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This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, formerly MCB University Press Ltd.


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Emerald eJournals

See current offer for current titles lists available to CAUL, for all collections.

Emerald Backfiles
Emerald Backfiles Additions
eCase Collection

.... a collection of business and management cases bringing together our Emerging Market Case Studies (553 cases), the cases in our The CASE Journal (149 cases), and licensed cases from Kellogg School of Management (409 cases) and Darden Business Publishing (354 cases). In total, as of today, there are 1,465 cases available, with the numbers growing every month/quarter. (5/3/17)

Emerald eBooks
Emerald Transport eBooks Collection

Brochure (4/5/16)

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies


Emerald Agreement with CAUL 2015-2017 (signed version) (28/2/17) [Members only]

Emerald Agreement with CAUL 2015-2017 (23/11/16, includes Licence Agreement for Participating Members & other associated documents, revised 12/2/17 with CQU recommended additions) [Members only]
Licence amendment request (CQU, 20/12/16)

Emerald Addendum to Licence Agreement 2012-2014 – purchases (8/10/13)

Emerald 2012-2014 institutional licence for CAUL/CEIRC (draft, 15/8/11, updated 21/10/11) [Members only

Emerald 2012-2014 agreement with CAUL (draft, 15/8/11 updated 23/8/11, updated 21/10/11) [Members only

Emerald Management Xtra Database.  Emerald/CAUL Consortium License 2007-2011 (signed 24/4/07) [Members only]
CEIRC licence (draft 24/1/06, updated 24/3/06) [Members only]
Emerald Backfiles Consortium Licence  (23/11/07)
Emerald Management Xtra Database - EMERALD/CAUL Consortium License (30/9/05) [Members only]
Emerald Management Xtra - Single institution agreement (9/8/04) [Members only]
EmeraldManagementReviewsPlus License (for CAUL, updated 2 October, 2001) [Members only]
EmeraldAbstractsPlus License (for CAUL, updated 2 October, 2001) [Members only]
EmeraldPlus License (for CAUL, updated 2 October, 2001) [Members only]

Technical/Sales Support

Sales contact: Jordi Caralt, Regional Manager & Vice President, Australasia, Emerald Group Publishing Limited (10/4/15)

Business Managers: Linda Dunne and Tim Clynes

Customer Support Charter

The Emerald Customer Support department is currently open between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. UK time for assistance please call ++ 44 1274 785 278
Emerald (Australasia) Ms Tan Shin Meei (Kuala Lumpur) +60 (3) 8076 6009 Email: support@emeraldinsight.com (16/07/07)
When problems occur with the search function, point to http://leeds1.emeraldinsight.com/ until the problem is fixed.  (8/10/07)

Help, support and tips to help libraries increase their usage of Emerald’s databases
Frequently asked questions
Administrators email ....to keep you abreast of things that are happening within Emerald and our products and services,   follow the administration link in green and enter your details, this can be cancelled at any time should you wish.

MARC Records

MARC records are now  (29/4/09)
available for both of Emerald’s eBook Series Collections. Emerald offers MARC records for both its print and electronic content free of charge.  The records have been created for Emerald by Nielsen Book Data, a provider of book data for over 110 countries worldwide, and conform to the MARC21 standard. Records will be updated on a quarterly basis to incorporate new volumes as they are added to the two eBook Series Collections.
To download MARC records visit: http://info.emeraldinsight.com/marc  For more information please email: marc@emeraldinsight.com
Anyone in your organization can be informed when new MARC records are available by clicking here, entering their login details and ticking the box titled Emerald Administrators' E-mail Update.
This is a free service. Members of the list are primarily librarians, information officers and technical staff. There is no limit to the number of staff from one organization eligible to register. Please feel free to distribute this URL to other people in your organization who would be interested in receiving this type of information about Emerald.

Emerald Xtr Step-by-Step Guide (27/3/08)


Emerald 2011-2014 Journal Usage for CAUL (6/8/14) [Members only]

Emerald 2011-2013 Turnaway Statistics for CAUL (6/8/14) [Members only]

Emerald usage by CAUL/CEIRC 2005-2010 is available to members only from the documents list below.  (13/4/10)  [Members only]

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.

eCase Collection 2017 pricing for CAUL (15/4/17) [Members only]

Emerald 2017 pricing for CAUL (16/11/16) [Members only]
Emerald 2017 titles lists (16/11/16)

Emerald Transport eBooks 2016-17 pricing for CAUL (4/5/16) [Members only]

Emerald 2016 pricing for CAUL (21/10/15) [Members only]
Emerald 2016 titles lists (21/10/15)

Emerald 2015-2017 proposal for CAUL (23/10/14) [Members only]
Emerald 2015-2017 pricing for CAUL (24/10/14) [Members only]
Emerald 2015 titles lists (all collections) (23/10/14)

Emerald 2014 pricing for CAUL (9/9/13) [Members only]

Emerald 2013 pricing for CAUL (10/10/12) [Members only]

Emerald 2012-2014 proposal to CAUL (15/8/11, updated 23/8/11) [Members only]
Emerald 2012-2014 pricing spreadsheet (15/8/11, updated 23/8/11) [Members only]
Emerald 2012-2014 subscription options - titles lists by collection (1/6/11)

Emerald 2011 pricing for CAUL (1/10/10) [Members only
Emerald Management eJournal Collections; Emerald Backfiles; Emerald eBook Series; Emerald Databases & Abstracts

Emerald eJournal Collections 2010 pricing for CAUL - Update to existing 5 year CAUL/Emerald agreement 2007-11 (2/9/09, updated to add abstract databases 18/9/09))  [Members only]
Emerald Management Titles Lists 2010 - variations from EM Plus to EM 40 (23/9/09) listing agreement (2/10/08)

Emerald Backfiles 2009 offer to CAUL (26/9/08, updated 20/7/09)  [Members only]
Emerald Backfiles Pre-publication offer (27/9/07)  [Members only]

Emerald Collections: Education Plus and Sociology Plus  (9/3/10)  [Members only]

2010 Emerald e-book offer (2/9/09)  [Members only]

Emerald 2009 CAUL pricing for CAUL: E-books (23/9/08) [Members only]

2008 proposal to CAUL - upgrade to existing agreement (1/8/07)  [Members only]
Emerald Management Xtra proposal 2007-2011 (received 19/6/06, updated 17/7/06)  [Members only]
Supplementary proposal for Xtra150 and alumni access (29/4/07)  [Members only]
Offer to CAUL for 2005-7 (24/8/04) - pricing query outstanding, trials available from November (1/10/04) [Members only]

CAUL Proposal (revised 6 September, expires 31 October 2001) [Members only] [Details of 2002 subscriptions]
Terms of Agreement:  (for full details see the proposal)
The agreement will commence on 1 January 2002 for a 5-year term.
A no penalties opt-out clause after 3 years will be written into the agreement.
The publisher will guarantee the agreed pricing for the 5-year term.
Where more than one database is purchased, an additional 5% discount on the total price of both databases will apply
Agreement is subject to 21 institutions participating
Expressions of Interest should include:  (to the CAUL Office by 31 August 2001)
Current MCB product(s) held + the subscription renewal date for each
Potential MCB product(s), including those to which you already subscribe, and for each product:
    electronic only required, or if not, which subscription agent you use
    maximum price you are prepared to pay (pricing is based on number of subscribers, etc)
If committing to the offer, please include the order form included in the document of 10 August.

MCB Consortia Web Site
Market Day offer to CEIRC, 1998 [Members only]