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New CJO titles in 2009, including those not available in consortial package (14/11/08)

Cambridge Journals 2008 (catalogue) (25/1/08) Includes CJDA from page 216.
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Cambridge Journals Digital Archive (CJDA) 2014 pricing and titles lists – including yearly update titles from 2009 (25/11/13) [Members only]

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CJDA complete 2010 title list - showing additions since 2009 (8/10/10)

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Journal of Fluid Mechanics Digital Archive 1956-1996


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Cambridge University Press 2016 Licence Terms for Institutions (160516) (29/8/16) With tracked changes from Licence 04.04.14 (15/11/16) and Cover sheet with over-riding (exceptions to) the standard terms (15/11/16)

Cambridge University Press 2014 Contract form for supply of products to academic institutions (30/10/14)

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Note: CJDA purchasers will not need to pay a Maintenance Fee on the archives if they have renewed their subscription to the current content.  (2/3/12, confirmed 22/12/15)

CJO 2017 pricing for CAUL (7/11/16) [Members only]

CJO 2016 pricing for CAUL (30/11/15) [Members only]

CJO 2015 pricing for CAUL (30/10/14) [Members only]

Cambridge Journals Digital Archive (CJDA) 2014 pricing and titles lists – including yearly update titles from 2009 (25/11/13) [Members only]

CJO 2014 pricing for CAUL - includes AAP and CJDA (8/10/13, updated 22/11/13) [Members only
CJO 2014 invoicing details (8/10/13, updated 22/11/13) [Members only

CJO 2013 pricing for CAUL - includes AAP and CJDA (27/9/12) [Members only
CJO 2013 invoicing details (21/11/12) [Members only

CJO 2012 invoicing details (12/9/11, updated 11/11/11) [Members only
CJO 2011 CEIRC holdings (20/9/11)

CJO 2012 pricing for CAUL - includes CJDA and JFMDA (12/9/11) [Members only

CJO 2011 invoicing details (18/12/10) [Members only

CJO 2011 title list  (shows also titles not included in consortial package (16/2/11, updated 17/2/11)

CJO 2011 pricing for CAUL - includes CJDA and JFMDA (2/10/10) [Members only

CUP Journals 2010 proposal to CAUL, includes Cambridge Journals Digital Archive (CJDA) &  Journal of Fluid Mechanics Digital Archive (JFM) (3/10/09) [Members only

CJO 2010 invoicing details (received 9/12/09, updated 8/2/10)  [Members only]
The titles lists also include 9 new titles for 2010 - member holdings to be confirmed

CJO 2009 invoicing details (6/4/09, updated as corrections made)  [Members only]
CJO 2009 proposal to CAUL (1/11/08, updated 7/3/09) [Members only]

CJO 2008 invoicing details (1/11/08, updated as corrections made)  [Members only]
CJO 2008 proposal to CAUL - includes Journals Archives proposal & Journal of Fluid Mechanics Digital Archive (23/1/08) [Members only]

CJO 2005 Spreadsheet of holdings information, institution-by-institution (25/5/05, updated 1/9/05, updated 5/12/05)
CJO 2006 proposal to CAUL (1/9/05) [Members only]

Consortial Discount 2006.
...  10% discount if 5 or more institutions wish to purchase, and 20% discount if there are 10 or more institutions. Pricing is based on total academic FTEs, ie undergraduates, graduates, teaching and research staff, so there would be different pricing for each CAUL institution. The FTEs is used simply as a measure of institution size so we're not using relevant FTEs.  (Lesley Boyle, 21/7/06)

CUP Invoicing information for 2005 (25/5/05, updated 1/9/05, updated 5/12/05)
CUP Pricing for 2005 (available 6/9/04) 

Final offer to CAUL for 2004-2006 Revised offer to CAUL for 2004 (13/11/03) - Confirmations to the CAUL Office by 30/11/03.  [Members only]
Journals [Information, including] Price List 2004
2004 invoicing details (DRAFT, 18/8/04) Subscription details for UAdel, UNSW, UQ, UWaik for reconciliation (30/7/04)
Packages offered:  Full, STM, Medicine or HSS - CUP Package Selector
Invoice direct to institution for 2004 only.
Options for 2004:

  • to retain print & pay supplement, or
  • to move immediately to e-only (We would need to collect all details of current holdings from each participating institution with sufficient reference numbers etc so that we could identify them on our fulfilment system. This would be the case even if these orders had already been renewed through an Agent. These would be identified on our system against the CAUL deal. We would set up the new subscriptions for the packages selected. We would invoice taking into account the amounts already paid in renewed subscriptions through agents and invoice only for the difference between that already paid and the price of the deal. On renewal we would invoice for the full amount.)

Spreadsheet with pricing for each title.  Please download and fill in the appropriate columns to indicate your holdings and return the spreadsheet to the CAUL Office by October 6.

Cambridge Journals Online. Offer to CAUL (6/5/03)
I would like to attach the following proposal for your consideration.  I have based this first proposal on 56 universities taking up access to the CUP Full Package.  The title listing for the Full Package can be seen on the package selector sent with our initial approach. At this level of take up CAUL will be able to maximise the discounting structure and the pricing results in an average price of £7031 per institution and includes a discount of over 70% on the regular institutional price for the Full Package.

Our discounts are based on a sliding scale and we would of course be happy to negotiate final pricing based on the actual number of institutions who are interested in obtaining online access to our journals.

I also noted that a number of your members were scientific organisations and perhaps more interested in our STM package.  Again, titles can be seen on the package selector previously sent.  If 8 institutions were interested in taking up online access to the STM package they would benefit from a 38% discount off our regular institutional access rates. and the average price per institution would be £10947.  I will send the scientific pricing proposal under separate cover immediately following this email (this message seems unable to accept multiple attachments at present.)

Again, final pricing would be negotiable depending on the number or members wishing to take up access.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics Digital Archive 1956-1996
Journals 2008 proposal to CAUL - includes Journal of Fluid Mechanics Digital Archive (23/1/08, updated 12/2/08)
Consortial discounts available (21/7/06)
Standard pricing 2006 (3/10/06)