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DataMonitor360 platform change

The new platform was launched on the 22nd March and all current customers with DM360 subscriptions have been informed of the option to change to the new platform or remain with DM360 platform access up until September 2012 when access will automatically be changed over. There is also a tutorial on the website at (14/5/12)

MarketLine Advantage - new platform

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to Informa Business Information 

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(formerly Datamonitor360)


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MarketLine - an Informa business

MarketLine Advantage

"Advantage is our interactive, subscribers-only research portal, giving you anytime access to our unique mix of company, industry, country and financial data for every major marketplace in the world."  (16/9/12)

MarketLine Reports:
MarketLine Case Studies
SWOT Profiles
Country Profile Reports
Financial Deals Company Reports
Brochure (9/12/13)

MarketLine Industry Datasheets
Informa Business Insights Archive

Business Insights will cease to be available as a subscription product on 31st Dec 2012.  Informa is offering the complete archive for outright purchase.  (16/9/12)

Informa Business Insights Archive 2012 title list (13/9/12)


Datamonitor360 would like to offer the below databases to CAUL members for 2011 – 2012:
1. Datamonitor360 Expert, formerly Datamonitor Premium (General / Business)
2. Datamonitor360 Explorer, formerly MarketLine (General / Business)
3. Business Insights (Business/ Financial / Consumer Goods / Technology / Healthcare / Energy)
4. Product Launch Analytics (Marketing / New Product Development)
5. Global Retail Database (Marketing / Retail)
6. Life Science Analytics (Healthcare / Bio technology)
7. Access Asia (General / Business)

Datamonitor Business Information Centre (DBIC) (29/4/04) - Trial is available to 28/5/04
DBIC is an online source of company, industry and country information - available on subscription through Datamonitor's DBIC website.  It provides a comprehensive collection of reports, rankings and news, covering all of the major industries and many more niche markets, with improved coverage of Australia and Asia-Pacific.
DBIC content is compiled by in-house industry experts, so you can be sure the data and analysis you read is the most accurate available.


Datamonitor Terms & Conditions (26/7/12)

Technical/Sales Support

Contact: Laura Stanham, Head of Sales, MarketLine; Tel: +44 207 832 4336 (22/9/15)

With regard to helpdesk response time we have 24/7 response for access issues using the following measures:
During Australian office hours (8am-6pm) contact
Outside of office hours contact our UK helpdesk


CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members-only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.

MarketLine Advantage 2016 pricing for CAUL (17/7/15) [Members only]
MarketLine Industry Datasheets 2016 pricing for CAUL (17/7/15) [Members only]

MarketLine Advantage 2015 pricing for CAUL (20/8/14) [Members only]

MarketLine Reports 2014 pricing for CAUL (9/12/13) [Members only]

Informa Business Insights Archive 2013 pricing for CAUL (22/10/13) [Members only]

MarketLine Advantage 2014 pricing for CAUL (30/8/13) [Members only]

MarketLine Advantage 2013 pricing for CAUL (16/9/12) [Members only]

Informa Business Insights Archive 2012 pricing for CAUL (13/9/12) [Members only]

Datamonitor360 2011 pricing for CAUL (25/1/11, updated 28/4/11) [Members only]

See also our Research for Libraries page, for offers to CAUL before 2010 (28/7/06)

Trial offer 2003 - together with Reuters Business Insight.

Datamonitor offer to CEIRC 4 May 2001 - offer closes 29 June, trial available to 31 May, expressions of interest to the CAUL Office by 15 June.