Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Thursday, 8 August 2013

IMechE to be published by SAGE

SAGE and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) yesterday announced a unique long-term partnership arrangement whereby SAGE will publish all 18 of the Institution’s academic journals, including the 16 highly respected Proceedings of the Institution. (23/9/10)

Press release

No 2011 Price Increase for IMechE Journals E-Only Subscriptions in 2011

We are pleased to announce that the E-Only subscription price for all the IMechE's journals will remain at 2010 levels for 2011. Prices for combined print and online subscriptions will rise by 6% in 2011. (25/8/10)

IMechE's journals pricing

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Professional Engineering Publishing - publishers to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

SAGE will publish all 18 of the Institution’s academic journals,  including the 16 highly respected Proceedings of the IMechE.  See full iMechE titles list, with ISSNs and URLs.

The Proceedings of the IMechE are 16 journals covering a broad range of engineering disciplines:
• Journal of Power and Energy - Part A
• Journal of Engineering Manufacture - Part B
• Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science - Part C
• Journal of Automobile Engineering - Part D
• Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering - Part E
• Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit - Part F
• Journal of Aerospace Engineering - Part G
• Journal of Engineering in Medicine - Part H
• Journal of Systems and Control Engineering - Part I
• Journal of Engineering Tribology - Part J
• Journal of Multi-body Dynamics - Part K
• Journal of Materials: Design and Applications - Part L
• Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment - Part M
• Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems - Part N
• Journal of Risk and Reliability - Part O
• Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology - Part P

In addition SAGE will publish:
• International Journal of Engine Research
• Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design
• IMechE Archive 1847-1996

2009 Price List includes full information on all 2009 pricing including the new IMechE Journals Collection. (25/4/09)


SAGE 2012-2013 licence for IMeche Collections (still to come, 23/9/11)

Professional Engineering Publishing: Consortium Licence (29/5/09)

Technical/Sales Support

Sales support:  SAGE Publications (23/9/11)


See SAGE Publications page (8/8/13)

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IMechE 2012-2013 pricing for CAUL (SAGE, 23/9/11) [Members only]

IMechE Journals Collection 2009 draft offer to CAUL for (25/4/09) [Members only]

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