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This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to Brill Academic Publishers.


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Brill eBook Collections

Updated title lists are published every 2–3 months (24/8/16)

Brill eBooks 2016 titles list (24/8/16)

Brill eBooks 2015 titles list (4/11/15)

Brill eBooks 2014 titles list (20/8/14)

Brill eBooks 2010 titles list (28/9/10)

Brill eBooks Titles list 2007-2009 (15/12/09)


Brill Single Institution Outright Purchase Agreement 2012 (SIOPL 230212) (21/9/12)

Brill has decided to keep last year’s licence agreement in place, which is the version labeled OPSI 2.0 – 080210 (9/11/11)

The Brill Outright Purchase Agreement (V.OPSI 2.0) applies in this case (confirmed 28/9/10)

Technical/Sales Support

Sales Support: Bezi Publishing Services (18/5/15)

Technical Support: Regarding your query concerning automatic blocking, Brill has advised that they do implement automatic blocking in extraordinary circumstances, but the blocking is set in such a way that it will only occur if Brill’s system detects massive automated downloads. To date this has occurred only once in Turkey and Brill worked with the affected library to resolve the issue quickly. In the instance that automatic blocking takes place, Brill’s policy is to contact the library immediately so that the issue can be investigated and access can be reset manually. While Brill cannot offer a 24/7 helpdesk service, they assure me that any such cases would be handled with great priority and speed. In addition, Bezi Publishing Services will be available during Australian business hours to assist with the matter and as such, we would be able to forward copies of any licensed materials that may be urgently needed by the institution during the blocking period. Brill would then follow up as soon as they are in the office (Dutch time). (20/7/15)

WCAG compliance:
Brill has confirmed that the Brill Online Books and Journals platform currently complies with WCAG 2.0 for Level A, and partly for AA and AAA. They expect to complete compliancy during the course of 2016. (20/7/15)


CEIRC links to publishers' statistics (13/8/10)

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

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