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C&EN Archives

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to American Chemical Society.


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ACS Symposium Series

The ACS Symposium Series Archives contains a total of 1,278 books and 19,170 chapters inclusive of all ACS Symposium Series titles from 1974-2008 as well as the full Advances in Chemistry Series from 1950-1998.  In a given year, the collection includes approximately 30 ACS Symposium Series titles and 450 peer-reviewed chapters of published research.
2009 Book Titles (ACS Symposium Series) (18/7/09)
ACS Publications announces the launch of the ACS Symposium Series Online and the ACS Symposium Series Archive (13/5/09)

Chemical & Engineering News Online

The first issue to be digitized for C&EN News was August 1998. Subscribers have access back to that, and will retain access to this going forward. There is no moving wall policy with C&EN News. The “current” subscription gives you access back to 1998 content, some of which you may consider archives. You should only be using this URL for access:

ACS News, Education and Reference Package (NER)

Updated 19/12/12:  From 2007 a package of information called the ACS News, Education and Reference Package has been made available to some consortia as a special package.  It includes a large amount of online content which we have not been able to offer you before:
- ACS Reagent Chemicals 10th Edition
- Journal of Chemical Education
- ACS Division Proceedings
- ACS Style Guide
- Chemical & Engineering News (regular html version;  archive format is pdf)


ACS 2015 Online Products Institutional Access Agreement.   CAUL amendments.  Revised April 2015 (22/4/15)

ACS 2014 Online Products Institutional Access Agreement.   Revised April 2014 (under review 11/4/15)

ACS only needs the original (other than a scanned copy) if you need a counter signed copy from the legal department, in which case, post to:  ACS,  PO Box 3337,  Attn: D36,  Columbus, OH 43210  USA (13/1/12)

ACS Licensing Information (28/10/09)
ACS Symposium Series Online Sales Agreement Addendum (28/10/09)
ACS Legacy Archives Addendum (One-Time Payment Option) (28/10/09) 

ACS Licence (11/2/05) (earlier version ACS Licence received 20/8/04)
"ACS allows access from remote locations as long as the user is connecting via the secure network of the authorised institution." This can be added  to the license if you like or are you happy with this email as confirmation? (9/11/04) Andrew Pitts, International Sales Manager American Chemical Society
As for the perpetual question; we have always said that we will send PDF files for content purchased so that nobody loses out on what they have paid for. Under the new model, they get access to ALL 34 titles, so if the cancel they get ALL 34 titles worth of PDFs. (Andrew Pitts 21/11/07)
Multiple Site/Consortium Sales Agreement for 2002/2003 Subscriptions. ACS Journal Archives and ACS Web Edition Access. Revised: January 25, 2002

Announcement of Archive Policy 2001  - ACS Publications has developed an institutional Archive Policy. Upon request, ACS Web Edition customers will be provided access to the online journals to which they have subscribed, for the years subscribed to, should they elect to cancel their subscription. Content will be made available in two ways: 1) the one-time provision of a PDF version of the files at no cost, either in the form of a CD or an FTP transfer, or 2) granting of ongoing access to all current file formats via the ACS servers for a reasonable annual administrative fee. 

Journal of Chemical Education

Multiple Site/Consortium Sales Agreement For 2005/2006 Subscriptions. JCE Online Journal Web Edition and Archives Access (24/5/05, updated 27/9/05)

Technical/Sales Support

Contact: Peter Hoving, Regional Sales Director ACS Publications, Asia-Pacific (13/12/13)

ACS recently appointed iGroup as their representative in Australia and New Zealand for everything, except the renewal of current customers. Contact Chloe Mei-kun Lok, Business Development Manager, iGroup (8/2/13)

For current customers, contact Kay Hiles, International Sales, AMP Sales and Marketing Limited (7/3/11)

Support or Journal Help (5/8/16)

For response to IP blocking problems contact ACS Sales Analysis & Support Team (10/11/10)

American Chemical Society Publications Division IP test page. By your connecting to this page, we will be able to determine the IP address you are using when you access the ACS Web servers.
CAUL members' account IDs (7/1/09)
Account Activation Instructions (5/3/09)


Accessing usage statistics - Coremetrics no longer used (ACS, 24/2/10)

Accessing Usage Reports (Statistics) (5/3/09)

CAUL members' account IDs (7/1/09) [Members only]  

COUNTER Release 3 compliance: What to expect from ACS usage stats (ACS, 1/3/09)

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members-only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.

ACS 2017 pricing for CAUL (updated 12/2/17) [Members only]
ACS 2017 titles list (12/2/17)

ACS 2016 pricing for CAUL (28/8/15) [Members only]

ACS 2015 pricing for CAUL (17/12/14) [Members only]

ACS 2014 pricing for CAUL (13/12/13) [Members only]

ACS 2013 pricing for CAUL (12/12/12) [Members only]
See also ACS 2013 invoice, with optional extras (12/12/12) [Members only]
ACS 2013 Academic All Publications Package (12/12/12)
NB:  Maintenance fees for ACS Legacy Archive and Symposium Series will be waived if the ACS All Pubs subscription is renewed. This is a year-to-year decision for ACS.  (16/12/12)

ACS 2012 pricing for CAUL (11/11/11) [Members only]

ACS Symposium Series 2011 pricing for CAUL (3/5/11) [Members only]

ACS 2011 pricing for CAUL (27/8/10) [Members only

2010 ACS (ebook) symposium series and legacy archive pricing for CAUL - detail (10/8/09, updated 13/10/09)  [Members only

ACS Journals 2010 pricing for CAUL, including early payment discounts (18/7/09, updated with pricing for JCE, C&EN, NER 10/8/09, updated 7/11/09)  [Members only]  

2010 ACS (ebook) symposium series and legacy archive pricing for CAUL - detail (10/8/09)
2010 ACS (ebook) symposium series pricing for CAUL - outline (18/7/09)
Draft pricing model for ACSSS & archive (13/5/09)

ACS Journals Package 2009 pricing for CAUL, includes archive pricing (23/10/08)  [Members only
.... the tiers were done at 2006 [usage] levels and will not change for the next 4 years (A.Pitts, 23/10/08)
2009 print pricing - including deep discount pricing for package subscribers (23/10/08, full list of 34 ACS titles, including the new ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces which replaces Biotech Progress in 2009)
2009 pricing for additional ACS titles - JCE, CEN, Proceedings (23/10/08)  [Members only
2009 projected CAUL pricing for all 34 titles (21/4/08) [Members only

ACS Journals proposal to move to the new pricing model in 2008 versus migrating after 2008 (14/11/07) [Members only

ACS 2008 CAUL pricing  includes pricing according to the new model (not being implemented in 2008), archive pricing, and list of current ACS subscribers (14/11/07, updated 27/11/07)  [Members only
ACS 2008 pricing for print, including Deep Discount Price (24/11/07)
ACS Journal Archive 2008 pricing for CAUL  (7/11/07) [Members only

ACS 2008 Background paper for CAUL, includes titles list (23/3/08) [Members only

Presentation by Andrew Pitts, Mike Walsh and Adam Chesler at the ICOLC Fall Meeting, Stockholm, October 2007 (10/10/07)
The New ACS Value-Based Pricing Model: Academic Subscribers (ACS LiveWire v.8 issue 5, May 2007)
Guiding Principles for the new pricing plans (ACS, 22/6/07)
ACS International Academic Plan (ACS, 22/6/07)
Academic International Frequently Asked Questions (ACS, 22/6/07)

ACS 2007 pricing for CAUL (10/8/06)  [Members only
ACS Standard 2007 Subscription Rates & Policies (Outside North America) (ACS, August, 2006)
ACS Summary 2007 pricing quote for all participants (10/8/06) [Members only

ACS 2007 final invoice detail (2/11/06)  [Members only
- For 2007 there has been a 5.5% increase only on 31 of the 33 journals; ACS Chemical Biology has not increased in price.
- Journal of Physical Chemistry has added a third part, Part C, and therefore there is a significant increase in price.  However please note that CAUL is only paying $6,953 where as the 2007 list price is $7071.
- The archive fee remains at 10%, the cap has increased to $5100
- The New Titles Package fee remains at 5%, the cap has increased to $1800
- Biomacromolecules has dropped out of the New Titles Package and will be charged according to usage in the same way Organic Letters and Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry were charged in 2006
The ACS News, Education and Reference Package (10/8/06)  [Members only

JCE 2007 pricing for CAUL - see CAUL Pricing  and The ACS News, Education and Reference Package (10/8/06)  [Members only]  
JCE 2006 pricing for CAUL (23/2/05)  [Members only

ACS 2006 pricing for CAUL (28/6/05) [Members only

ACS 2006 pricing quote for CAUL (29/6/05) [Members only]

Chemical & Engineering News Online Pricing for 2005:  Remains at $370 per institution. (13/7/04)
Consortium pricing:  USD 1,000 for the first subscriber, USD 300 for each additional subscriber.  (28/2/03)

The ACS Style Guide, 3rd Edition. Login page for electronic version. (5/7/07) 

Journal of Chemical Education (ACS Division of Chemical Education)

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