Learning & Teaching - Meetings & Events Wednesday, 19 June 2013

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In 2011, planning began for a forum to share information related to the support of transnational education (TNE).  It began with issues related to copyright and licensing, and broadened to support for universities' TNE enterprises.  The end result of that planning was a workshop held in Melbourne in May, 2012.  The presentations and papers from the workshop are now available, but restricted to members only.

CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING: CAUL Workshop on Transnational Education, 4 May 2012 - program & presentations.

CAUL Learning & Teaching Advisory Committee (CLTAC)

CAUL's Learning & Teaching Advisory Committee (CLTAC) meets regularly by teleconference and in person at CAUL Council meetings.

CLTAC documents are shared on Google Docs and the archival records are maintained on the CAUL website.  Members may login now to see the meeting papers.