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ASM International Content Available on Knovel (15/7/10)

Knovel, a Web-based application integrating technical information with analytical and search tools, today announced that content from ASM International, including the world-renowned ASM Handbook series and atlases of fatigue curves and stress-strain curves, is now available on Knovel. Keeping your current subscriptions to ASM's products will allow you to also access the Knovel site at no cost.

Knovel press release

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Materials Information Online
One-stop searching of four key resources (available separately):
ASM Handbooks Online - The world’s most trusted resource for materials selection, processing, testing, and performance information
ASM Alloy Center Online - Alloy-specific property and performance data
ASM Micrograph Center Online - 3000+ microstructure images and data
ASM Failure Analysis Center Online - 1000+ case histories

Other databases:

Corrosion Analysis Network

Corrosion Analysis Network - for researching, understanding, preventing and solving corrosion-related problems.

ASM Medical Materials Database

ASM Medical Materials Database - a database that provides a single source for materials data to support medical device design. It's fully relational and modular, featuring both materials properties and biological response data for medical device designers. (8/11/11)

ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Center (3/8/07)

Technical Journals.


ASM Materials Information Online 2012 Academic License Agreement (6/11/12, updated 8 /11/12)

ASMI 2005 Academic License for CAUL (13/9/05)

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