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NEWS 22/10/08: TimeBase - Australian and New Zealand Distributor for Canada Law Book's Online services. TimeBase are delighted to announce their appointment as marketing and distribution agents for Canada Law Book.

TimeBase - Australian and New Zealand Distributor for Canada Law Book's Online services

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to Canada Law Book.


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CLB Online Publications. (14/3/08)
Electronic Products - select this heading from "Search by legal topic" drop-down menu (24/4/08)

CLB's BestCase Service includes:
Canadian Criminal Cases - 1898 to present
Dominion Law Reports - 1912 to present
Labour Arbitration Cases - 1948 to present
Land Compensation Reports - 1971 to present
Ontario Municipal Board Reports - 1972 to present
Alberta Decisions, Civil Cases - 1979 to 2007
Alberta Decisions, Criminal Cases - 1979 to 2007
All-Canada Weekly Summaries - 1977 to present
British Columbia Decisions, Civil Cases - 1977 to present
British Columbia Decisions, Criminal Cases - 1977 to 2007
British Columbia Labour Arbitration Decisions - 1982 to present
British Columbia Labour Relations Board Decisions - 1979 to present
Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries - 1986 to present
Charter of Rights Decisions* - 1961 to 2007 (*includes Bill of Rights)
Federal Court of Appeal Decisions - 1980 to 1999
Manitoba Decisions, Civil Cases - 1978 to 1999
Manitoba Decisions, Criminal Cases - 1978 to 1999
Saskatchewan Decisions, Civil Cases - 1980 to 2007
Saskatchewan Decisions, Criminal Cases - 1980 to 2007
Supreme Court of Canada Decisions - 1978 to present
Weekly Criminal Bulletin - 1977 to present
BestCase carries images of reported decisions as they appear in the Canadian authorised law reports, in PDF. Users can research or download reported or unreported decisions in seconds.

NEWS 13/3/08: Removal of Canada Law Book Titles from
Currently 11 titles produced by Canada Law Book (CLB) are available via CLB has made a strategic decision to not allow any third parties to license these materials anymore. This means as of the end of March, these materials will no longer be available as part of Lexis subscriptions.
All Canada Weekly Summaries
All-Canada Weekly Summaries & Judgments
Canadian Criminal Cases
Canadian Patent Reporter
Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries/Digests of Awards
Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries & Judgments
Dominion Law Reports
Labour Arbitration Cases
Weekly Criminal Bulletin
Weekly Criminal Bulletin & Judgments
Canada Law List
All the significant federal judgments, and most of the significant provincial judgments from the 1970’s and 80’s forward can be found in the Canadian Federal and Provincial Caselaw files that will remain available through This takedown will not affect any Canadian statutes, journals or news and business sources through
Removal of this content will occur between the 21st and 31st of March.

Canada Law Book content no longer available on Quicklaw.

Access to Canadian Law still available from (23/4/08)
The All Canadian Cases Group file (CANCAS) is a good place to start. has better or similar coverage of Canadian Federal Courts through the below sources:
All Supreme Court of Canada Decisions (group file) (CANSCC)
    Canada Supreme Court Reports from 1876 (SCRRCS)
    Supreme Court of Canada, Unreporteds 1995-2003 (CANSCT)
Canadian Privy Council Decisions 1936-1949 (CANPRV)
National Cases 1989-2002 (NTC)
Federal Court Cases from 1986 (FEDCC)
Canada Federal Court Reports from 1971 (CANFCR)
Recueil des arrets de la Cour federale du Canada from 1971 (RFCCAN)
Federal Court of Canada, Unreporteds   1997-2004 (CANFCT)
Exchequer Court Reports  1882-1970.  See Fed Ct after 1970. (EXCR)

Coverage of the provincial courts is not as comprehensive as through CLB but is available through the below sources:
Alberta Cases from 1976 (ABC)
British Columbia Cases from 1991 (BCC)
Manitoba Cases from 1979 (MBC)
Newfoundland & Labrador Cases from 1971 (NLC)
Prince Edward Island Cases from 1971 (PEC)
New Brunswick Cases from 1969 (NBC)
Nova Scotia Cases from 1969 (NSC)
Ontario Cases  (Group file) (ONTLAW)
Ontario Cases  from 1984 (ONC)
Ontario Reports from 1931 (ONTREP)
Causes du Quebec (Quebec Cases 1987-1995) (CQC)
Saskatchewan Cases from 1980 (SKC)


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