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American Institute of Physics forms AIP Publishing LLC

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) announces the formation of AIP Publishing LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary. The purpose of AIP Publishing LLC is to support the scientific and educational mission of the AIP through scholarly publishing activities in the physical and related sciences. - February 1, 2013

American Institute of Physics forms AIP Publishing LLC

AIP Rolling backfile [now] back to 1999

Beginning January 2011, AIP will extend backfile access to 1999 for regular subscriptions to its eight archival journals. All current subscriptions will include access back to 1999, the year AIP first offered e-only subscriptions. (We currently provide a five-year backfile with each subscription.) And all subscribers will continue to have the option to subscribe to the complete pre-1999 archive of any title back to Volume 1, No. 1.

AIP announces institutional subscription pricing and other changes for 2011

AIP announces .... changes for 2008

AIP Select (formerly AIP Archival) AIP Complete (formerly AIP Archival Plus) - includes titles in AIP Select, plus the following: AIP Conference Proceedings Journal of Physical & Chemical Reference Data (co-published with NIST) Low Temperature Physics AIP Archival customers will automatically be renewed to AIP Select, and AIP Archival Plus customers will be renewed to AIP Complete. All available backfiles will continue to be included in package subscriptions. (5/7/07)

AIP changes for 2008

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to AIP Publishing LLC.

American Institute of Physics (AIP) forms AIP Publishing LLC in February 2013


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AIP Publishing and its members societies - 2011 price list - includes details of combination subscriptions (4/10/10)

AIP Digital Archive

AIP Digital Archive: purchase all AIP journal content from 1930-2001 (5/7/07)

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Scitation is the online home of leading journals and conference proceedings from AIP Publishing and AIP Member Societies.


AIP Publishing LLC Foreign Multisite License Agreement 2017-2019 (4/10/17)

AIP Publishing LLC Foreign Multisite License Agreement 2014-2016 (21/10/14, template finalised 16/1/15, current 11/10/16)

Scitation Institutional Single-Site User License - it includes a maintenance fee, but does include post-cancellation access (25/7/14)

Scitation: Terms and Conditions (25/7/14)

AIP CAUL Consortium License Agreement (5/10/06, signed 15/12/06) [Members only]

Note: new members are automatically covered under the existing CAUL contract. The term for the new members will remain the same as the term of this agreement. Therefore, the new members really only have a two-year term, terminating on the expiration date of the existing license, December 31, 2009.
Appendix B; Appendix C; Appendix D (10/10/06, updated 30/11/07)

Consortia & Multi-site Licensing (4/8/06)

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Scitation is the online home of leading journals and conference proceedings from AIP Publishing and AIP Member Societies

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The NEW Scitation Platform - launched mid October 2013 (29/11/13)

The new Library Resource Center has information on AIP Titles, licensing and subscriptions, AIP Complete, AIP Select and AIP Digital Archive information, Video Tutorial and a new Product Guide (29/11/13)

The new Author Resource Center (29/11/13)


AIP 2015-2016 Usage Report for CAUL (30/11/16) [Members only]

AIP Counter Statistics Reports - sign in with your administrator credentials to access your reports (4/11/16)

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members-only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.

AIP 2017-2019 proposal to CAUL (20/9/16) [Members only]
AIP 2017-2019 pricing for CAUL (20/9/16) [Members only]

AIP 2016 pricing for CAUL (11/9/15) [Members only]

AIP Digital Archive 2014 Pricing for CAUL (27/10/14, valid to 31/12/14)  [Members only]

AIP 2014-2016 proposal to CAUL (2/10/14) [Members only]
AIP 2014-2016 pricing for CAUL (2/10/14) [Members only]

AIP 2013 proposal for CAUL (31/5/13) [Members only]
AIP 2013 pricing for CAUL (31/5/13) [Members only]
AIP 2013 Digital Archive Proposal (updated 8/10/14) [Members only]

AIP 2012 pricing for CAUL (via iGroup, 22/11/11) [Members only]
AIP 2012 price quote spreadsheet (via iGroup, 22/11/11) [Members only]

AIP Digital Archive 2011 Pricing for CAUL (via iGroup, 4/5/11) [Members only]

AIP/APS 2011 pricing for CAUL (via iGroup, 2/10/10, updated 13/10/10 with archive pricing) [Members only
AIP/APS 2011 renewals quote for CAUL (via iGroup, 2/10/10) [Members only]

2010 Offer to CAUL from AIP / APS (via iGroup, 11/9/09)  [Members only]
2009 CEIRC holdings & quote for 2010 expenditure (11/9/09) [Members only]