Gold Rush Tuesday, 3 December 2002

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Gold Rush:  a service of the Colorado Alliance.

Gold Rush: Electronic Resource Discovery and Management System George S. Machovec (The Charleston Advisor)  Published in Volume 4, Number 1, July 2002 The Charleston Advisor.


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From:  George Machovec, 2/12/02
Right now we have been doing Gold Rush on an ASP model. In other words we run the application here for all subscribing libraries. Obviously, we would need to test to see if this makes sense with Australia in terms of Internet connectivity and bandwidth. If you would like to set up some libraries in our test demo system just send me the names and email addresses of folks and I can send them a test login.

Our pricing model is an annual license fee. As was distributed at ICOLC we have three packages.

Gold Rush Reports - $650/year (USD)
Gold Rush Basic - $3,325/year (USD)
Gold Rush Complete - $4,000/year (USD)

This is an annual licensing fee and there would be discounts if several libraries were to subscribe through a consortium with a single billing.

2-10 libraries - 10% discount
11-20 libraries - 15% discount
21+ libraries - 25% discount

The GR Basic package includes the report generator (to compare database content), electronic resource subscription management system, and a public interface for allowing users to search for content embedded withing title lists.

The GR Complete has everything in the Basic package plus a full functioning link resolver (OpenURL).

If you want the link resolver to work with CrossRef in order to present article level links using DOIs a library would need to subscribe to CrossRef at $500/year or a consortium can get a group subscription for $2,500/year. We can turn the ability to get DOIs on the fly on/off on a libary-by-library basis.

Although Gold Rush may have some utility in statistics or in working with other statistical projects, it is not the major focus of the initiative. I view Gold Rush as a marriage of SerialsSolutions, TDNet and SFX. We include most of the functionality of these three products in Gold Rush Complete.