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This page includes Papers/Documents prepared for, or on behalf of, CAUL and publications distributed by CAUL.

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CAUL performance indicators 

The CAUL Memoir:  the Council of Australian University Librarians 1928-1998 [previously available from - not available from TandF @ 11/7/17]

CAUL 70th Anniversary Dinner Address, by Alex Byrne (CAUL President 1997-98) - 12 October, 1998

Libraries at the AARNet Crossroads: a Report on Issues affecting the Use of AARNet by Australian Libraries 
Electronic copyright management systems, by Dr Bill Tuck 
Document encoding formats for on-demand publishing, by Dr Bill Tuck

Papers commissioned / Projects conducted by CAUL

Briefing paper on eTextbooks and third party eLearning products and their implications for Australian university libraries, and Executive Summary.  Prepared by Dr Gillian Hallam, Adjunct Professor with the Science and Engineering Faculty at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). September 2012.  Commissioned and published by CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians)

Janus Collaborative Information Centres.

  • Press release by the AVCC (Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee) - 16 February, 1999
  • Funding proposal - Proposal to DEETYA for funding to develop a business model for an integrated, collaborative approach to research collections & information (21 August, 1998)

Best Practice for Australian University Libraries - Investigation - Call for expressions of interest to the Council of Australian University Librarians by 28 November 1997 (AU)

Management of Access to Networked Information Resources (User Authentication) - CAUL/CAUDIT application for RIEFP funding for 1999 (funding awarded 2/12/98) (AU)

Reports from CAUL

CAUL 2015 - the year in review / Info graphic

CAUL 2014 - the year in review

CAUL 2013 - the year in review

CAUL 2012 - the year in review

CAUL 2011 - the year in review

CAUL 2010 - the year in review

Reports from CAUL Representatives

Digital Preservation Initiatives: A Report to CAUL Members, by Karl Schmude (National Library of Australia.  Task Force on the Preservation of Digital Objects)  April, 1998. (AU)

CNI Fall 1998 Task Force Meeting December 1998, Seattle, USA  - Report by Kerrie Basman, ANU Library, March 1999 (AU)

International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC), Meeting 5, Scottsdale, Arizona, 4-6 March 1999:  Report to CAUL, by Diane Costello.  (Restricted directory) (AU)

Reports from the CURL-sponsored tour of the UK, April 2000 by CAUL & CONZUL members.

Information Literacy in Australia.  Presentation to a meeting of CARL/CAUL/CONZUL Ottawa, October 2001, by Gaynor Austen, Director Library Services, Queensland University of Technology.

Discussion papers prepared for CAUL/JISC, following Round Table No. 5 of the National Scholarly Communications Forum in October, 1996.

Document Delivery. Prepared as a discussion paper for CAUL/JISC by Neil McLean, University Librarian, Macquarie University; Judith Greenaway, CILLA Project Manager; Kerry Blinco, JEDDS Project Manager.

Some thoughts on network futures: A discussion paper prepared for CAUL/JISC by Tony Barry

Copyright A discussion paper prepared for CAUL/JISC by Annabelle Herd, Australian Council of Libraries and Information Services

Training: A discussion paper prepared for CAUL/JISC by Anne Wilson, Quality Coordinator, Information Services Division, Northern Territory University