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CountryWatch User Guide (17/7/07)
CountryWatch Brochure - Premium; Forecast for Macroeconomics; Forecast for Global Energy Markets (17/7/07)
CountryWatch Forecasts brochure.
CountryWatch brochure for universities.


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Technical Support: Online support available.  Otherwise contact sales support: Wayne Mathews
CountryWatch does NOT block IP addresses from accessing for excessive downloads. (17/7/07)


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CountryWatch 2013 pricing, with standard discounts (2/10/13) [Members only]

CountryWatch Pricing for CAUL (15/6/07)
Trial available to 30/9/07 (17/7/07)  IP-authenticated trials also available on request (1/8/07)

June, 2002:  CountryWatch provides valuable information on countries around the world. We offer country reports on 192 countries that are updated at least every six months or as major events occur. These reports provide detailed economic, business, political, social and environmental information. In addition to this, we have a news wire service (more than 170,000 news articles in a twelve month archive), a detailed database, a map gallery, a photo gallery, an area designed as a social studies curriculum resource as well as strategic links to the most prominent economic, political and media resources. I am attaching a pdf document detailing CountryWatch and  the pricing structure. You can access the site at I am attaching a pdf document detailing CountryWatch.

CountryWatch recently launched a new product called the CountryWatch Forecast. The CountryWatch Forecast is a generic model encompassing 192 countries plus Hong Kong and Taiwan, that projects 35 major macro-economic variables, five years into the future. A user can change the assumptions of the model based on his/her own intuition. You can access a sample of the forecast on the Dominican Republic at Major universities and corporations like Texaco Chevron have either purchased the product or are currently reviewing it. I am attaching a pdf document detailing the CountryWatch Forecast. I am attaching a pdf document detailing the CountryWatch Forecast.

We typically offer a discount of 25 percent to the consortiums and would be glad to discuss this in detail. I will contact you next week to get some feedback from you.We would like the opportunity to work with your consortium. You are free to disseminate this information to the other staff members. In the meantime, you are free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me either by e-mail at or at 1-800-879-3885x 128.