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Images.MD from the Current Medicine Group was recently acquired by Springer. (22/7/08)
News January, 2006:
From 1st January 2006 [Jason Marcakis] will be handling all the responsibilities pertaining to Current Medicine/Current Science products (listed below) that were previously held by BioMed Central Ltd. This means that you will no longer be able to view these products via BioMed Central platform, including from the search, A-Z journal listings, Subject Area browse and BioMed Central gateway, from this date onwards.
Therefore, you will need to reference the following websites for Current Medicine/Current Science products.
Current Reports (Review Journals):
Current Treatment Options (Treatment Journals):
images.MD (Online Image Library):


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From 2010, Springer does not intend to offer Images.MD separately from SpringerImages. (14/8/09)
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