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Message to Datasets Coordinators 30 June, 1998

A new offer from Beilstein has been received. In the first instance, so that I can give them some feedback when they contact us on 7 July, please let me know if you have any interest in the offer at all, by 6 July. The terms are valid until 30 September, so I would ask for firmer commitment by 15 September.

The site cost is dependent on which division you fall into. If you are expressing serious intentions, you should also supply the data on academic staff in chemistry-related depts, numbers of chemistry students, and numbers of PhD chem graduates annually. The final division selection will be based on this, best fit across the categories.

Please read the offer carefully, and let me know of any questions, sooner rather than later please. Thanks.

It is an offer which includes CONZUL, CSIRO and ANSTO.