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ViewsWire brochure (25/9/06)

Executive Briefing
Executive Briefing  is a website for management thinking. This new service is in partnership with Harvard Business School Publishing (Harvard Business Review). The site combines articles and reports on a mix of management thinking, best practices, and day-to-day advice. This would be perfect for universities with business and management programs. .... Most of the content comes from the Economist Group and Harvard Business School Publishing. Additional content is provided by leading business schools and consultancies including The University of Chicago, UCLA Andersen School of Management, A. T. Kearney and Marakon Associates.

For more information see EB brochure. (19/4/06) 


Educational Institution Internet User Agreement (I.P. Control) Consortia (13/4/06)

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CAUL Pricing for ViewsWire (20/6/07)  Trial available to 1/9/07

Trial information - available to 1/11/06 (25/9/06)

CAUL pricing for ViewsWire (25/9/06)

CAUL Pricing (4/5/06)