CAUL Value & Impact Forum 2016 - program Friday, 8 April 2016


Wednesday 16 March 2016, 8.45am – 4.30pm
Room 265/7, Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)
Macquarie University, North Ryde NSW


Recordings of some presentations are not publicly available, as per the presenters request. [Members only] documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.





Opening address and welcome
Margie Jantti, CAUL President


Plenary session
Value and impact: an impossible dream? Developing a values scorecard

Chair: Margie Jantti

Stephen Town, former Director of Information and University Librarian, University of York

Developing and implementing a values scorecard for libraries
Libraries have become competent in measuring quality, but can we demonstrate value? Traditional measurements used in libraries do not clearly articulate library value; the challenge is to measure both tangible and intangible worth and develop a value proposition for the library. A values-based scorecard can provide a framework to demonstrate the value and impact of libraries and support planning and advocacy.


A starting point: developing a quality model, a quality culture

Chair: Jennifer Peasley

Frankie Wilson, Head of Assessment, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

The quality maturity model: your roadmap to a culture of quality
The Quality Maturity Model provides a framework for libraries to self-assess their progress towards achieving a culture of quality, essential in enabling a library to adapt to meet needs of future customers, and can be used to make improvement efforts more successful.  

Jennifer Bremner, Business Process Improvement Manager, Macquarie University

Nurturing quality
Macquarie University Library has developed a quality framework and service model to define the way staff in the library approach their work.  This model underpins the culture that the library is fostering, a client-centred culture which creates positive experiences for library users. 




Measuring our value and impact Part 1

Chair: Karmen Pemberton

Alison Mackenzie, Dean of Learning Services, Edge Hill University

Raising visibility and value: how UK academic libraries are responding to a data-driven future

This presentation provides an overview of proposed government policy in the UK to demonstrate the value and impact of universities on the student experience, and explores how UK institutions are addressing the need to develop meaningful KPIs and using these to advocate the value of libraries.  



International benchmarking and the development of a library assessment capability maturity model

Chair: Linda Palmer

Simon Hart, Policy, Planning and Evaluation Librarian, University of Otago

Evaluating library assessment capabilities: a measure of effectiveness
A project undertaken by the Matariki Network of Universities aims to implement an international activity-based benchmarking project and develop a shared response to the project’s research question: ‘If we enable and support the academic endeavour, how do we measure our effectiveness?’


Measuring our value and impact Part 2

Chair: Barbara Paton

Dr Eamon Wright, Manager Corporate Services, Auckland University of Technology

Is there value in impact?
The Library of the Future initiative at Auckland University of Technology Library has encompassed rethinking the organisation, services and spaces.  This has necessitated rethinking value, and how value and impact is measured and communicated, shifting the focus from counting and ratios of transactions to information about user needs and services to meet those needs. 

Bernadette Lingham, Manager, Faulty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment Library Services, Deakin University

Impact of library spaces on learning behaviour: exploratory findings from research undertaken by Deakin University Library
Deakin University has developed a tool for the evaluation of academic library spaces (TEALS).  During 2014, a further research project explored how Deakin University Library spaces assist students to achieve their learning goals.  The methodology and findings of this project, and the ability to leverage the findings to articulate the value of the library to student learning, will be the focus of this presentation.

Majella Pugh, Associate Director, Information Resources, University of Queensland Library

Measuring value and impact at UQ Library
The University of Queensland Library has been systematically measuring and communicating its value and impact to its parent body.  Quantitative measures were recorded and qualitative data was collected relating to the value of the library to its customers.  New directions in the UQ library in 2015 presented the opportunity for new approaches to assessing value and measuring impact. 




Assessing the impact of libraries: standards and case studies

Chair: Adrian Gallagher

Emeritus Associate Professor Karin de Jager, Library and Information Studies Centre, University of Cape Town *The presenter has requested that their presentation not be made available 

Using a new ISO standard to evaluate the impact of academic libraries
As a member of the ISO Working Group on International Standard ISO 16439, Karin de Jager has contributed to documenting potential methods and procedures for assessing the impact of libraries. This presentation will outline the challenges of demonstrating library impact, how the standards address this, and case studies of how they have been applied in South Africa.


Further perspectives on demonstrating value and impact

Chair: Maureen Kattau

Stephen Town, former Director of Information and University Librarian, University of York

The journey – and where to next?
Academic libraries have been on a journey to demonstrate value and impact. What have we learnt, where are we now and what should we focus on to be able to successfully demonstrate value and impact?


Panel session: Differing perspectives, differing approaches: demonstrating value and impact in our own libraries

Chair: Jennifer Peasley

Panel of Australian University Librarians

Carmel O’Sullivan, Director, Library Services, University of Southern Queensland

Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian, Australian National University

Margie Jantti, Director, Library Services, University of Wollongong


Closing remarks

Jennifer Peasley, University Librarian, La Trobe University and Chair, CAUL Quality and Assessment Advisory Committee