James Bennett Wednesday, 15 December 2010

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to James Bennett.

"James Bennett supplies a wide range of commercial, non-commercial, government and specialist publications from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. .... Where local stock or competitive supply of stock is not available, we will source from overseas and offer consolidated airfreight shipments from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States of America on a weekly basis.  In addition to this, we are also the agents for a number of prestigious university presses, as well as library science, reference and art publishers." (15/12/10)


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General inquiries:  info@bennett.com.au (15/12/10)


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