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China & International Proceedings of Conferences Full-text Databases - covers over 2.38 million papers from 15,000 proceedings of major and regular conferences in and outside of China, among which some proceedings were written in English. For some important consecutive conferences, the proceedings are dated back to 1953. And through copyright license, over 2,400 proceedings are only available in CNKI, more than 80% of which are international and national level proceedings. The two databases are very useful for researchers to know the developments and the latest hot topics in various subjects, especially in medicine, economy, engineering, arts, etc. (27/5/15)

China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database (CPCD) 2015 titles list (27/5/15)
International Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database (IPCD) 2015 titles list (27/5/15)

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CNKI response to CAUL vendor survey re licence conditions (27/5/15) [Members only]

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China Academic Journals (CAJ) Database 2008 License Agreement (16/7/08)
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CNKI CPCD & IPCD 2015 pricing for CAUL (27/5/15) [Members only]

Annual Remote Access Pricing for China Academic Journals (CAJ) (5/9/06, updated 23/11/07) [Members only]
China Academic Journals (CAJ)
     List & Consortium Prices 1994-2008 - F titles (2/3/09) [Members only]
     List & Consortium Prices 1994-2008 - F titles (16/7/08) [Members only]
     List & Consortium Prices 2004 (10/2/04) [Members only]
 China Core Newspapers (CCN) - List & Consortium Prices (10/2/04) [Members only] 
 China Monograph (CMD)
 China Fundamental Education Databases (CFED)
 China Hospital Knowledge Databases (CHKD)
 China Doctoral /Master's Dissertation (CDMD) - List & Consortium Prices (10/2/04) [Members only] 
 China Conference Proceedings (CCP)

China Yearbook Fulltext database (CYFD) - CAUL pricing & title information (16/7/08, updated 2/3/09) [Members only] 
China Reference Works online (CRWO) - CAUL pricing & title information (16/7/08, updated 2/3/09)) [Members only] 
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