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This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to ERIC (Educational Resources Education Center).

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Journals (18/5/16)

Non-Journals (18/5/16)

Ongoing Access to ERIC services: (updated 10/9/04)

"On October 1, 2004, ERIC will introduce, for the first time, free full-text non-journal ERIC resources. These materials include more than 105,000 full-text documents authorized for electronic ERIC distribution during 1993 - July 2004, previously sold through E*Subscribe from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS). EDRS, which also sells the ERIC microfiche, is scheduled to close operations on September 30, 2004.

In December, ERIC will add new bibliographic records and full-text journal and non-journal resources published in 2004.  Newly indexed materials that are not available free-of-charge will be made accessible through database links to commercial sources.  ERIC will continue to add features and enhancements to the system in the coming months."

WoK access is to the "Ask Eric" database ... not providing any access to the EDRS full text.  The "Ask Eric" database is hosted by the Educators Reference Desk  (16/2/04, Jeroen Prinsen, ISI)

Announcing the Educator's Reference Desk.
The people who created AskERIC announce a new service and name to access the resources you've come to depend on for over a decade. While the U.S. Department of Education discontinued the AskERIC service December 19th, you will still have access to the resources you've come to depend upon. Through The Educator's Reference Desk ( you can access AskERIC's 2,000+ lesson plans, 3,000+ links to online education information, and 200+ question archive responses. While the question answer service will no longer be active, The Educator's Reference Desk provides a search interface to the ERIC Database, providing access to over one million bibliographic records on educational research, theory, and practice.


Technical/Sales Support

ERIC Help Desk 1-800-LET-ERIC


CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

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E*Subscribe - offers unlimited access for a flat fee to about 80% of ERIC documents (1993 forward) electronically, with the remainder restricted by contributors to microfiche release.

Expressions of interest (again, but using this spreadsheet) to the CAUL Office by 27 April, 2001.

  • E*Subscribe Consortium Subscription Package [updated 1 February 2001]
      • The E*Subscribe complete packages are:   E*Subscribe Product Information Sheet
                                                           E*Subscribe Payment and Account Information
                                                           E*Subscribe Product Pricing
                                                           E*Subscribe Order Form for each subscription type
                                                           E*Subscribe Free Trial Registration Form and
                                                           E*Subscribe Licensing Agreement
        The E*Subscribe only package- Includes a one year access to documents issued 1996 forward and releasable electronically.
        The E*Subscribe plus annual microfiche collection - Annual subscription to the monthly microfiche at full cost ($2,600.00), plus a modest fee access to the base electronic collection.
      • The only difference in the 3 packages listed are the order forms.  The complete package contains the order forms for institutions without a current microfiche collection and an order form for institutions that have a current microfiche collection.  The E*Subscribe package has only the order form for institutions without a current microfiche collection and they want to subscribe to E*Subscribe.  The E*Subscribe plus microfiche collection package only has the order form  to be used by institutions that currently have a microfiche collection and want to keep it and add the electronic product.
    • Consortium discount from 5% (2 institutions) to 15% (26-50) to 30% (101+)
    • Insitution includes branch and satellite campuses
    • CEIRC participant responses
  • E*Subscribe demo [CAUL trial requested 21/3/00 - trial concluded 30 June 2000]