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Unlimited SciFinder Access to Academic Researchers

Columbus, Ohio (July 3, 2012) -- Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), the world's authority for chemical information, announced today that it has signed an agreement with the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) for unlimited access to SciFinder.

CAS and the Council of Australian University Librarians Collaborate to Provide Unlimited SciFinder® Access to Academic Researche

Client version of SciFinder to be discontinued 30/12/11

Due to increasing popularity and significant new developments in the web version of SciFinder, CAS will discontinue the client version of SciFinder on December 31, 2011. Prior to this date (if applicable), you may continue to allocate seats between the web and client versions of SciFinder at your discretion. (27/5/11) Beginning December 30, 2011, the client version of SciFinder will no longer be available at your institution. The original discontinuation date of December 31, 2011 has been changed due to the holiday. (28/9/11)

Resources for transition to the web version of SciFinder

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service).

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See also Offers to CAUL/CEIRC - Licences - Technical/Sales Support - Statistics

CAS SciFinder® Scholar

CAS SciFinder® PatentPak


CAS SciFinder Scholar 2012-14 upgrade - institutional agreement with CAUL (25/5/12) [Members only]

CAS SciFinder® Scholar Licence - multiple versions [all Members only]

    Agreement for SciFinder Scholar for the Period January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2008 (23/12/06) [Members only]
    Licence amendment 2003-5 (31/12/02) [Members only]
    CEIRC License 2000-2002 (posted 5/8/05) [Members only]
    CAS Licence (first draft - 1999) [Members only]
    Revised version (with questions from Shirley Sullivan & responses from Nadine Palmer, CAS) - Note this version (6/10/99) is similar to, but not the same as, the subsequent CAS/CEIRC licence [Members only]
    License Exhibit IV (1999) [Members only]
    DRAFT letter to CAS from UNSW 11/10/99 [Members only]
    DRAFT UNSW licence [Members only]

Technical/Sales Support

Sales Contact: Chloe Mei-Kun Lok, Sales Manager, iGroup Australasia Pty Ltd (13/5/14)

Technical: CAS Customer Center, Email. (2/8/13)

When requesting a quote, you will be aske to provide "FTE for chemistry program, includes the number for PHD, Masters and Bachelor program." (6/12/13)


CAS 2015-2016 usage statistics (22/9/16) [Members only]

CAS 2012-2013 usage statistics (13/5/14) [Members only]

SciFinder Scholar Percent Successful Access Report for CEIRC (14/6/06) [Members only]
"On the sheets you will see # of attempts, # successful, # busy.  These numbers represent how many times each month SciFinder Scholar sessions were attempted, how many times successful login was achieved and how many times login was not successful, respectively.  When a login attempt is unsuccessful this means that all of the university's concurrent users were in use and a busy signal was obtained. The graph is a representation of the ratio of successful attempts to total attempts.
    Regarding the total number of attempts, the numbers are normal relative to the total population of SciFinder Scholar subscribers and relative to the size of each school.  At CAS we have found that schools with a 75% success rate generally have users who are content with the ability to gain access to SFS.  When the success rate slips below this level, we believe they need consider getting more access.  This is simple to say but of course we know it is a budgetary issue."

Site Statistics

Each of the key contacts (Site Adminstrators) of the participating universities have been sent information and a unique password that allows ONLY them to access their respective university usage information on the website  At this site, they have the ability to look at stats; update contact and school information; download software updates; and modify SciFinder Scholar preferences for their university.
See an example of the statistics that are found on this site [Members only]  - views from MyCAS Scholar reports of:
- The selection screen
- Activity Report December 2006
- Percent Successful Access Report
- IP Detail Report December 2006.
If any key contact has forgotten their loginid and password for this site, contact Lisa Theisen.

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.

CAS SciFinder PatentPak 2015 pricing for CAUL (11/8/15) [Members only]
CAS SciFinder PatentPak 2015 proposal for CAUL (11/8/15) [Members only]

CAS SciFinder Scholar 2015-2017 proposal for CAUL (9/10/14) [Members only]

CAS SciFinder Scholar 2014 pricing for CAUL (6/8/13) [Members only]

CAS SciFinder Scholar 2012-2014 upgrade proposal for CAUL (17/4/12) [Members only]

CAS SciFinder Scholar 2012 proposal for CAUL (19/9/11) [Members only]

CAS SciFinder Scholar 2012 pricing for CAUL (19/9/11) [Members only]

CAS SciFinder Scholar 2011 pricing for CAUL (1/10/10) [Members only]

CAS SFS subscription renewals for 2010 (10/9/09) [Members only]

List pricing effective April 1, 2010 (2.9% increase) (17/2/10) [Members only]

CAS SFS subscription renewals for 2009 (27/8/08) [Members only] In institution order (3/9/08, updated 7/11/08) [Members only] List prices to 1/4/09 (3/9/08)

List pricing effective April 1, 2009 (3.9% increase) (10/2/09) and letter from VP Sales in response to CAUL (24/3/09) [Members only]

CAS SFS subscription renewals for 2008 (13/8/07) [Members only] In institution order (20/8/07) [Members only] List prices (3/9/07)

CAS SFS subscription renewals for 2007 (13/6/06) [Members only] NB: See special package upgrades on March 5, above. Invoice details for 2007 (20/10/06) [Members only]

CAS SFS subscription renewals for 2006 with proposal for 2006-2008 (3/11/05, updated 9/12/05) [Members only] Invoice details for CAS SFS for 2006 (draft proposal from CAUL, 3/11/05) [Members only]

CAS SFS subscription renewals for 2005 (25/7/04) [Members only]

Invoice details for CAS SFS for 2005 (24/11/04) [Members only]
CAS SFS subscription renewals for 2004 (6/9/03) [Members only]

CAS SFS 2003-5 proposal (12/8/02) - offer closes 30/11/02 [Members only]

Attachment I - 2003 CEIRC Prices for current and upgraded configurations [Members only]
Current CEIRC subscribers & configurations [Members only]

CAS SFS 2000-2002 pricing for CAUL [Members only]

1999 proposal to CEIRC - SciFinder Scholar Availability in Australia and New Zealand - Press Release 17 January 2000
answers to CAUL questions from D.Ridley