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CAUL statement on confidentiality in licences for electronic resources

Approved by the CAUL Executive Committee 24 June 2011

CAUL statement re non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses in licences

LIBLICENSE Model License Agreement

Center for Research Libraries and with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (updated November 2014)

LIBLICENSE: Licensing Digital Content

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CEIRC Licence Management

CAUL statement re non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses in licences (approved by the CAUL Executive Committee, 24/6/11)

Checklist for vendor negotiation (CEIRC)
Vendor response form re licence conditions - for making proposals to the CAUL/CEIRC consortium, adapted from checklist above (10/9/07) [Members only]
Negotiation with non-Australian vendors (CEIRC) [Members only]

Negotiating access to licensed information resources for ‘non-standard’ individuals and organisations - Deakin University 12/4/12 [Members only]

Vendor terms & conditions - What adds value to CEIRC agreements - CEIRC Survey 2005 (16/3/06) 
CEIRC Survey 2005 Analysis & Summary & Actions [Members only] (30/1/06) John Redmayne

CEIRC Licences - Audit of Perpetual Access Provisions - 2007 (Colleen Cleary, 2/1/08) [Members only]

CEIRC Licences - Model Clauses (for use when vendor's clause is unacceptable)

See also Repository Clauses in Content Licences/Agreements (model clause for deposit of institutional research outputs into repositories, approved at CAUL 2013/2) [Members only]

Template for consideration of changes to CAUL/CEIRC licences (7/4/08, updated 23/12/16)  The completed template of applications for change will be made available from the web site alongside the applicable licence.

Indemnity clauses in licence agreements - Philip Kent (updated 25/1/08) [Members only]

IP blocking - publishers' procedures for handling suspected download abuses (23/3/08, and updated as messages received) [Members only]

See also Licence Checklists - samples from CEIRC member libraries

See also Datasets Coordinators Meeting (Melbourne, 4 February 2008)

Dataset auditing - management of titles lists of CAUL-specific packages (29/4/07)
CEIRC Titles Lists - provision to SerialsSolutions and other ERMS (12/4/08)

Vendor statistics (4/7/08) - note other links may be provided on the vendors' "information for CAUL" pages.

e-Resource Management Tools

TERMS: Techniques for electronic resource management.  Graham Stone, University of Huddersfield, and Jill Emery, Portland State University have launched TERMS to look at each of the stages in the e-resources cycle.  (US)

PEPRS (Piloting an E-Journals Preservation Registry Service) is a registry service providing easily accessible information about the inclusion of electronic journals in preservation services and highlighting those e-journals for which no arrangements exist.  EDINA (29/4/11)  

SCONUL Higher Education Library Technology Wiki. Site managed by Ken Chad Consulting Ltd on behalf of SCONUL. (UK)


Australian Access Federation: What membership will mean for libraries.  Discussion paper for meeting of CAUL representatives, prepared by Bond University (9/2/11)

Project Transfer

The Transfer Code of Practice responds to the expressed needs of the scholarly journal community for consistent guidelines to help publishers ensure that journal content remains easily accessible by librarians and readers when there is a transfer between parties, and to ensure that the transfer process occurs with minimum disruption.  It states:

Communication: the Transferring Publisher will use reasonable efforts to communicate journal transfer information to its customers, electronic table of contents alert customers, and relevant intermediaries within four weeks of signature of the contract or four months prior to the Effective Transfer Date, whichever is the later. (See the archive of the Transfer notifications blog.)

Enhanced Transfer Alerting Service (ETAS) (3/7/12)

Collection evaluation tools

Journal Value Metrics Assessment.  March 30, 2010 By Jacqueline Wilson, CDL Senior Associate for Shared Content.  California Digital Library (US)

Report on UNSW’s experience of the Portico Holdings Comparison Service - Alison Neil (25/6/08)

A comparison of OpenURL link resolvers: The results of a University of Connecticut Libraries environmental scan [by] Jill Livingston, a, , Deborah Sanforda,  and Dave Bretthauera, Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services Volume 30, Issues 3-4 , September-December 2006, Pages 179-201   doi:10.1016/j.lcats.2006.08.001

Deakin University.  [Procedures for handling "accompanying items" (eg software, e-resources)]. (26/5/05) [Members only]
Murdoch University.  Survey 29/4/05.  Monographs with e-Resources included [Members only]

Licence Management Tools

CEIRC Activity

CAUL/CEIRC Licences - Audit of  Perpetual Access Provisions - 2007 (Colleen Cleary, 2/1/08) [Members only]

Survey of Database Providers’ Policies Regarding Continued Access to Full-Text Databases for the Period Subscribed to Following Cancellation of Subscriptions, compiled by Tony Millett, University of Waikato, 25 May 2001.

Survey of Database Licence Agreement Authorisations, compiled by Tony Millett, University of Waikato, 28 January 2002. [This document has been removed from the site as it is now out-of-date - 9/1/03]

Update of OpenURL survey - Martin Borchert (30/10/06)

Licence Management Tools : A  Survey (Christine Maher, Shirley Sullivan, Frances O'Neil - November 2000)

CEIRC Template for Institutional Licence Database (Compiled by Fides Lawton, UTS.updated 30 April 2003)

Other Activity

Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU). The working group is charged with developing Recommended Practices to be used to support a new mechanism for publishers to sell e-resources without licenses if they feel their perception of risk has been adequately addressed by current law and developing norms of behavior.  US National Information Standards Organization. (12/2/07)

NISO License Expression Working Group.  The National Information Standards Organization, Digital Library Federation (DLF), EDItEUR, and Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) have agreed to form a License Expression Working Group to develop a single standard for the exchange of license information between publishers and libraries.  (US)

Inter-library Loan Project FAQs.  This Web site is a collection of aggregator/vendor and publisher license provisions regarding use of content from electronic full-text publications to fulfill interlibrary loan (ILL) requests. Yale University.

Academic Journal Policy Database (AJPD).  Experience shows that violating publishers' publication policies is one of the main concerns of faculty and students embarking on electronic submission of a thesis or dissertation (ETDs). It is often difficult to discover the publishers' policies and thus even more difficult to properly inform faculty and students about these policies. University of Cincinnati (US)

RoMEO Project's first listing of academic journal copyright agreements is now available. The list provides information about 70 journal publishers' self-archiving policies.  JISC (UK)

Publisher Copyright Policies.  The majority of publishers support the right of academic authors to mount their own work online: however, some prohibit authors from using their work in this way as a condition of their copyright transfer agreement which they ask the author to sign. SHERPA maintains the SHERPA/RoMEO listing, which details the rights given to authors by the major publishers of academic journals. SHERPA: Securing a Hybrid Environment for Research Preservation and Access. SHERPA is funded by JISC and CURL. It is hosted by the University of Nottingham. (UK)

Publishers' License Agreements - a comprehensive list of URLs linking to the license information of publishers.  (EBSCO Information Services)

Gold Rush (The Colorado Alliance)

License Agreements for Electronic Resources.  California Digital Library.  University of California.

Faxon's Electronic Journal Licensing Service  (US)

Model Licences

CEIRC Licences - Model Clauses (for use when vendor's clause is unacceptable)

Template for consideration of changes to CAUL/CEIRC licences (7/4/08)

CDL Model License Revised. January 25, 2017 - Public Version (docx) (California Digital Library, University of California)

Open Access Clauses in Publishers’ Licenses: Current State and Lessons Learned.  Open Access Agreements and Licensing Task Force.  Kathleen Shearer, Chair.  COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories)  2013 (27/10/13)

CRKN Model License Agreement. Canadian Research Knowledge Network. (26/8/16)

Jisc Collection Model Licences (14/10/15)

LIBLICENSE Model License Agreement (updated November 2014) Center for Research Libraries and with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  (US) (The new name for Model standard licenses for use by publishers, librarians and subscription agents for electronic resources. (John Cox Associates) Updated 27/10/09
Notes on changes: referring to the Academic Single Institution Licence in the following; parallel changes have been made to all the licences, though the clause numbers may vary a little.
1.       Unnecessary provisions have been removed: the last clause on resolving disputes by an ‘expert’ (clause 12) has been removed as being superfluous.  References to “agent” and “Publisher’s Representative”  have been removed as they have, in the event, proved to be unnecessary.
2.       Clause 1 Definitions now includes definitions of Learning Object, Text Mining and Virtual Learning Environment.
3.       New usage rights in respect of these definitions will be found in clauses 3.2.3, 3.2.4, and 3.2.6.

STM Model Licence (11/09/12)  "15 March 2012. STM’s Legal Affairs Committee provides a short Summary Statement on Text and Data Mining (TDM) as well as a sample licence that can be used for a variety of TDM purposes (whether stand alone, project by project, or as part of a larger content subscription arrangement."

Author Rights Model License Language.  "In early 2009, the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) hosted a meeting to discuss policy development for open access repositories. One idea from that meeting was that standardized language addressing the right of re-use and deposit for repositories could facilitate making scholarly content more widely available."

International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC)

Statement of Current Perspective and Preferred Practices for Selection and Purchase of Electronic Information (Update No. 2, Pricing and Economics, September 2004)

See the Press Release about this Statement

Statement of Current Perspective and Preferred Practices for the Selection and Purchase of Electronic Information (ICOLC statement amended for local conditions) - 1998. CAUL Electronic Information Resources Committee (AU)

LIBLICENSE Project.  The LIBLICENSE project has been hosted since November 2011 by the Center for Research Libraries - initiated in 1997 by Ann Shumelda Okerson, at that time Associate University Librarian at Yale University. It benefited from funding from the Commission on Preservation and Access, the Council on Library Resources (both since merged into the Council on Library and Information Resources), and the Digital Library Federation. The project created unprecedented resources for professionals seeking to understand the then-emerging world of licensed scholarly resources for libraries. The licensing material has been updated, especially with links to many library, NGO, and vendor resources. At the same time, Liblicense-l began discussion of licensing and related issues. (31/1/12)

Discussion Forum

Discussion forum archive pre-November 17, 2011

Canadian National Site Licensing Project

Access to Licensed Archives & Archiving for Preservation. Sources.

Licensing Resources.  ARL (Association of Research Libraries) (12/7/07)

Licensing and related initiatives.  ALPSP (Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers) (3/9/10) 

IFLA Licensing Principles - Prepared by IFLA's Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM)

STM/P-D-R Sample Licence.  (P-D-R - Pharma Documentation Ring) October 2000 (DE)  (3/9/10)

Associated Tools and Documents

NISO Privacy Principles.   The National Information Standards Organization (NISO)  (US)

NISO Releases a Set of Principles to Address Privacy of User Data in Library, Content-Provider, and Software-Supplier Systems.  Baltimore, MD - December 14, 2015

When a society journal changes publisher (ALPSP Advice Note No. 18) November 2002 Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. [ALPSP members only at 3/9/10]

A Comparative Study of e-Journal Archiving Solutions: A JISC Funded Investigation. Final Report - May 2008. Terry Morrow
(Tee Em Consulting),  Neil Beagrie, Maggie Jones (Charles Beagrie Ltd), Julia Chruszcz (Top Class Computer Technologies Ltd).  © 2008 JISC Collections (UK)

Scoping study for a registry of electronic journals that indicates where they are archived. Department of Information Science, Loughborough University and Rightscom Ltd. This study was funded as part of the JISC Digital Preservation and Records Management Programme. January 2008

DLF Electronic Resource Management Initiative - Electronic Resource Management Initiative Deliverables.  Standards, specifications and best practice useful in drafting system specifications.

JISC Collections Academic Database Assessment Tool.  The site provides access to detailed information and title lists for 15 major bibliographic and citation databases, and key service information for 8 major content platforms.  (3/9/10)

Other tools

Publishers' Price Lists. UKSG has undertaken to collect publishers' pricing announcements to simplify the renewals process for serials librarians by providing a central look up point.  We will continue to develop this resource with the long-term intention of making it a one-stop shop for librarians seeking journal publishers' pricing policies. United Kingdom Serials Group  (28/9/06)

Author Rights Model License Language blog.  Association of Research Libraries (ARL)

Additional Authorised User Initiative.  JISC Collections (21/3/08)