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CAUL Principles & Guidelines for Australian Higher Education Libraries

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CAUL Principles and Guidelines for Library Services to Staff and Students at Remote Locations

Revised February 2012

See Offshore & Onshore International Students + Distance Education

Australian Go8 Libraries cost-benefit study

This cost-benefit study was prepared for the Go8 librarians by David J. Powell, Outsell Director & Senior Consultant in December 2009. The presentation to CAUL by Vic Elliott is available here. A copy of the full report is available from librarian@anu.edu.au

‘Why then we rack the value’: Building Value Frameworks for Academic Libraries - presentation by Vic Elliott (26/3/10)

At its heart the mission of CAUL is: to enhance the value and capacity of Australian university libraries. 

Principles and Guidelines for Australian Higher Education Libraries, 2016 provides a framework for describing and assessing the role and functioning of contemporary university libraries.

Principles and GuidelinesPrinciples and Guidelines for
Australian Higher Education Libraries, 2016

The project to articulate a set of principles and guidelines of Australian Higher Education Libraries began in 2015, led by CQAAC, the CAUL Quality & Assessment Advisory Committee, with a significant contribution from consultant Helen Darch and extensive input from leaders within Australian higher education. The guidelines were endorsed for publication and practice by CAUL members in September 2016, and now are available for public use.

Principles and Guidelines for Australian Higher Education Libraries will enable the proactive assessment of university library performance across a range of priority areas:

  • Strengthening learning, teaching and research outcomes
  • Fostering the creation and dissemination of new knowledge
  • Growing a dynamic, sustainable and accountable organisation.

Importantly, the Principles and Guidelines will assist in providing insight as to how the university library contributes towards achieving institutional effectiveness and performance. 

It is a living document which will be formally reviewed after the next 12 months of feedback on its use in university libraries. If you find the framework useful or apply it within your institution please let us know