Client Satisfaction & Customer Surveys Monday, 2 April 2007

Customer Satisfaction Surveys  (including Rodski & LibQUAL+)

Organisational Self Assessment 2001.  International Customer Service Standard – ICSS: 1999-2000.  University of Wollongong Library.  (Updated 2 August 2002)

Customer Survey Results (Swinburne University of Technology, 2000-6):

How do you start searching for information you need?  INFOSET survey question (no. 1/06)  3 – 9 April 2006
Do you think that student should be allowed to use MOBILE PHONES in the library? (October 2000)
Would you connect your Laptop computer to the network in the library? (June,2004)
Do you have access to INTERNET at home or work? (September, 2003)
Should students be allowed to EAT and DRINK in the library? (September, 2004)
Have you ever used a LAPTOP COMPUTER in a class or lecture to TAKE NOTES? (May, 2005)