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This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).


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Digital Library Core Package

A subscription to the ACM Digital Library includes unlimited access to all ACM publications, including the complete archive and access to the ACM Guide to Computing Literature index. (29/9/1)

Contents of the Digital Library  (5/9/07, updated 8/10/13)

2006 list of publications available to CAUL via the ACM Digital Library Site License (27/9/06)
2005 full List of ACM DL titles (1/7/05)

ACM Computing Reviews

In 2011 ACM began offering subscription access to Computing Reviews as a collaboration between ACM and Think Loud Inc., a privately owned publishing business.

Computing Reviews (CR) is one of the leading review journals in the field of computing containing nearly 30,000 reviews of the book, journal, and conference literature.

ACM only manages new Computing Reviews orders according to their contract with Reviews.  (16/5/12)

ACM Books

ACM Books is a new series of high quality books for the computer science community, published by ACM in collaboration with Morgan & Claypool Publishers. (17/7/15)

Titles (21/6/17)

ACM Books Marketing Materials (14/9/16)

ACM Books 2016 Brochure (list pricing included) (16/8/16)

ACM Books 2015 Brochure (17/7/15)


ACM Digital Library 2014 Subscriber Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement (8/10/13)

Computing Reviews 2013 Subscription Agreement (8/10/13)

ACM Digital Library 2013 Consortium License Renewal Agreement (draft, 25/9/12) [Members only]

ACM Digital Library 2011 Consortium License Renewal Agreement (24/9/10)

Request for change to ACM licence (Deakin University 25/9/09)

Terms and Conditions for Intitutional use of ACM Digital Library (31/7/08)

Q.  (16/10/04) The 6 Terms and Conditions of Use for ACM Digital Library are delightfully straightforward.  However, would it be possible to obtain a clear statement from ACM that in Clause 2, that statement "Authorised Users may include items from the DL for their use in connection with classroom instruction. .... Faculty members are allowed to reuse all ACM copyrighted material in the DL for classroom/educational use."  _does_ mean that items may be included in electronic coursepacks, print coursepacks, and electronic reserve ?

A.  (16/10/04) ACM materials may be included in print and electronic coursepacks and print coursepacks. ACM materials may NOT copied to be placed on electronic reserve. 

Technical/Sales Support

Contact: Joshua Horowitz, Digital Library & Advertising Sales Director (22/9/17)

Technical issues not related to payment:
Pricing and payment: Consortium Administration
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ACM Digital Library MARC21 Records (15/7/15)

ACM Books MARC21 Records (15/7/15)

ACM Digital Library User Guide (14/4/10)

ACM Administration Site for Consortia (12/11/08)

ACM DL Administrative Secured Site

ACM has passed all member administration, including IP address changes and renewal quotes, over to the consortium administrator (12/11/08)

If there is a problem accessing the ACM server, please capture screen (error) message with time stamp of problem.
Forward this to the site administrator email as offered in the error message.
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If you have any questions regarding your institution’s Digital Library subscription or would like to receive the DL Bulletin for librarians, please contact us at

See also FAQs from 1999-2005.


ACM usage reports - COUNTER 3 compliant and custom reports (requires login, 6/9/11)

If you experience difficulty in retrieving your reports or need to change you’re your designated administrator for this account, please contact us at (2/5/14)

ACM Digital Library 2015 usage report for CAUL (9/9/16) [Members only]

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members only documents are accessible from the display at the end of this page.

ACM Digital Library 2017 pricing for CAUL (9/9/16) [Members only]

ACM 2016 pricing for CAUL (ACM Digital Library, Computing Reviews, Books) (17/7/15) [Members only]

ACM Digital Library (& Computing Reviews) 2015 pricing for CAUL (17/9/14) [Members only]

ACM Digital Library (& Computing Reviews) 2014 pricing for CAUL (18/7/13) [Members only]

ACM Digital Library 2013 pricing for CAUL (25/9/12) [Members only]

ACM Digital Library 2013 pricing for CAUL (25/9/12) [Members only]

ACM Computing Reviews 2012 pricing for CAUL (16/5/12)  [Members only]

ACM Digital Library 2012 pricing for CAUL (29/9/11) [Members only]

2011 Pricing for Computing Reviews (11/12/10)

ACM 2011 pricing for CAUL (13/7/10) [Members only]

ACM 2010 pricing for CAUL (12/9/09) [Members only]

ACM 2009 pricing for CAUL (12/9/09) [Members only]

ACM 2008 pricing for CAUL (12/9/09) [Members only]

ACM 2007 pricing for CAUL (12/9/09) [Members only]

ACM Digital Library Pricing (2003)  [Members only]

ACM Digital Library Pricing (2004) 

ACM Digital Library Pricing (2005)  

ACM Digital Library Pricing (2006) (offer to CEIRC 6/8/02)

2002 Pricing for (
(effective 1st June 2002)

  1. Applicable Country
    Australia and New Zealand
  2. Product Description
    Jointly developed by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and, is an online system that provides scientists and academics with reviews of articles and books in computer science, adding a dimension of quality to the search of information.
  1. Pricing
    Annual Subscription for Academic Institutions – US$ 2,500 per site.
    NB: no charge for additional sites in 2002. This is subject to review at the discretion of, dependent on institution’s level of usage in 1st subscription year.
    Consortia Discount:
    1-5 members no discount
    6-10 members 10% discount
    11-20 members 15% discount
    20+ members 20% discount
  2. Terms and Conditions
    Pricing are in US Dollars and do not include GST. Pricing is valid until 30 September 2002
    Terms of Use 
  3. iGroup Contacts:  Vicki O’Neill ( – Vic, QLD, SA, TAS and NZ (South)


Q.  We also have a question about how much back-file would be included in a subscription and if there will be  any useage  reporting available after the trial.

The answer is that all of the backfile currently in the Digital Library is included. That means full text back to 1991, and citations back to 1985.

Q. from Jenny Ross

We would treat this as one institution, on the assumption that the two institutions are "reasonably close" to each other geographically. 

Q.  If I have understood the offer correctly, the annual fee for the 39 Australian and New Zealand institutions (if all participate) is a total of , or per institution. For this each institution receives:

  • unlimited online access to the entire ACM Digital Library
  • one hardcopy set of all the ACM publications
  • unlimited duplication of ACM materials for classroom and educational use.

(1) How many simultaneous sessions does the arrangement allow? The ACM Web page says: "Three simultaneous users are permitted for all Digital Library packages". Is this three for each Consortium institution?
[Mark Mandelbaum] Yes. three simultaneous users per institution.
[Update 4/7/05 Tim Bennett] .... there is no actual limit placed by ACM on number of simultaneous users.

(2) Presumably each Consortium institution receives one hard-copy set of all the ACM publications?
[Mark Mandelbaum] No. we make one hard-copy set available per consortium. [Held at UniSA]

(3) If we accept the offer, will we be credited for the 1999 print subscriptions already paid?
[Mark Mandelbaum] Yes, you will.
Q. [from Steve Cramond] What access is there to the archive should we discontinue our subscription?

From  If CAUL itself were to drop its subscription to the ACM Digital Library, we would continue to provide access to the archive to all of the CAUL institutions. Ideally, for us to continue providing perpetual access, we ask that a consortium commit to a three-year subscription, after which we would offer the perpetual access should the consortium not renew.

If a single institution were to drop out of the consortium, we would not provide the perpetual access.

The term of the contract is your choice. If you require perpetual access, we would need a three-year guarantee. If you want to acquire a one-year license, that's acceptable, too, but we cannot offer perpetual access on a one-year license. 

Q. [from Malcolm Campbell]  1. At present the ACM SIG newsletters are not all available electronically although they are coming in 2000. In the answer to one of the questions on the web page Mandelbaum indicates that print will be supplied. Is this to all consortium members or just a consortium copy. This issue may be redundant if all of the SIG newsletters will be available electronically early in 2000 and access will become available very shortly anyway.

[Mark Mandelbaum]  It's one copy for the consortium. Although we plan to begin making the SIG Newsletters available in 2000, I believe it will be closer to mid-2000 by the time all of the SIG newsletters are available online

Q.  1. When will all of the SIG Newsletters become available electronically and in the interim (assuming this is not a very short period) will consortium members each get a print copy of these newsletters until the e-newsletter becomes available.

[Mark Mandelbaum]  See my reply above in Query 1.

Q. 2. There are a number of co-sponsored journals that are currently only available in print:
 Distributed Computing
 Journal of Graphics Tools
 Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET)
 Multimedia Systems

[Mark Mandelbaum]  There is another journal, Wireless Networks   (WINET). These are included in the standard Digital Library Core Package but presumably are not included in the CAUL deal except possibly for supply of a single consortium copy which is obviously not much use to Griffith.

[Mark Mandelbaum]  The MONET and WINET journals are currently included in the Digital Library and all consortia has access to these.   ACM have a print package called "New Technology Print Package" which includes these 4 journals plus 4 others that are also available electronically in the DLC package.   Griffith could obviously place a separate order with ACM to get these print journals if they are regarded as essential.

Q.  2. Confirmation that the Co-sponsored journals are not available electronically as part of the CAUL package.

[Mark Mandelbaum]  Except for MONET and WINET, that is correct.

Online Guide to Computing Literature (OGCL)
Q.  OGCL will continue to be a problem while it is an all-or-nothing approach.  We have 7 who want it, another 5 who are prepared to take it if everyone else does, but the rest don't want it.  At $400, it is not an insignificant cost.  When ACM decides to offer it on a per-institution basis, please let me know.

A.  Since there are only a few consortia that do not provide Guide access, there would not be much added revenue to cover the costs of re-working the internal IP access screens and the added tasks of admin and billing.  (ACM now bundles the Guide in all new consortial agreements.)  And these are some of the eliminated costs by that allow ACM to offer continued good volume discounts to consortia.

An institutions may still choose to add The Guide on their own, as an additional subscription outside of the consortium. They should order this a-la-carte by contacting (updated 5/10/07)

Yes, I can confirm that. Access would be to the DL Core package as well as to all of the conference proceedings online, too. At this point in time, we do not have the SIG Newsletters online, so a print copy would be delivered.

Q.  Do you have any promotional material, e.g. posters or Quick Reference Cards that you might be able to supply for us to use in our teaching here in the library?

A.  With a couple of weeks notice, ACM can send along sample print issues, pens, and pencils handouts to general trainings you run for faculty, students, or library information staff.

Q. Bond is currently trying to set up Binders and Advanced searches but even if we register/login we receive the message ' Your present login:  'name'  does not have access to this feature and this institution does not allow  for this feature. At the end of articles, there is a link to 'discussions'.  These can only be accessed by username/password/ and is also not accessible.  Are these functions turned off for CAUL consortium members?

The features and services we discuss are reserved for individual ACM members.  They rank highly among reasons professionals and researchers join and renew membership in the society.  The assumption is that ACM membership would flag if these benefits were offered to all institutional users. (Personalized services are unavailable to all users at the institutional level,  both the individual full price institutions as well as those participating in consortial volume discount agreements like CAUL's.) (Tim Bennett, 30/7/04)

URLs for ACM DL titles

DL User Guide (14/4/10)


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