection, and 21 titles from our Jewish Studies collection. The collection will also contain a minimum of 110 new-to-JSTOR titles, selected to round out our core disciplines with particular focus on historically significant journals and those that have become seminal publications for their field. (2/6/16)

Arts & Sciences XIV Archive Collection

ASXIV content was released in March 2015. The Arts & Sciences XIV Collection brings together more than 125 journals devoted to the study of culture and communication, from civilization's earliest traces to the growth and governance of peoples. All titles are new to the JSTOR platform at the time of launch. Journals in the collection span 17 countries, 23 disciplines, and date back to 1839. They are drawn primarily from the fields of Archaeology, Language & Literature, Communications Studies, Asian Studies, and Political Science. (15/4/15)

JSTOR Business & Economics Collection

JSTOR will be launching a new Business & Economics Collection in the coming week. Please note that the Business & Economics  Collection is a re-aggregation of titles already provided through existing Arts & Sciences collections and Business I, II, III, and IV collections on JSTOR. (17/11/14)

titles list (9/12/14)

Global Plants (website)

The largest of its kind, Global Plants is a community-contributed database that features more than two million high resolution plant type specimen images and other foundational materials from the collections of hundreds of herbaria around the world.  Overview  (31/3/14)

Ecology & Botany II Collection

This collection builds off of the strengths in Ecology & Botany I and broadens JSTOR’s scope in the areas of biological and plant sciences. Overview (19/6/13)

Jewish Studies Archive Collection

This cluster of content in the field of Jewish Studies will feature a minimum of 50 titles at completion, and includes titles in English, German, French, Italian and Hebrew. The collection helps support teaching and research at institutions with Jewish and Judaic Studies programs, and strengthens interdisciplinary research in history, religion, language and literature, and other fields.  Institutions that currently license any overlapping Arts & Sciences Archive Collection will receive a 25% savings on the Jewish Studies Archive Collection.  (12/10/12)

Ithaka Boston Forum, [report by] Andrée J. Rathemacher.  Serials Review,Volume 38, Issue 2, June 2012, Pages 155–159 (US)  "On December 6, 2011, Ithaka S+R hosted an Ithaka Forum in Boston.  Presenters from Ithaka S + R updated attendees on new initiatives at JSTOR, forthcoming Books at JSTOR, the JSTOR Current Scholarship Program, and long-term preservation of electronic content through Portico."

JSTOR history - email from 1996 (21/10/09)


JSTOR Institutional Participation Agreement (v. 04.11.16tc) (JSTOR site version)

JSTOR Institutional Participation Agreement (v. 10.28.14) (local version, includes current terms & conditions, 9/3/15)
“.... a new version of the JSTOR IPA which will serve as the agreement for all JSTOR offerings and participation (CSP, archive, alumni access, e-books) going forward. The transition allows [JSTOR] to receive and process orders without further license documentation (i.e. having Riders signed).”

Please send all collection agreements and riders to Dawn Tomassi.   Download the JSTOR Collections Rider for "Universities and Four-Year Colleges from all other Countries" and email.  (13/9/12, updated 8/3/14)

JSTOR Consortium Ledger Agreement, Amendment No. 1 "Our legal team would require each member to sign an amendment to the existing license agreement that would identify CAUL as the entity authorized to make payments for collections ordered via the ledger. Going forward, the Ledger shall replace Riders used to add JSTOR collections.“ (2/10/14)

JSTOR Consortium Archive Savings Term Sheet (20/3/14) [Members only]
(For all CAUL/CEIRC institutions to sign, once, until the percentage savings are revised.)

Updated JSTOR Collection Rider. See DomInt v 2.12.14 (15/4/14)
See SCHEDULE A-1 AC v 08.14.13 (16/10/13)

JSTOR Institutional Participation Agreement (For Electronic Books) Books at JSTOR Program. Schedule A-3 v.11.12.12 (11/1/13)  [Members only]

"Business IV is the only discipline-specific collection at this time that has the one-time payment option offered. I believe it may not have been included on the Rider just to maintain consistency in the document since the others don’t have that option. It’s fine to include the one-time payment amount in the margin and initial accordingly. We can then process." (JSTOR, 16/10/13) 

License processing:  JSTOR no longer requires paper original license documentation for processing.  If a CAUL or CONZUL institution requires a countersigned paper copy (or countersigned PDF), please make this request when submitting the PDF license/rider for processing.  (22/7/10)

To order JSTOR CSP:

New JSTOR participants will need to complete and submit the Subscription Order Form and the JSTOR Participation Agreement that includes Schedule A-2.
Current JSTOR Participants will need only to submit Schedule A-2. Participants that have already submitted Schedule A-2 do not need to submit this form again.  (13/9/12)

Note:  Access will not be provided to new collections until the following agreement is completed.
Aluka Participation Agreement for Institutional Participants Version 1.2 (June 2008) (16/10/08)

Technical/Sales Support

Contact:  Dawn Tomassi, Senior Institutional Participation Coordinator, Australia, New Zealand + Asia, JSTOR|Portico  (27/9/12)

WCAG compliance:

Please find full details about our level of accessibility here: http://www.jstor.org/page/info/about/policies/accessibility.jsp. I have also attached our VPAT which outlines our progress in much greater detail. (14/8/15)

JSTOR - Resources for Librarians (21/7/17)

JSTOR - Support for Librarians (21/7/17)

Alumni Access Setup
Subscribing institutions must support the bifurcation of alumni from their main JSTOR account via one of the following methods:
• IP authentication: Routes alumni through a separate IP address that is unshared with current students and staff.
• Referring URL authentication: Routes alumni through a restricted page on your website. Alumni must authenticate via a unique username and password or similar methods to gain access.
We ask that you fill out this form or pass along to your technical team to fill out. (28/4/17)

For JSTOR information for Libraries, Publishers, etc see About JSTOR.

Welcome message:   We are very pleased to welcome you as a participating institution in the xxxx Collection. Your IP numbers have been added to our access database, and your access to JSTOR should be fully in effect. You may access these collections by selecting 'Search' or 'Browse' from the main page at: http://www.jstor.org/
We maintain an email group that is used to send out updates and announcements. We have added xxxx  to this group as the primary contact, and we would be happy to add as many library staff members as are interested. You may request to add additional staff members to this group, or you may request to be removed from the list, by sending an email message to support@jstor.org
If you have any questions at all regarding any aspect of JSTOR use, please don't hesitate to call or email. The email address support@jstor.org will reach the JSTOR User Services support staff. Our toll-free phone number is 888-388-3574 (in the USA only), and the direct dial number is 734-998-9101. 

Trial Access Details: trial access periods (w/limited access for any institution not yet participating in JSTOR) will be available for any JSTOR backfile collection for a period of two weeks. All requests should be sent to participation@jstor.org.

IP blocking policy

JSTOR's policy and procedures on IP-blocking. (17/8/11) [Members only]

JSTOR Roadshow (Australia and New Zealand) 2005  [Presentation from Roadshow (14/2/05)


Usage statistics report form (available after one day of usage): https://www.jstor.org/librarians/admin/
 (For stats help, see: http://support.jstor.org/content-management/2016/9/12/usage-stats-overview )

JSTOR Usage Statistics - JSTOR has established usage statistics password accounts for both CAUL and CONZUL.   After connecting, you will be prompted to enter your account information - see the spotlight to the right of this page for passwords. (21/9/10) [Members only]

JSTOR Value Statements - correspondence from JSTOR (5/9/08)  [Members only

CAUL cost-per-use data (5/9/08) [Members only

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.

General pricing information for CAUL/CEIRC.

For JSTOR information for Libraries, Publishers, etc see About JSTOR.

JSTOR 2013 consortial discounts for CAUL (16/7/13) [Members only] 

JSTOR Introduces New Extended Savings Model for Consortia (16/2/09) [Members only] 

Current JSTOR participation levels by CEIRC members. (29/7/10) [Members only]

Note:  Archive Capital Fee (ACF) and the Annual Access Fee (AAF)

Specific pricing information for CAUL/CEIRC.

JSTOR 2017 proposal for CAUL (16/9/16) [Members only]
JSTOR 2017 pricing for CAUL (16/9/16, updated 2/6/17 to include Sustainability) [Members only]
JSTOR 2017 ledger for CAUL (renewals invoicing summary) (16/9/16) [Members only]

JSTOR 2016 special offer for CAUL (2/6/16) [Members only]
JSTOR 2016 proposal for CAUL (8/10/15) [Members only]
JSTOR 2016 pricing for CAUL (8/10/15, updated 2/6/16 to include A&S XV) [Members only]
JSTOR 2016 ledger for CAUL (renewals invoicing summary) (8/10/15) [Members only]
JSTOR 2015 special offer for new collections (2/10/15, closes 31/12/15) [See members-only spotlight]

JSTOR 2015 proposal for CAUL (2/10/14, updated 25/3/15 to include A&S XIV) [Members only]
JSTOR 2015 pricing for CAUL (2/10/14) [Members only]  Updated 15/3/15: " to reflect ASXIV fees as well as fees for the recently-announced collections (i.e. Business & Economics, Religion & Theology, etc.) The base fees for some of the recently-launched collections such as Business & Economics, Religion & Theology, etc. include the base fees. If these collections are chosen and existing collections where there is overlap are licensed, JSTOR will provide custom quotes accordingly."

JSTOR 2015 - CAUL invoicing summary (2/10/14) [Members only]

JSTOR Celebrates 10 Years with CAUL - We’re recognizing our long-standing partnership with CAUL by offering these special offers in 2014 (26/5/14)

JSTOR 2014 updated fee guide, including ASXIII (8/3/14)  [Members only] 

JSTOR 2014 pricing for CAUL (18/9/13) [Members only]
JSTOR 2014 - CAUL invoicing summary (18/9/13) [Members only]

JSTOR 2013 pricing for CAUL (27/8/12, updated 12/10/12 with Jewish Studies Collection, updated 23/3/13 with A&S XII, updated 17/6/13 with Global Plants and Ecology & Botany II Collection) [Members only]

JSTOR 2013 Archive, Primary Source Content & Current Scholarship Program Proposal for CAUL (27/8/12) [Members only]

JSTOR 2012 pricing for CAUL (29/8/11, updated with ASX pricing 7/10/11, corrected 4/11/11. Updated with ASXI pricing 15/6/12)

This is the current fee guide for CAUL and CONZUL including all backfile collections currently available. Please note that the ACF for any backfile collection may be spread over a two or three-year period, if desired.  (29/8/11)

JSTOR 2011 pricing for CAUL (25/7/10, updated 13/10/10) 

JSTOR 2010 current CAUL subscriptions (9/8/10) [Members only]

JSTOR Pricing for CAUL 2010 (25/8/09) [Members only]

Arts & Sciences VIII Collection fees for all institutions in Australia and New Zealand (20/10/09)

Title list from JSTOR's collections, including overlaps (Restricted access, correct at 28/1/03) [Members only]

JSTOR credits available at 7/10/08 - LS ACF credits will expire at the end of this year; all other credits will remain in your account for use in the future (7/10/08)
JSTOR credits available to be applied against 2007 CAUL subscriptions (31/7/06) .... credits as they have been applied to date for each participant that still has a credit - this has been prepared by our finance department, so please review to see if there are any discrepancies or omissions compared to your records.
JSTOR - CAUL credits to be applied 2006-2009 - institutions who licensed ASI, ASII, and Arts & Sciences III Collection before they were funded by DEST (2/8/05)

JSTOR Pricing for CAUL 2009 (31/7/08, updated 7/8/08)

Non-academic pricing for JSTOR (14/5/08)  The Government and Non-Profit Research Institution fees are already substantially reduced, so we do not offer a consortial discount on them at this time. (22/6/07)

JSTOR Pricing for CAUL 2008 (3/8/07, updated 29/5/08))

Includes pricing for new Arts & Sciences VI collection and Life Sciences collection (19/4/08)

The Ireland Collection pricing for CAUL (15/7/08) [Members only

JSTOR Pricing for CAUL 2007 - Revised calculations (19/7/07)

Pricing for new Arts & Science V collection (20/4/07) [Members only

CAUL & CONZUL Business II Collection Participation Fees (26/4/06)

JSTOR AAF Fees for 2007 for current subscribers (14/9/06)

JSTOR 2007 international pricing for all collections (31/7/06) -  2006 was the last year for which the AAF for CAUL's ASI, II and III is funded by DEST.

....2007 participation fees for all of our collections currently available.   .. [modified] internal pricing guide ... so you have all fees for all collections - and the reduced fees for collections where there is content overlap.  You will see that there is a tab for each collection and its fees.  The 'U.S. Fees 0%' fees are noted simply as a guide for you so you can see the difference in price - as Australian and New Zealand participants receive 20% off.  To make things even more convenient, I've added in the 9% consortial savings on all ACFs.
     For collections that will still be in development come 2007 (Biological Sciences, Business II and the Arts & Sciences Complement), I've noted the pro-rated AAFs as well as the full Annual Access Fee once the collection is completed.
     Therefore, the attached guide is helpful for participants and potential participants that are interested in reviewing fee details for collections.
For renewals, simply the AAFs apply as noted, unless the participant still has credits that apply.

JSTOR 2006 international pricing for all collections (2/8/05) [Members only]

.... includes the reduced fees for collections where there is content overlap. For collections that will still be in development come 2006 (Biological Sciences, Arts & Sciences IV, and the Arts & Sciences Complement), I've noted the pro-rates at the bottom.  I noted the full AAFs in the spreadsheet because I think it is important for folks to have the full fees since that is what they'll be responsible for once the collection is complete (and that is the amount that need be noted on license/rider documentation) - pro-rated amounts will be noted on the invoices.  The additional 7.5% ACF savings is not noted, but would be reflected on the invoice.

JSTOR 2006 renewal pricing (2/8/05)

....  the Arts & Sciences I Collection, Arts & Sciences II Collection and Arts & Sciences III Collection noted as 'funded' for the CAUL universities, and then have noted '0's for the collections that won't be invoiced for 2006 due to credits (as outlined in following document).  The 2006 AAFs noted in the spreadsheet for the Arts & Sciences IV Collection, the Arts & Sciences Complement and the Biological Sciences ARE the pro-rated amounts (not the full AAFs) since these collections are not yet complete. These pro-rates are as follows:
Arts & Sciences IV Collection AAF: 80%
Arts & Sciences Complement AAF: 60%
Biological Sciences Collection AAF: 65%

Final quotation from JSTOR 2005-2007 (5/8/04)
CAUL has received funding to cover the one-time Archive Capital Fee (ACF)  and the Annual Access Fees (AAF) through the end of 2006 for participation in the Arts & Sciences I, II and III  Collections (for all members). (Dawn Tomassi, email to datasets list, 22/9/04)

JSTOR cost calculations - ARIIC proposal  [Members only]
Letter to John Shipp, ARIIC, re JSTOR proposal (8/3/04)  [Members only]
CAUL participation in JSTOR to 2004
Revised quotation from JSTOR (18 October, 2003)  [Members only]
Quotation from JSTOR (updated 22 July 2002) for CAUL & CONZUL.  [Members only]