Materials Availability Sunday, 18 July 2004


University of Wollongong Library
Considerable improvements have been recorded in the percentage of materials immediately available since the initial survey was conducted in 1997 which revealed only 48% materials were immediately available for client use.

Following each survey, a series of improvement initiatives were implemented, which included:

  • Improved signage and location maps – making it easier for clients to navigate the Library.
  • Revised Returns Room practices to ensure all returned materials are available for shelving within 12 hours of deposit
  • Roving Help – Student helpers providing information support and direction to clients at time of need
  • Uniforms for Shelvers – making it easier for clients to locate shelving staff to ask for assistance
  • Suggestions for purchase – allowing clients to participate in collection development. Suggestions increased by 91% in 2003.
  • ILIP100 a compulsory information literacy program for all first year undergraduate students was extended to first year postgraduate coursework students (ILIP009). This program is designed to equip new clients with the necessary skills to effectively locate and retrieve information resources.
The implementation of these strategies has seen the Library’s performance in the percentage of materials immediately available improve from 48% in 1997 to 56% in 1998 to 69% in 2001 and 73% in 2003.

March 2004